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About Macedonia

The Balkan country of Macedonia has been an independent country since 1991. The country is known for its mountainous environment and for being landlocked. The people of Macedonia were one of the first to occupy a European region as they have been living there for 7000 years now. The country is home to a huge number of churches and one of the oldest lakes in the world. Mother Teresa was born in this country and you can find a memorial house in her honor until today! The country has been highly influenced by its core elements; mountains, caves, rivers, mines and beautiful scenery.


Macedonian language, which encompasses the Macedonian Makedonski Jazik, is a South Slavic language that is furthermost linked to Bulgarian and is written using the Cyrillic alphabet. Macedonian is the official language of the Republic of North Macedonia and it is the native language for more approximately 1.3 million citizens.


The official currency is the Macedonian Denar (MKD). Credit cards are accepted in most hotels and shops, and ATMs are international bank card usage is becoming more popular.

Geographical information

A small country in Balkan, 85% of its region is covered in mountains and it is the second country in the world that is covered with 34 mountaintops with all of their heights exceeding 2,000 meters. Macedonia is a strategic crossroad connected country with the Adriatic and the Bosporus, as well as the Aegean, with the Danube. During historical times, the Byzantine and Ottoman empires have considered Macedonia and integral player for their monarchies.


Macedonia is an Orthodox Christian country that’s home to over one thousand churches, where in three of them, is found parts of the cross which Jesus was crucified on.

Political stance

North Macedonia enjoys the structure of a parliamentary representative democratic republic, whereby the Prime Minister is the head of government, and of a multi-party system. Executive power is exercised by the government. Legislative power is assigned to the government and the parliament.


One of the most important reasons Macedonia is considered an attractive travel destination is because of its small town in the southwest of the country, Ohrid. This town hosts 365 churches, one for every day of the year. Even though some of these churches have been abandoned, Ohrid is still known for being the city with the most churches per square meter. Another important attractive destination is the Ohrid Lake, one of the oldest lakes in the world and in Europe with a depth of 288 meters, the deepest lake in Europe, to most geologists, the lake dates back to over 4 million years.


Macedonian dishes are a perfect combination of organic harvests, quality meat, and dairy products. The surrounding environment allows you to eat raw fruits and vegetables. The Macedonian kitchen is famous for its mouthwatering pastry which are a staple in the Macedonian cuisine. Macedonians love eating eat bread, appreciate salads before meals, along with homemade rakija which is a traditional alcoholic drink. Other Macedonian favorites include juicy meat combined with fresh organic vegetables and served with different side dishes which may be made of pastry or bread. Their flavorful foods are a joy to both your taste buds and sense of smell!

Study in Macedonia

Students seeking a place at one of the universities at Macedonia are going to find that the degrees offered at Macedonia are many; bachelor’s degree which can range between 3-6 years. Another offered degree is the master’s degree which can be completed over two years and PhD programs are also made available which you can study after your graduate studies. The specializations and fields for you to pick from are also plentiful.

Why Should You Study in Macedonia?

Here is why Macedonia is an ideal study destination: education at Macedonia is on the constant rise, it is improving by the day and the options for study are numerous. You will become immersed in learning about their rich culture and become a member among these multi-cultural people. By being at Macedonia you are likely going to explore neighboring countries and create new memories, you can earn a part-time job while studying using your study visa.

How much does it cost?

People claim that Macedonia is the least expensive country in all of Europe. Over there you are going to find many universities and some are private while some public. These private universities are likely going to cost around $500 – $2000 while at a public university the ranges are going to be lower and range between only $200-$400. Such rates are going to differ based a number of exogenous factors. But keep in mind that there are plenty of universities which offer scholarship opportunities.

Living in Macedonia

The living conditions in Macedonia are constantly improving and becoming more livable. The healthcare service at the country are not what you can compare to other European countries but it is slowing getting there. The prices you pay are going to pay are also less than the rest of Europe so do not worry about your budget. As for the activities, the country has a lot to offer with a range of activities that are cultural based, adventurous or just for relaxing.


Options for accommodation at Macedonia range between the following:

  • Staying at the university’s provided housing units which are a great way to start your year as you become part of an international community at the university, is guaranteed that this is trusted, services are going to be provided by the unit but your privacy is a tad compromised and you might be sharing a kitchenette with other students.
  • Renting an individual apartment which is also a possible option in Macedonia as there are several houses for rent and there are official websites which are run by the government to ensure that you do not get scammed, rent average is around €500-800.
  • If renting with a family of Macedonians is what you prefer in order to get the authentic sense of living at this country, then you might want to consider renting a room in an apartment. Which is also an option and is not going to cost you a bulk as rooms in apartments located near the city center range between €200.
  • If you are minimalist traveler and want to meet other travelers as yourself than the country’s hostels are where you should be looking. They country has many options you will not be disappointed by their offered facilities.

Other costs of living

Needless the say, that as Macedonia is considered one of the cheapest destinations in Europe, you are likely going to be doing your savings a favor by being there. You can easily live on a budget and don’t forget that they offer part-time jobs for students who want to earn a bit more. Do expect to pay the following while paying a visit to your nearest grocery store: €0.84 for a litre of milk, €0.71 for a kilogram of apples, €0.97 for a kilogram of bananas, €0.47 for a standard bread loaf, €20 for a monthly transportation pass and €100 for utilities. It is estimated that around €300 – €500 per month are going to be enough to cover your costs at Macedonia.

Universities in Macedonia

education. Their offered specializations for undergraduate studies vary and it is rare for a university to specialize in one specific field of courses. The universities are currently receiving funds from the government to improve the quality of provided education and are working on becoming more globally recognized through international affiliations.

Degrees available

Macedonia offers its students many chances through many universities to select their desired field of study; but you can expect to find these the most excelling majors at Macedonia: Business, Security and Risk Management, Human Resource Management, Finance.

Top ranked universities

  • Univerzitet Sv. Kiril i Metódij vo Skopje

The university was founded in 1949 and is not the lead university at the country, being the number one choice for many has led the university to expand its educational base and offer more courses of the same excellent education to not limit anyone. The university is now divided into 23 faculties and 5 institutes. Their best courses for study are in the fields of pharmacy and economics. Their international placement is of high importance to them and so they are working become affiliated with more internationally recognized universities and educational organizations.

  • Goce Delcev University of Štip

The university was established in 2007 and offers various study degrees; undergraduate, graduate and PhD studies. There are around 20,000 students enrolled annually and the university also offers study abroad programs for students who want to join for a specific time frame. Today the university has 12 faculties and offers studies in more than a hundred study programs. They most prestigious studies there are the medical studies and technology.  The university provides it students with access to large and resourceful E-library and E-learning opportunities. Their academic calendar is divided into three semesters and not two.

  • South East European University

The 19-year-old establishment offers studies in various degrees and is the selected university by 6,000 students annually. Their admission process is not very competitive and there are high chances for you to getting accepted. There are five faculties at the university; Business and Economics, Law, Languages and Communications, Contemporary Social Sciences and Technologies. The university’s most well-known and recognized programs are in the fields of business, economics and law. They also offer a doctoral degree for medical students who wish to pursue third cycle studies.

  • Univerzitet Sv. Kliment Ohridski vo Bitola

The university was established in 1979 and offers various degrees of study for its students. They are a relatively competitive university when it comes to the admission acceptance rate and their current student capacity is 15,000 students.  The university currently has 10 faculties and is known for offering the best veteran degrees in the country even though it is one of the most recent units to be part of the university in the academic year 2009-2010. The university takes pride in being the only one in the country to offer studies in the fields of Genetics, selection and seed control; these courses are offered under the Scientific Institute for Tobacco and is a one of a kind in all of Macedonia.

Examples of other universities:

Universities which follow in ranking are the following: University for Information Science and Technology St. Paul the Apostle which is the oldest university in Macedonia, American University of Europe a private university established in 2002 and International Balkan University. These universities also offer comprehensive degree options.

Student Visa - Macedonia

Once you have decided upon which university you want to attend; you are going to start your student visa application process. But before doing so your application at your selected university must be finalized and here are the required documents:

  • Fill out the online application, paying any fees
  • Valid identification copy
  • Original diploma from previous education, must be recognized by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Macedonia
  • Health report of check ups
  • Macedonian Language Certificate – test conducted at the Faculty of Education

These are the general requirements and you must check with your host university in order to make sure you submit any other required documents.

How to apply - Macedonia

After going through with the academic application process and finalizing it, you may start your visa requirements, your university of choice must be an officially recognized one. In order to determine the visa type, based on your home country, you can check the embassy website or check with your host university.  They will require you to have the following; valid identification and travel passport, proof of funding, health insurance and photos. These documents will vary depending on your home country, check again with the embassy and apply 45 days in advance to allow for process period.

Scholarship in Macedonia

The Macedonian government provides students scholarships but they are not for large amounts of money as the government is also allocating a budget to invest in the country’s education and improve it. The scholarships which lower a more significant part of your tuition are the ones offered by private universities. All students, even international ones, are eligible to apply as long your grades are what they expect and you maintain a high cumulative GPA throughout your time at the university.