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About Mauritius

The Republic of Kazakhstan is located in Central Asia, it was the last country to declare its dependence from the Soviet Union in 1991. The country is very rich in minerals and oils and this is the country’s lead sector. Kazakhstan’s location has allowed it to become a popular trade route and its culture is diverse and highly influenced by its neighboring countries; Russia and China. Kazakhstan is a safe place with lots of opportunities for its expats, the country has many beautiful sceneries both natural and man-made which you could get to enjoy every day by choosing to study at Kazakhstan.


Kazakhstan has declared Kazakh as its official language; however, the majority still speak Russian and use it during their everyday communications.


The official currency of Kazakhstan is the Kazakhstani tenge which can be exchanged at banks and is subdivided into tiin. The currency is issued by the central bank of Kazakhstan and has been the official currency since 1993.

Geographical Information

The country of Kazakhstan is located in Central Asia and is the ninth largest country in the world with an area of 1,049,155 square miles of land. The large country is home to over 15 million citizens and it’s a landlocked country. China borders the country from the eastern side, north and northwest by Russia, Kyrgyzstan and the Aral Sea from the south and the Caspian Sea from the southwest side. The prime and centered location of the country has enabled it to be become a trade route for many years. Kazakhstan’s climate is either very hot during their summer seasons or extremely cold during winters.


The main religion in Kazakhstan is Islam, with about 70% of the community practicing the faith. The other citizens practice Christianity, and these are the two official religions in the country.

Political Stance

The country of Kazakhstan was once part of the Soviet Union but has gained its independence in 1991, since then the country has created its own constitution which is based on a three branch government. There a president which is voted upon by the people of Kazakhstan, the president is the head of state and is the one in charge of deciding on the head of government, the country’s prime minster. The country of Kazakhstan is politically stable and a safe place for expats to live in.


Though Kazakhstan is becoming increasingly popular and many visitors go there every year, it is still not a crowded place with crowds to avoid. Going to Kazakhstan, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the country and the friendliness of its locals will defiantly add to your experience. There is a lot of beauty to enjoy and take in while at Kazakhstan; the landscape there is unique, the Kolsai lakes are a must visit when at Kazakhstan and seeing the beautiful architectural gems around the city which can be especially found at their many mosques.


One thing not to miss when visiting Kazakhstan is the deliciousness and uniqueness of their food. The people of Kazakhstan favor a dish called Beshbarmak; though this dish is unusual for many people, it is a staple in their kitchen. The dish is prepared using boiled horse meat, served with thin pasta sheets and paste prepared using spices and onions. The dish may also be prepared using beef if you are not welcoming of the idea of horse meat.

Study in Mauritius

Students who wish to study in Kazakhstan are not going to be restricted in for their fields of study, the universities are constantly improving, developing more affiliations with other international universities and applying their knowledge to improve their everyday reality.

Why you should study in Kazakhstan

While studying at Kazakhstan, you will be able to improve your networking circle and learn about different cultures. You will be able to enjoy everyday activities on a small budget and can visit some of the most influential countries in the world easily. Additionally, the diversity of the ethnicities and cultures in the region as well as their native language will allow you to leave with a lot more knowledge than you came with.

How much does it cost?

The majority of the universities in Kazakhstan are public universities and so their costs are relatively affordable. There are several scholarship opportunities for different degrees and financial aid for students but on average, international students will be required to pay $400 – $4000.

Living in Mauritius

Living at Kazakhstan, you will be part of a diverse multiethnic community. While living at Kazakhstan, you can expect that you will be dealing with friendly people all around, Kazakhstan is very safe for different types of travelers and the health care system there is well developed. There is not much traffic at Kazakhstan and travelling around the country is very simple.


As an international student wishing to study at Kazakhstan, you will need to figure out your means for accommodation before arrival. Individuals who do not feel comfortable sharing any facilities with others such as a kitchenette or dining area should opt for renting an apartment on their own and not the university housing options; these are either on campus or off-campus but are still administered by the university. Rent in Kazakhstan is going to cost you around

Other costs of living

The overall costs of living in Kazakhstan are not expensive and average on average, you will spend less than you would by 50% if you were living in the United States. A monthly budget of $400, excluding rent, is enough for you to live comfortably there. As for transportation, a monthly ticket is going to cost $15 but will not be enough for you to reach places easily and the overall travel at Kazakhstan is easy. As for utilities, $50 are what citizens pay on a monthly basis.

Universities in Mauritius

There are many internationally recognized universities in Kazakhstan; not all courses are taught in English as some are taught in Kazakh. The universities with the highest ranking are not located in the city center and not all are private universities. There are universities recognized by the Times Higher Education and international affiliations are common at Kazakhstan’s universities.

Degrees available

There are a number of programs available at Kazakhstan’s universities; bachelor’s, master’s degrees, PhDs and online degrees are available. The most common specializations at Kazakhstan are in the fields of medicine, engineering and social sciences.

Top ranked universities

  • Al-Farabi Kazakh National University

The university was established in 1934 and offers various degrees for study; the top ranked university in Kazakhstan is a public university and has a total of around 20,000 enrolled students annually. The university’s academics are composed of 11 different faculties; information technology, mechanical mathematics, chemical technology, medicine, philosophy and political science, education, oriental studies, law, physics and technology, geography and biology. The largest number of enrolled students are within the faculty of information technology, and the number of master’s degrees available at the university doubles that of the undergraduate choices.

  • N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University

The university was established over 25 years ago and remains a leading university at Kazakhstan with bachelor’s degree options, masters and PhD programs for studies. There are 20,000 enrolled students and the university’s acceptance rate is as high as 80% but their requirements are still competitive. There are thirteen different faculties available at the university but their most outstanding is the faculty of Engineering and is the most populated for undergraduate studies. The university has received international recognition by several institutions and its international cooperation’s have been developed since 2000 and continue to increase. The university values research activity and is always ensuing that the students are learning by doing and utilizing the several research facilities on campus.

  • Nazarbayev University

The University came into being in 2010 and has been ranking highly ever since. The university offers various degree studies for international students, the university’s academics are divided into seven schools and each offers bachelor’s degrees, master’s programs and PhD programs. The university also offers non-academic related facilities to ensure the students’ wellbeing and welfare is maximized. The offer housing services to all students, medical services, sports programs, health and wellness center, financial assistance and job opportunities for their graduate student as well as internship opportunities for undergraduate students.

  • Karaganda State Technical University

Karaganda State Technical University was founded in 1953, it is located in the capital city of Kazakhstan and its academics are divided into 9 different faculties and all focus on different engineering fields. Their department of Transport and Road Faculty is the fastest growing as it aims to improve the transportation network of Kazakhstan further. They university works on constructing and developing real life solutions to Kazakhstan’s infrastructure and transport network and present their ideas to entities which can make them happen. Not all courses offered at the university are offered in English, you must inquire about the language of instruction before registering any course.

Examples of other universities

There are other universities in Kazakhstan located in different cities and providing different degree options to students; such examples are Saken Seifullin Kazakh Agrotechnical University was found in 1957 and has 10 faculties which offer different programs of study, Kazakh National Medical University is known for its specialization in medical studies but its fees are higher than average as they provide more facilities to their students. Another university which follows in ranking is Satbayev University which offers different programs including distance learning programs and online learning.

Student Visa - Mauritius

If you wish to study at Kazakhstan, then you must apply for a student visa which is listed as a C9 visa when heading to Kazakhstan. The visa is provided for a validity of the study period and will allow you multiple entries to the country. This visa is going to require renewal after the first each academic year. The requirements will differ based on your country, you must check the embassy website for the exact required documents.

How to apply - Mauritius

After checking that you a student visa is require for residents of your home country, the first step is to view all basic required documents and when to begin your visa procedures as they may take up a lot of time depending on where you are applying from. Secondly, you must obtain a letter of invitation from the Office of Migration Service; which will be given to you if you present your valid travel document and admission letter from your university. Thirdly, apply for the visa by presenting the letter of invitation along with your travel document, photographs, flight tickets, visa fees and proof of funding for your trip.

Scholarship in Mauritius

The ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan awards full time students opportunities for scholarships. These scholarships may be awarded for any program type you require for studying. They are awarded to those demonstrating academic excellence and the only criteria is that they be studying full time; other than that all international students are eligible to apply and follow up with the procedures with their academic advisors at their university.