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About Monaco

Monaco, which is known as the Principality of Monaco, is a city-state and country in the French Riveria. You can find it a few kilometers west of Italy and it borders France on the North, East and West. A fun fact is that the capital of the country is also called Monaco. 


Monaco is a fabulous country that is nicknamed as the “millionaire’s playground”. This is due to the number of millionaires living there. Compared to the number of residents, about 32 percent of residents living in Monaco are millionaires. The percentage of millionaires has also been increasing as time goes on. 


If you want to be among these fabulous millionaires, and live like a star, you might want to study in Monaco. Monaco is a lovely country, located in a prime location between France and Italy and is a great choice of a place to choose as a study destination. 


Excited to learn more about this study destination? Read on to learn more about Monaco and what it would be like to study there and live the life of the rich and famous! 


The official language spoken in Monaco is French but in Monaco there is also “a lenga d’i nostri avi”, which is literally translated to the ‘ language of our ancestors’. This ancient tongue dates back to the Genoese language, but has developed over time. Even though French is the official tongue in Monaco, the majority of people also speak English and Italian. 


Because of its tight-knit relationship with France, Monaco uses the same currency as the French one. That’s why the euro is its main form of currency. Previously, the official currency was the French franc.

Geographical information

Geograpically, Monaco is 1.31 square miles in size, which means it’s about 60 per cent of the sixe of Central Park in New York. Monaco is super close to Nice, France, only 18 kilometers away. It’s also very close to Italy. The land in Monaco is mostly made up of hills and rocky coastal areas. When it comes to the weather, Monaco has hot, dry summers and mild winters, like most other Meditteranean countries. 


The official religion practiced in Monaco is Roman Catholicism. Over 93 per cent of people living in Monaco belong to the Roman Catholic sect of Christianity. 


Political stance

Politically, Monaco is a constitutional monarchy and has been one since the year of 1911. The Prince is the chief of state. The Minister of State, who is the head of government, has executive power. He is also president over a cabinet made up of five people. The minister of state is also responsible for any international relationships with other countries. 


Less than two square kilometers in size, it has a large amount of luxury and might be the most glamorous place on Earth. Top tourist destinations include Monte Carlo and the Grand Prix. Monte Carlo is perhaps the most glam district, looking over the bay high up over the sea.  


Another tourist destination worth visiting is the Palais Du Prince, the house of the oldest monarchy in the world. The palace represents the Genoese noble family of Grimaldi who founded the country of Monaco in the year 1297 after seizing the piece of land from the Republic of Genoa.


There are many tasty dishes to eat in Monaco. For example, the Barbagiuan is considered the official dish of Monaco. It is a deep-fried pastry, filled with oozing Swiss chard, spinach and ricotta cheese. Some people even make it with pumpkin. This dish is typically served as an appetizer. 

Stocafi is another dish famous in Monaco. The dish is made of dried fish, cooked in tomato sauce with garlic, capers, bay leaves, and black olives seasoning it. This fish plate is a unique meal for those who love seafood and a dish they won’t find anywhere else on the planet.

Study in Monaco

Students from around the globe head to this glitzy and glamorous country to study there. Read on to find out about why you should study in Monaco and how much it costs students to do so. 

Why should you study in Monaco?

Here are some of the reasons why you should study in Monaco:


  • High quality education in a gorgeous country full of national and cultural attractions.
  • Experience living in one of the top business centers in Europe and learn among the best business people
  • Safe and secure place to live 
  • Experience cultural diversity, with over 60 nationalities of students and teachers learning and teaching in Monaco.
  • All degree programs are fully taught in the English language.


How much does it cost?

If you want to study in Monaco, tuition is unfortunately pretty expensive, starting at around 9,000 dollars a year. It averages at around 12,500 dollars per academic year. For master’s, it costs a higher price range, with average costs per year being 20,000 dollars a year. 

Living in Monaco

Monaco is an expensive country to live in, with monthly expenses costs students from 3,000 to 4,000 dollars a month, including rent and other costs of living. For this reason, many students studying in Monaco opt to live in France or Italy, which are nearby. Read on to learn about how much it costs to rent in Monaco and how much the costs of living there when you study in Monaco are. 


As previously mentioned, most people who choose to work or study in Monaco live in France or Italy because rent in Monaco is 5 times as expensive. For example, the French city of Beausoleil is only 5 minutes away from Monte Carlo so it’s a good option for student accommodation. 


In case you still want to live in Monaco while you study there, here are some options for housing for international students: 

  • Student houses that the university has agreements with let you stay near the university in a private dorm room for an average of 1,000 dollars a month.
  • Private rentals in Monaco start at about 3,500 dollars a month, for apartments outside the city center. If you choose an apartment in the city center, you can expect to pay around a whopping 6,000 dollars a month for rent. 
  • Hostels off-campus are a more economic option for students. However, you’ll need to always factor in commute time to get to campus. Most of these hostels have a private bedroom then a shared living room with a TV. You also share a kitchen, bathroom and laundry rooms.
  • Staying with a host family is another option for student housing in Monaco. This is a good way to immerse yourself in the culture and learn the French language. You will get a private room and share the living area, kitchen and bathroom with the family. You’ll also typically have a small area for study and other facilities, based on the house. It’s typically a good and affordable option for students. 


Other costs of living

When living in Monaco, you’ll also need to consider around 500 dollars per month for groceries and food and around 200 dollars for utilities. Wifi will cost you around 180 dollars a month while you’ll need to pay around 65 dollars for a monthly transport pass to get around and back in Monaco. 

Universities in Monaco

There is only one top ranked university in Monaco as it is the only university there: the International University of Monaco. Read on to learn more about this prestigious institution and the degree types you can achieve there. 


Degrees available

In Monaco, undergraduate and graduate degree programs offered are like any other European degree programs. At the International University of Monaco, you can pursue bachelor’s, master’s or PhD programs. Other specialized colleges in Monaco offering professional degrees include a Nursing School, an Academy of Music, an Academy of Classic Dance, and a School of Plastic Arts.


Top ranked universities

There’s only one education institution for higher education in Monaco. Here’s what you need to know about it. 


International University of Monaco

Location: Monaco 

The best and only university in Monaco is the International University of Monaco. It offers different bachelors and masters programs in English and Monegasque languages. Popular degrees to study there are MSc in International Management, MSc in Marketing, which has 2 specialisations that are international Marketing and Digital Marketing and MSc in Finance. 


Other popular degree programs there include the MSc in Sport Management and the MSc in Luxury, a unique specialisation for students who want to pursue a career in luxury goods and services. The  Masters in Business Administration, or MBA, is also a popular program to study there.  

Student Visa - Monaco

If you decide to study in Monaco, you might need a student visa. If you are an EU Citizen, you won’t need a visa to study in Monaco. However, if you are coming from a Non-EU country, you’ll need to obtain both a visa and a residency permit. 

You can apply for a visa at the French embassy in your home country. 

Required Documents 

The documents required to apply for the Monaco student visa are:

  • Filled out application form. 
  • Letter of acceptance from University in Monaco
  • Two passport size photos
  • Valid passport, for three months at least after date of leaving Monaco
  • Biometrics information copies
  • Proof of accommodation in Monaco
  • Proof of financially able to support yourself
  • Proof of good conduct through a police certificate
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate (if applicable)

Visa Application Steps

To apply for a visa you’ll need to first check if you need one. If you do, you’ll make an appointment with the French Consulate. You should also contact the University’s office so that they can give you the supporting documents needed. Once you arrive in Monaco, you will have 90 days to go to the immigration office (Office Français de l’Immigration et de l’Intégration – OFII) and get a stamp on your passport for your residence permit. 

How to apply - Monaco

When it comes to applying to universities in Monaco, once you have chosen a degree program, you’ll simply apply online at the International University of Monaco’s website and submit the required documents. Read on to learn more about the eligibility requirements. 

Required documents

  • Filled in application form, including answers to the short-answer questions and essay question
  • High school transcript and diploma, with official translation if needed
  • 2 passport size photographs
  • A letter of recommendation from a trusted Academic
  • Copy of passport or other identification document or card
  • Proof of English language proficiency
  • Proof you have paid the application fee (non refundable)

Scholarship in Monaco

If you’re finding the opportunity to study in Monaco too expensive, there are some scholarships open for international students who want to pursue undergraduate or graduate studies there. 

The following scholarships are available for international students who want to study in Monaco to apply to:

International University of Monaco(IUM) scholarships

The International University of Monaco offers scholarships from 1,500 dollars to 6,500 dollars to both undergraduate and post-graduate students. These scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic excellence or other exceptional skills. 

The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation 

Prince Albert the 2nd of Monaco foundation offers grants and financial aid to 20 international students from third world countries who want to study in Monaco. These are for students who want to study climate change management degrees.