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About Oman

Oman is a country located in Western Asia, found on the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula. It also covers the mouth of the Persian Gulf. The country shares land borders with countries like Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Yemen; while also has sea borders and maritime borders with Iran and Pakistan. 


Oman has an incredibly strong economy, which makes it an incredibly great study destination for international students. Read on to learn more about why you should study in Oman and what the details that are related to studying in the country are.


The official language spoken in Oman is Arabic, with the main dialects being Arabic Oman and Arab Gulf. Immigrant populations speak their own tongues, like South Baluchi, Malayalam and Bengali. Many immigrants also speak the English language. 


The official currency used in Oman is the Omani rial. The Omani rial is equal to 2.60 USD dollars if you want to convert it. 

Geographical information

Geographically, Oman is located in the southeastern part of the Arabian Peninsula. It has a total land area of 309,500 kilometres squared. The land is made of features such as valleys and deserts, mountain ranges and also coastal plains. 


The official religion practised in Oman is Islam. In fact, the Omani people were one of the first populations to choose to follow Islam voluntarily in the year 630AD.

Political stance

Politically, Oman has an absolute monarchy. This means the Sultan of Oman is head of both the state and government. The Sultan is appointed by family ties and is inherited. The sultan appoints a cabinet to help him rule. He serves all leadership roles, serving as the supreme commander of the armed forces and also as the prime minister. 




Some great touristic destinations to visit while you study in Oman are like Muscat, the capital of Oman. It’s an important trading destination between the East and West and has a lovely charm. The buildings all have classic Arabic architecture and it’s worth giving them a look. Another touristic destination to visit is Salalah, a beautiful city full of culture and lovely beaches. This city is home to the Sultan of Oman and is known for being full of rich green mountains and intense greenery that is even more vivid in the monsoon season. It also has several stunning beaches. 



There are also several great foods to try when you study in Oman. The first one is Shuwa, which is made by digging one deep pit in the middle of each village and then slowly roasting an animal for more than twenty-four hours. The animal is also marinated and spiced then covered in local herbs before serving. Another famous Oman dessert is Halwa, which is made with a mix of corn starch, sugar, and rose water, mixed with butter or ghee. It is then cooked for a couple of hours while mixing it. They also add nuts, sesame or fig paste, based on the personal preference of the cook. 

Study in Oman

Many students choose to study in Oman, for several reasons. Read on to learn why you should study in Oman and how much it costs students to do so. 

Why should you study in Oman?

  • Natural beauty: There are many stunning natural landscapes, like lovely blue waters in the Musandam Peninsula and wide sandy areas in the Empty Quarter. The Wahiba Sands is also considered a beach paradise. 
  • Has many prestigious universities: Oman is home to 13 of the world’s most prestigious universities with 5 of them included in the QS Arab Region University Rankings. Among these amazing universities is Dhofar University, a private university that prioritizes striving for excellence in learning and teaching. 
  • Rich cultural mix: Another reason to study in Oman is the rich mix of cultures from around the world. This was a result of immigration from all over the Middle East.


How much does it cost?

If you want to study in Oman, it will cost you an average of 5000 USD per year. This is the same whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student.

Living in Oman

When it comes to costs of living, you’ll need to take into consideration both accommodation costs and other costs of living. Read on to learn more about the different costs so that you know what to expect. 


Here are some of the housing types that most international students who study in Oman choose:

  • Dorm rooms
  • Shared flats: you’ll pay an average of 316 dollars in a shared flat. This means you rent an apartment and share it with other students and split the rent and utility costs between you. 
  • Private rentals: you can also choose to rent a private rental. The price of this will depend on many factors like apartment size and location and the services offered along with it. For example, if you choose to rent a 1 bedroom apartment in the city centre, you’ll pay about 600 dollars a month. If you choose one outside of the centre, you’ll pay around 400 dollars a month.

Other costs of living

Other costs of living to take into consideration are utility costs, which will cost you 27 dollars a month and around 80 dollars for internet service. Local transportation will cost you around 40 dollars to get around Oman. 

Universities in Oman

There are several top ranked universities in Oman and they all offer various degree types from Bachelor’s degrees to master’s degrees to PhD degrees. Read on to learn about the top ranked universities if you want to study in Oman. 

Top-ranked universities

Here are some of the top universities in Oman for international students:

Sultan Quboos University

This university was founded in 1986 and started off with 5 schools. It’s a public university that has a spectacular campus, merging traditional and modern architecture together. It’s selective in admitting students, based on academic excellence, to keep up the level of student talent. 

Higher College of Technology

Higher College of Technology is the second top ranked university in Oman and also the second largest. It was founded in 1984, with a vision to be the top university in Oman offering technology courses and degrees.  

Muscat University

Muscat University is a top university found in the city of Muscat and was founded in April 2016. The university focuses on offering top degrees in business and entrepreneurship. It has strong ties with Business communities in Oman to ensure the highest quality of education. The university also collaborates with Cranfield University to offer many postgraduate programs to help professionals excel.


Student Visa - Oman

In order to study in Oman, you’ll need to apply for a student visa. You’ll apply for it at the nearest consulate of the Sultanate of Oman. 


Here are the required documents that you’ll need to obtain a student visa:

  • Copy of passport that is valid for at least 6 months
  • Medical report
  • Two copies of a recent photograph 
  • Medical insurance, valid for at least one year
  • Proof you have paid the registration fee of 2600 USD
  • Proof you have paid the visa Processing fee of about 100 dollars


How to apply - Oman

In order to apply to study in Oman, the criteria for each university differs so you’ll need to check for the program you’ll want to apply to, as well as the University. 


However, General documents needed for admission into Oman universities include the following:

  • previous academic documents like diploma and transcripts from prior education 
  • Proof that you are able to sustain yourself financially during the course of your studies
  • Identification documents, such as a passport 
  • Medical insurance
  • Valid travel documents
  • Proof of English language proficiency

Scholarship in Oman

If you want to study in Oman, there are options for financial aid and scholarships for international students. Oman has agreements with other countries to provide financial aid to the students. Preference may be given to students studying Omani studies, pedagogy and art.


Some of the best scholarships to apply to are the following ones: 

  • Belt and Road scholarship: international scholarships offered to students studying in Oman, known as financial aid. 
  • Government of Oman Scholarships
  • Fulbright Annual Program
  • Chevening Scholarships