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About South Korea

South Korea is one of the most developed countries in the world, with an edge in innovation and technological breakthroughs. It is located in East Asia, its capital city Seoul and the country is known for being home to 25 million citizens. South Korea is made up of 4,000 islands, has a very rich culture and is the fourth largest economy in Asia. There are a few things you will notice when at South Korea; Samsung phones are everywhere which is no surprise as this is the birth place of Samsung, almost all the people practice taekwondo and the number four is non-existent basically because the people there avoid it because they believe it is unlucky. So when you are at an elevator or booking a hotel room, do not be surprised if the number is skipped.


There is only one official language at South Korea, Korean. However, there are a number of other spoken languages at the country including; English, Japanese, Chinese and Russian.



The official currency at South Korea is the South Korean won, which can be divided into one hundred jeons. At South Korea you can easily go cashless as their society is known for being a wireless one, almost everywhere you go they will accept card payments. South Korea has the highest credit card usage; they do not expect you to pay in cash anyway.


Geographical information

South Korea is known for its many mountains and hills, around 70% of the country is covered in them and the highest mountain stands at 1950m. The largest city is in South Korea is Seoul which is 605.2 km² and the largest island is Jeju. South Korea experiences to seasons; its winters are quite long, cold and dry but their summer seasons are hot and humid.



Though there is no official religious affiliation at South Korea, you will find that the majority of its citizens have no religious beliefs while the rest are either Buddhists or Christians.


Political stance

The conflicts between East region in Asia continues; the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea of Korea which is the North of Korea and the Republic of Korea which is the South of Korea. Both countries believe they are the destined to become the legitimate governors of Korea and until today this conflict has not been put to rest. However, living in South Korea is an extremely safe travel destination.



South Korea is a very attractive tourist destination where millions visit annually, the most popular attraction there is the Gyeongbokgung Palace, which is a historic building and was built in 1395! The palace used to serve as the home for kings and has a capacity of 7,700 rooms inside it. The has been a fire at the palace during the Imjin War which lasted from 1592-1598 and the reconstruction has been taking place since the 1990s. Another main attraction is Aldeia Hanok de Bukchon which is located a few minutes from the palace and is a historical city which preserved to show the 600-year-old civilization.



Cuisine in South Korea includes a lot of variety, their kimichi alone has over 200 different types. Resultantly, South Koreans can incorporate it in all of their dishes. Another famous dish there is their Hoeddeok which are sweet pancakes that are soft on the inside and have a crispy exterior. These pancakes stuffed with cinnamon, honey, sugar and crunchy peanut pieces. These pancakes are cooked on a griddle and served with a sweet syrup.  Other delicacies can be found at the Korean cuisine including recipes that have been passed down from one generation to the other.

Study in South Korea

At South Korea, getting an education is a staple for its citizens. High literacy rates are evident in the country and their universities are well recognized globally. They country is known for being ahead of others in technological breakthroughs and life-changing innovations which alter every single person.

Why should you study in South Korea?

Studying at South Korea is an investment you will not regret; studying at South Korea will open you to a world of post-graduate opportunities from the most prestigious firms. When at South Korea, you are likely to become as immersed in leading technologies as the people around you, the quality of living which South Korea has to offer is unmatched; their health system is very advanced and the quality of education there is always excelling.

How much does it cost?

Tuition fees in South Korea are comparably less than other developed countries which have similar educational standards. For international students, they can expect to pay around US$5,800 per semester but this can become higher if the ranking on the university is very high or depending on your major, medical degrees cost more for example because of the required additional facilities.

Living in South Korea

Living in South Korea is going to affect you a great deal, you will get used to being part of a cashless society, following the rules strictly is in their nature so do not expect to find someone cutting in line or crossing the street at a red light because it’s empty, greetings are necessary and not just appreciated and the way you deal with the elderly is of upmost importance. The quality of living exceeds many countries in their healthcare system, educational system, food and services.


Finding a suitable accommodation can in South Korea can be a difficult task; seeing as there are plenty of options and some of them can be scams, prices range drastically, the country is huge and you do not want to end up commuting for long durations every day and the neighborhoods can differ considerably from one to the other. This is what you should attempt to do if you plan on renting individually; read many reviews before selecting the area you will stay at, check the distance form your university to your home and look at all alternative routes, read what other tenants thought about the renter and how helpful he was. With this in mind and a verified apartment you are likely going to find several options for rent that will vary between $500 – $1000 and they are subject to increase with more amenities, larger space and more central location.

There is always the option of staying at the provided housing units by your university which are likely going to be very close to your university area, complete with facilities and allow you the chance to meet other international students.

Other costs of living

Other living costs in South Korea are going to cost too! It is well known that its capital Seoul is marked as one of the most expensive cities to live in. Here are the costs you will encounter during you time at the country; a litre of milk costs $2.06, $2.44 for a standard bread loaf, $6.39 for a kilogram of apples and $3.43 for a kilogram of bananas and $44.5 for a monthly pass of public transportation. Additionally, amenities are $140 per person, monthly.

Universities in South Korea

There are many universities in South Korea; the resources available in the country and the educational standards are very competitive ensuring that any university you decide upon is going to provide with more than your time and money’s worth. South Korea is responsible for providing the world with unimaginable breakthroughs and positive change, you can become part of that change!

Degrees available

There are no limitations to the degrees which South Korea has to offer; they have well equipped labs, advanced research centers, access to reliable resources and are taught by the most forward-thinking faculty members. The degrees offered include majors that are not found anywhere else such bioengineering and convergence sciences as well many other majors. Read on to discover the offered fields of study at the most reputable universities at South Korea.

Top ranked universities

  • Seoul National University

Located in the country’s capital city, Seoul National University was founded in 1946 currently has 30,00- enrolled students. The university offers degrees for all levels and the university’s academic units are divided as follows; 15 different faculties which are providing their students with possible studies in the fields of education, business administration, agriculture and science life, social sciences and humanities, engineering, fine arts, liberal studies, human ecology, medicine, music, nursing, pharmacy and veterinary medicine. Whichever specialization you choose at the university is going to provide you with an excellent degree that will equip you for your future.

  • Kaist

Kaist is not founded in the capital city but rather at Daejeon and was founded in 1971. The university is known for its outstanding science and technology courses which is what most international students go to study at South Korea. The relevant field of study prepares you for the biggest job market in South Korea. There also other fields of study offered at the university; as you can find 5 schools. The schools are focused on business, engineering, liberal arts and convergence science, life science and bioengineering and natural sciences. As the university focuses on the studies of science, they have also focused on providing their students with the best equipped labs and extensive research centers.

  • Sogang university

Sogan university is located in the heart of South Korea, opening you up to become fully immersed in their culture and discovering South Korea as you learn. The university was founded in 1960 and is an international hub. At Sogang you will find that there are international students form over 80 countries, totaling approximately 4,000 students; ensuring a diverse environment at Sogang. As for their academic, the university is the third ranked in all of South Korea and offers undergraduate as well as graduate studies; the university has a college for humanities, social sciences, integrated knowledge, media arts, economics, natural sciences and engineering, respectively and a business school. The university is at an edge with its economics and business program in South Korea. They also offer their students the chance to pursue studies in two different majors simply by enrolling in their interdisciplinary study program.

  • Pusan National University

Pusan National University was founded 75 years ago and has developing ever since. The university offers studies undergraduate and graduate degrees and many programs of study. Academics at Pusan University are classified into 13 colleges offering over 100 degrees for specialization for undergraduate studies. As for graduate studies; the university has more than 80 master’s degree programs and more than 80 doctoral degree programs. The university is known for its industrial engineering breakthroughs and continuous excellence. Being ranked fourth at a country such as South Korea guarantees that you will receive the a very reputable degree.

Examples of other universities

These are the most reputable universities in South Korea, very competitive field as their education standard are very high for students, faculties and university programs. The universities which follow in ranking and are providing many degree opportunities for you are; Korea University, Yonsei University and Ewha Womans University. They are all located in Seoul and are very respected establishments.

Student Visa - South Korea

The average cost of a student visa, which is required if you want to study at South Korea, costs an average of $60. The visa process may only start after your place at the university is finalized and your payment has been approved. You can apply online through the embassy website but will pay the embassy a visit to get your passport stamped and provide copies of the required documents.

How to apply - South Korea

Once you are done with the university application process you may start to look at the visa requirements. Based on your home country, you are going to be categorized into a traveler type. The requirements differ based on your traveler type and required visa for citizens in your country of origin but the general requirements and common required are the following:

  • Valid travel document
  • Visa application form
  • Final acceptance letter from Korean University
  • Financial means document, stamped bank statement with enough funds to cover you during you time at Korea
  • Photographs
  • The official copy of transcripts
  • Copy of diploma or certificate from previous establishments
  • Travel itinerary
  • Visa application fee

Apply well in advance and check your traveler status as these requirements may increase.

Scholarship in South Korea

Scholarships opportunities are common in South Korea but so are students who demonstrate academic excellence; you will want to excel in your academic work and extracurricular when apply at South Korea. The Korea Global Scholarship Program is the most famous program and is awarded by the institute for international education at South Korea, only undergraduates are eligible to apply and they make exception for master’s students who are did not reach the age of 40. You can apply through your university of choice and you can also look at the scholarships awarded by the university themselves. These scholarships differ based on your degree and program of study but are offered very frequently at South Korean universities.