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About Taiwan

Taiwan is a country located on the southeastern coast of Asia. It has a lot of beautiful mountains and the climate is very tropical with both rainy and dry weathers. Taiwan was first discovered in the 16th century by the Portuguese when they sailed their ship to Asia. They referred to Taiwan as Ilha Formosa, which means ‘’the beautiful island’’. Taiwan used to be part of the Republic of China. However, in 1949 they split from the mainland.

Around the year 2000, Taiwan became one of Asia’s economic ‘’Tigers’’. Their economic structure developed from a labor industry to a high – tech industry. China is their main trading partner, and the United States and Japan occupy the second and third places. 

study in Taiwan

International students find it usually easy to live in Taiwan. With the diverse culture and rich history, the country welcomes international students with open arms.

Taiwan is a popular study destination for international students. The country is a small island located about 120 km from Southeast Asia. Taiwan is a country with a rich history and a very diverse culture. The country has some great natural areas, sandy beaches, lakes, and plenty of historical architecture. The climate in Taiwan is very pleasant with the north having mild, warm winters and some rain in the summer, while the south is relatively warm and dry. country welcomes international students with open arms.

Study in Taiwan

Why Should You Study in Taiwan?

There are countless reasons why international students should move to Taiwan for studying. The education system of Taiwan is outstanding!  “A great education can lead to a great future”, is a slogan that the Taiwanese take seriously and live by. As years pass by, local students graduate with some of the highest scores in the world. Universities in the country provide strong academic programs. The high quality of the country’s academic resources, the rich cultural environment, and strong future job prospects are enough reasons to say Taiwan has something to offer every international student.

The delicious cuisine, the ancient Chinese temples combined with the skyscrapers make Taiwan a rich and colorful culture. In addition, their belief in a free press, gender equality, and respect for human rights have made Taiwan one of the most liberal societies in Asia. The Taiwanese value their democracy high, so whenever there is mistrust towards the politicians, the people do not hesitate to wander the streets in arms to protest against the injustice. When students touch base in a new destination after a long flight, the first thing they might notice is whether the local people welcome them with open arms or not. It is a well-known fact that some countries are less hospitable to foreign tourists than others.

How much does it cost?

Tuition fees in Taiwan differ per university. Since they can range from 675 EUR to 12,700 EUR per year, it’s always smart for the students to check the individual fees of the university they would like to attend and the course they would like to do. Average prices at public universities cost 1,100–7,500 EUR per year for Bachelor’s degrees, 600–15,500 EUR per year for Master’s degrees and 700–7,000 EUR per year for PhDs. In general, public universities are cheaper than private ones. Yet, reports suggest  that Bachelor’s costs $1,650 to $2,500, Master’s degree costs between $1,600 and $2,550 and PhD costs over $45,00.

Living in Taiwan

There are several options for international students in Taiwan when it comes to living and residing in the country. Student halls of residence costs 80–200 EUR per month. Living in halls will often mean students very close to their academic buildings and friends.

Meanwhile, rented flats cost 300–600 EUR per month. Living off-campus can be expensive. However, students can definitely decrease their monthly spend by sharing a room with one or several roommates.

Additionally, host family would cost 7–25 EUR/night.  Living with one or different host families will allow students to experience the local culture easily and in-depth.

People spend about 13 EUR on food per day in Taiwan on average. This includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

Universities in Taiwan

The best universities from Taiwan are mostly in the Taipei area. The National Taiwan University, National Yang-Ming University, Taipei Medical University, and National Taiwan Normal University are all based in Taipei or nearby this city. 

Not only are top universities found in Taipei but throughout the country as well. In Hsinchu City, students will find great science and technology institutions. Two universities in this city are ranked among the world’s top 200 universities – National Tsing Hua University and National Chiao Tung University. Here’s a quick look at the top three universities in the country:

National Taiwan University

National Taiwan University was established in 1928. It is the most outstanding and comprehensive research university in Taiwan, with a history tracing back to Taiwan Hospital established in 1895. The university’s campuses unveil the beautiful landscapes of the island, from its main campus in the modern and culturally rich capital of Taipei, to the vast experimental forests in central Taiwan. The university houses 2,000, a student body of 32,000, and provides more than 280 degree programs, ranging from natural sciences to humanities and social sciences, enhanced by innovative research and academia-industry cooperation. 

National Yang-Ming University

National Yang-Ming University was established in 1975. It was formerly known as National Yang-Ming College of Medicine and has been adhering to the school motto of “benevolent mind and art, putting knowledge into practice” while training excellent humane doctors to provide service by solving medical problems in remote and rural areas.

In 2007, the School of Humanities and Social Sciences was founded, and the Center for General Education renamed as the Center of Humanities and Social Science was incorporated into the School of Humanities and Social Sciences in 2008. The School of Pharmaceutical Sciences officially launched its operation seven years later. As of the 2016 academic year, the university has seven schools with 11 undergraduate programs, 34 master programs and 28 PhD programs. Additionally, the university has more than 20 research centers with emphasis on cancer and immunology, brain research, biophotonics, aging and health, and biomedical engineering.

National Tsing Hua University

National Tsing Hua University was created in Beijing in 1911 as “Tsing Hua Academy.” After four decades and a half, National Tsing Hua University was re-established at its present location in Hsinchu, Taiwan.

Since its relocation, the university has developed into a comprehensive research university providing a full range of degree programs in science, technology, engineering, humanities, social sciences, and management. The university consistently ranks as one of the premier universities in East Asia. It is widely recognized as a leading incubator for future leaders. 

Student Visa - Taiwan

The visa application requirements for international students who are to study Study in Taiwan full time in PhD, Master’s program, Bachelor’s program, or Diploma/Certificate are as follows:

  • Two color passport-size photos
  • Photocopy of the passport, it needs to be valid for at least six months
  • Original and a photocopy of the health certificate
  • Original and a photocopy of the admission permit of enrollment and registration
  • Original and photocopy of highest education diploma
  • Proof of financial support

International students who wish to study in Taiwan need to apply for a student visa before entering the country. For stays of 180 days or more, you must apply for a residence visa, and then when entering the country, apply for a foreign residence certificate and re-entry permit at the National Migration Agency in Taipei.

How to apply - Taiwan

Admission requirements depend on the university you wish to study . It is highly recommended to communicate with the desired university by the student to ask about admission requirements and international students whose native language is not English. T

hey are required to provide evidence of English language proficiency.

Depending on the graduation certificate obtained, you can apply for undergraduate programs, bachelor’s degree programs and master’s programs. For bachelor’s degree programs you need a high school diploma, a bachelor’s degree certificate for a master’s degree program, and a master’s degree certificate for a doctoral degree program.

Students may not know what type of study they want, so they submit more than one application. Some universities accept three applications per student and others will accept five. However, at the end of the day, you can only choose one program to sign up for.

In some cases, universities ask for a fee to apply. These fees can be paid by bank transfer and the amount varies at each university.

Scholarship in Taiwan

The government in Taiwan is keen to attract international students and such scholarships help to pursue Bachelors or Masters studies in Taiwan.

The Taiwan Scholarship Program

The Taiwan Scholarship Program is designated to encourage promising students from foreign countries to pursue their degree studies in Taiwan to familiarize themselves with the academic environment in Taiwan and promote communication, understanding, and friendship between Taiwan and the international community. For those students interested in studying in Taiwan, they may choose to pursue their degree with English as the primary language of instruction or in Chinese.

The Ministry of Education (MOE) Taiwan

The Ministry of Education (MOE) Taiwan Scholarship Program provides each outstanding international student scholarship recipient who comes to Taiwan to undertake a bachelor’s degree (4 years scholarship), master’s degree (2 years), or doctorate degree (4 years). 

Wenxin Master’s Scholarship

Major scholarships in Taiwan include: Wenxin Master’s Scholarship for International Students at National Taiwan University 2022, MOFA Taiwan Scholarship Program, NPUST Undergraduate Scholarships for Excellent Foreign Students in Taiwan and MOE Huayu Enrichment Scholarship.