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About Thailand

Thailand location

Thailand is located in the continent of Asia, and covers an area of about 510,890 square kilometers of land, 2,230 square kilometers of water, and a total area of 513,120 square kilometers. It is located specifically in the center of Southeast Asia, bordered to the north and west by Myanmar, and Laos to the north and east. Cambodia is on the east, and bordered on the west by the forest mountains, and on the northeast by the Khorat plateau, the central plains of the interior region, the beaches, and the islands on its coast.

Many students turn to study in Thailand for their study abroad adventures so they can study somewhere where the universities are excellent, the culture is amazing, and the food is fantastic!

Official language and currency

The official language is Thai in addition to English, and most universities offer their educational programs entirely in English, and you may hear some strange vocabulary, you do not have to, it is the local languages and dialects of the ancient population and there is no need to learn them, and the Thai currency is (Bat), which It is estimated against one US dollar at 30 baht.

Thailand is one of the most popular countries for foreign tourists, and Bangkok is one of the most visited cities in the world. It is characterized by its natural beauty, culture, and a mixture of modern infrastructure, and historical culture. One of the must-visit places in the city is Siam Square for hotels and attractive commercial centers. Thailand also contains ancient ruins, which are the remnants remaining from the Ayutthaya Kingdom, such as: temples, and palace ruins, which was the largest city in the world during the eighteenth century AD. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and an important tourist attraction.

Cultural attractions in Thailand

Thailand is distinguished by its beaches and islands. It contains 34 islands. Phuket Island, the most famous and the largest island in Thailand, is home to large numbers of hotels and resorts. All islands are all surrounded by white sandy beaches and clear water.

Thailand as a Study Destination

If you are looking for a special place to complete your university studies and you are a fan of the summer atmosphere and tropical fruits, then your sure destination is Thailand, where you will receive your education in the best universities, in addition to enjoying the charming nature within this country, and you will live your happiness by hosting the kind people with a permanent smile.

Thailand has witnessed an economic renaissance in recent years, and that renaissance has been positively reflected in the education sector, as the higher education system has developed, and Thai universities have been developed, as the infrastructure of these universities has been strengthened, and they have been provided with a large number of modern educational means and Laboratories are developed.

Thailand’s universities have taught many programs in English, and have also provided a number of scholarships to students from all over the world at an affordable price.

This has contributed to attracting a large number of international students to study there, in addition to that, the low costs of study and living fees were among the reasons The important reasons that contributed to attracting Many students turn to study in Thailand

, and in order for the student to register in universities in Thailand, you  must fulfill all the conditions imposed by these universities, and must work to secure all the papers and documents that you request, and send them on the dates specified for registration.

Study in Thailand

cost of study in Thailand

Thailand offers exemplary education at very competitive prices compared to other major universities in the world. Tuition costs  in private universities are (from 75 to 135 USD per credit hour), while in public universities about (450 to 880 USD per semester) depending on the specialization that the student will study, the type of university and the degree he will obtain, which includes a bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate, and its costs are from The best financial averages that a student can afford in global study destinations.

but no Other costs that may not be included in the fee are omitted, such as student and administrative services, the semester registration fee, and books.

Sometimes Thai universities include the entire program cost instead of annual or semi-annual fees. If the program seems too expensive

Living in Thailand

Living in Thailand

Like other countries in the region, living in Thailand is relatively affordable. The official currency of Thailand is the Thai Baht (THB). 1000 THB is approximately 32 USD. for example Renting a one-bedroom apartment in the city center costs 13,700 THB (about 450 USD) per month,In other areas, rent may cost 8,500 THB (about $275 USD).


As soon as you arrive in Thailand, start your stay by spending several nights in a hotel that you book in advance online, then you actually inspect the apartments and study their suitability for your needs, thus avoiding any frauds that you may encounter if you book the apartment in advance without inspecting it on the ground.

the monthly rental fee is For these apartments, it ranges from 100 to 300 US dollars, depending on the area and location, and this fee does not include the accompanying services such as water and electricity.

This first option is as a separate room reservation. The second option is to reserve a room within a student residence where you share with other students the bathroom, the common kitchen and the living room, and your room will be equipped with a bed, chairs, lockers and a desk.

As for meals, you can get a decent meal for about 1.5 USD, all the way to meals at a cost of 6.5 USD if you want to reward yourself with a hearty meal on the weekend.


Do not worry about transportation within cities for short distances, the tuktuk will be easily available for a small fee, or use buses for longer distances, and there are trains to travel between the capital and other provinces, one metro line and two major airports in the capital, Bangkok.

Other costs of living

Thailand is famous for its delicious food consisting of many spices, exotic fruits and succulent dishes. You can eat at a local restaurant for as little as $5 and at a mid-range restaurant for $15-20.

Universities in Thailand

Thailand has about 310 colleges, universities and higher education schools of which about 80 are public universities in Thailand and about 71 are private schools for you to study in.

Chulalongkorn University

CU is the highest ranked institution in Thailand. It also provides free transportation for international students via a bus shuttle service.

The oldest higher education institution in Thailand is Chulalongkorn University. That university is named after one of the kings of Thailand (this country has a parliamentary constitutional monarchy) and was established after the merger of two institutions in 1917.

According to the QS World University Rankings, Chulalongkorn University is the best university in Thailand and 247th globally.

Chulalongkorn University is located. in Bangkok and has more than 35,000 students. This cheap university in Thailand has 19 colleges, an agricultural resource school, four colleges, 14 institutes, and a graduate school.

The university has student dormitories available for international students. CU iHouse has 846 fully furnished units at a cost of $36 to $546 per month. It also has bus services for students.

The interesting aspect is that the king used to be the one who handed out diplomas at graduation. Nowadays, this is done by members of the royal family. Since the Royal School was one of the institutions that were incorporated to create this university, students are required to wear a uniform.

Prince of Songkla University (PSU)

Prince of Songkla University .The university was established in 1967 in the southern region of Thailand to meet the needs of the region, contribute to the development of the region, and actively participate in society.

In order to have a significant presence in the region, PSU has five campuses. These have 39 faculties, institutes and colleges. There are also four health care college hospitals that benefit the community.

Over 37,000 students have chosen one of the 300 degree programs offered here. About 700 of these students are international. Prince Sultan University also has more than 40 research centers.

The university has student dormitories for international students. In the international dormitories 64 places. You must register online to reserve a room.

In terms of tuition fees, international students pay twice what domestic students have to pay. They go from 54,000 THB (1,750 USD) to 154,000 THB (5,000 USD).

There are international programs that have their own fees. These range from THB 35,000 (US$1,150) to THB 90,000 (US$3,000).

Burapha University

Burapha University was established in 1955 in the coastal region of Thailand. About 48,000 students receive education at one of the university’s three campuses. 5,000 students are accepted each year.

The university has 24 colleges distributed across the three campuses. It also has two colleges and three graduate schools.

To ensure the well-being of the students, there are many activities and events available. There are over 100 student clubs and organizations, entertainment and sports facilities, and art-related events. The university also has a bus service within the campus.

Bangkok University

Bangkok University (BU) is a private institution that was established in 1962. Besides the campus in the capital, the university has opened a second campus in the city of Rangsit. For most programmes, students complete the first two years of their major at the Rangsit campus and then move to the Bangkok campus.

Each year, Bangkok University in Thailand welcomes around 30,000 students who choose one of their English or Thai programs.

International programs in English include seven bachelor’s degree programs in Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Hotel and Restaurant Management, International Tourism and Hospitality Management, Culinary Arts and Design, Communication Arts, and Business. They all last four years.

There is also a master’s program in electrical and computer engineering, and three doctoral programs in electrical and computer engineering, knowledge management and innovation, and philosophy in communication arts.

Tuition fees depend on the program. For example, Marketing and Business costs 84,000 THB (US$2,720) per semester

Communication arts costs 90,000 baht (US$2,920) per semester. If you need financial aid, there is a wide range of scholarships available. Visit the International Students section to learn more about admissions

Student Visa - Thailand

International students of any nationality can apply for a one-year, non-immigrant education visa (called ED visa) and the student visa can then be renewed until you finish your studies in Thailand.

You can apply for a one-year visa at any Thai embassy or consulate and people from Bangladesh, China, India, Iran, Sri Lanka and Middle Eastern countries must apply for a student visa in their country of residence.

To apply for a Thai student visa you will need the following:

  • Completed visa application form (found at the Thai Embassy or Consulate).
  • Passport or travel document with a minimum validity of 18 months.
  • A passport photo (4 x 6 cm) of the applicant and taken within the last six months.
  • Evidence of adequate funding.
  • Acceptance letter from your school or university.
    You must print out the acceptance letter from your school with the school stamp and it must show the exact start date of the course and classes you have signed up for and an email from the school stating that you have been accepted is not enough.

Validity of student visa in Thailand

The student visa is valid for 90 days only when obtained and within this 90 day period you will need to register and pay the tuition fee for the respective semester with a letter confirming your enrollment and you can then apply for a visa extension to cover the full period of study.

How to apply - Thailand

How to Apply to a University in Thailand?

In the beginning, the student must determine the specialization he wants to study, and make sure that this specialization exists in the universities in Thailand, and then search for universities that study this specialization, and put the names of these universities on an external paper, and then look at these universities, and the certificates they provide Its location, study costs, and the rates it requires for its specialization, in order to choose the university that suits him. In order to prepare and secure it before the date of registration.

  • Essential documents you need:Previous school stage certificate
  • Transcripts for the previous school stage
  • CV in English
  • Recommendation letters from his previous teachers in the previous stage
  • Motivation letter in which the students explain the reasons that prompted him to study this specialty
  • Recent colored personal photos with a white background
  • A valid passport, with more than six months validity
  • Certificate of proficiency in the English language, such as an IELTS or TOEFL certificate
  • Opening a bank account in order to prove its ability to cover all study costs

Scholarship in Thailand

  1.  CCG Foundation Scholarships in International Development Study at Chulalongkorn University: These are six scholarships for students from all over the world who wish to study a master’s degree in international development at Chulankorn University.
    2- Asian Institute of Technology Scholarships: It is a Bridgex scholarships for postgraduate studies to study the structural engineering program in universities in Thailand, and it is intended for students from all over the world, with preference given to Malaysian students, and this scholarship covers all costs of study and living.
    3- Bangkok College Scholarships: It is a group of scholarships offered by Bangkok College to Thai students and international students from all over the world, who have obtained high school in Thailand, in order to study a specialization at Bangkok College. The value of this scholarship is 300,000 Thai baht.
    4- Mahidol University Scholarships: It is a group of scholarships offered by Mahidol University to students from all over the world who wish to study full-time PhD programs in a university specialization. This scholarship is considered one of the college scholarships that covers all study and living costs.
    5- University of Thammasat Scholarships: It is a group of scholarships offered by the University of Thammasat to students wishing to study a master’s degree in Asian and Pacific Studies. This scholarship is allocated to students from all over the world, with preference given to students from the ASEAN region.