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About Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is one of the most beautiful countries in the European Union,where millions of tourists visit annually for recreation and physiotherapy. 

The Czech Republic is located in Central Europe, bordered by Germany, Poland, Austria and Slovakia, and its capital is Prague. Thanks to its location, the Czech Republic is the fifth most visited country in Europe.

The Czech language is the official language in the country and the Czech krona is the official currency in addition to the single European currency (Euro) and It ranks seventh in the world in terms of the Global Peace Index and is in fact one of the safest countries in the world with a low crime rate.

If you are looking for a unique study abroad experience in Europe, the Czech Republic would be a good choice. With over 60 institutions of higher education, 1,000 English-language courses in various disciplines and reasonable living costs.

That is why we decided to take you on a tour through which we will introduce you to the most important information related to the study of skepticism, its limitations and its cost.


Czech people speak the Czech language, which is historically known as Bohemian. It’s considered a hybrid language due to being influenced by the surrounding cities.


Czech Republic has four seasons. Winter is cold but the temperatures vary in terms of the region you’ve chosen to live in. For example, the northern part of the country is so cold in winter.

The summer in the northern part is really hot but not so humid.

The nature of Czech Republic makes the Autumn season is so amazing due to the plenty of trees.

Generally, the weather there is really crazy, you can see the rains pours down and the snow covers all the vast areas. The snow usually isn’t stick due to the heavily rains.

Reasons to Study in the Czech Republic

There are several advantages that you should keep in mind when deciding to study for graduation:

  • Study in one of the best international educational systems.The high quality and tradition of Czech education and research are widely recognized, especially when it comes to studying science, engineering or medicine.
  • International students can study for free at Czech public universities provided they are enrolled in a program taught in the Czech language
  • Czech higher education institutions offer interesting courses on topics that you may not find easily in other countries.
  • In the preparatory year, the student studies 800 hours with professors from the best doctors in Czech universities. According to the Czech Ministry of Education, the student reaches the level of the Czech language required to study at the university after only 420 hours in the preparatory year.
  • International Students study a preparatory year, either in the Czech language or in English, to qualify them for university studies. It is divided into a preparatory year for medical specializations, where the student studies (chemistry, physics, biology, English, Czech language and other subjects eligible to study medicine in universities) or a preparatory year for engineering, economics and business administration, according to the specialization.
  • Czech law allows the student to work alongside the study (20 hours per week), which allows the student to save some living expenses as well as provide job opportunities for graduates with high salaries.

Study in Czech Republic

One of the most critical and exciting pros of study in the Czech Republic is the low study costs. International students can study for free at Czech public universities provided they are enrolled in a program taught in the Czech language and if they choose a program taught in English or another foreign language. 

Tuition fees will be around 18,500 Euros per academic year, there are other costs such as admission or administration fees but they differ from one university to another.


The cost of studying in the Czech Republic varies according to the language you want to study in and the university you want to enroll in.

Case 1: Studying in the Czech language

In this case, the study will be free throughout the academic years at the university, but you will bear the expenses of the first academic year only (preparatory year), which is intended for studying the Czech language only.

In this year, you can choose (Czech language course only) or (Czech language course + materials related to the college you want to study in the Czech language).

The second course is better because it will help you more to pass the Czech language test before entering the college you want to study at.

After the end of the preparatory year and admission to a university, there are no tuition fees required from the student as long as he is studying in the Czech language at a public university.

case 2:studying in a language other than Czech

In this case, the study will not be free, as is the case in the case of studying in the Czech language and its cost varies depending on the specialization and the university. Czech universities have many languages ​​that can be studied, such as English, Czech and German.

Living in Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is famous for its magnificent castles, medieval old towns, and beautiful landscapes, so it is one of the best study destinations you can live in, in addition to combining the best of Eastern and Western Europe. 

On the other hand, the Czech Republic is not a very expensive country to live in. Most international students can live in it comfortably with a budget of 300 to 650 euros per month.

For example, living in student housing costs about 125 euros per month, while the price of a room in an apartment can reach 205 euros per month, and a private apartment starts from 370 euros per month.


  • Meal at an inexpensive restaurant: 150 kc.
  • Mc meal: 150 kc.
  • o.33 liter bottle of coke: 31.38 Kc.
  • 1 liter of milk: 18.94 kc.
  • 500g of Fresh white bread: 24.92 kc.
  • 1kg of white rice: 37.22 Kc.
  • 12 eggs: 40.40 Kc.
  • 1kg of cheese: 202.87 Kc.
  • 1kg of filet chicken: 142.99 Kc.
  • 1kg of apples, oranges, or bananas: 30-38 Kc.
  • 1kg of tomato: 53.38 Kc.
  • 1kg of potato: 19.39 Kc.
  • 1kg of onion: 19.29 Kc.

In general, the cost of living depends on the city in which you live. For example, the cost of living in the capital of the Czech Republic is more expensive than the cost of living in other Czech cities. The purpose of writing this part of the article is to compare several cities in the Czech Republic in terms of cost of living.

  • Prague: Prague is the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic. The population of this city is about one million. The approximate cost of living in this city for a family of four is about 1952.25 euros per month.
  •  Brno City: The other city discussed in this section is the Czech city of Brno. Brno is the second largest city in the country, with the cost of living almost lower than Prague. The monthly cost of living in this city for a family of four is about 1,813.22 euros.
  • The city of Strava: Strava is the third largest city in the Czech Republic and is located in the east of the country. The cost of living for a single person without rent in the city is around 489.16€ per month and the cost of living for a family of four in the city is 1670.77€ per month.

Universities in Czech Republic

When it comes to Universities inThe Czech Republic, you will be spoiled for choice as all Four universities fall into the top-ranked 3 per cent in the world. The study programs are globally recognised for being of top-notch level, so many students decide to study there.

Read on to find out more details about the universities available in The Czech Republic and which you should apply to.

Charles University

Charles University is one of the most important and best universities in the Czech Republic. It is also one of the oldest Czech and international universities. Its founding dates back to the year 1248, when Emperor Charles IV established it. Charles University is distinguished by the quality of education and the strength of the curriculum, as it contains seventeen colleges that teach a number Among the most important disciplines taught by this university are the humanities, social sciences, arts, engineering, and this university includes about 51,500 students studying in the various disciplines of the university, and this university provides great facilities for international students and this explains the presence of a large number of International students, and this university is distinguished by providing many job opportunities for students.

Czech University of Technology

Czech University of Technology is one of the most important and prominent universities in the Czech Republic. This university is located in the capital, Prague, and is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the Czech Republic. The history of this university dates back to the year 1707. This university is distinguished by the quality of education and the strength of the curricula that it offers to its students, and there are eight Faculties where a group of disciplines are taught, such as engineering, and this university conducts a large number of research and studies annually, and a large number of writers and scientists have graduated from it, including the physicist Christian Doppler, who founded the theory of the Doppler effect. The number of students at this university is about twenty-four thousand students This university has a great international reputation, which explains the presence of a large number of international students.

Masaryk University

Masaryk University is one of the most important and best universities in the Czech Republic, and this university is located in Brno, the second largest city in the Czech Republic. For universities and the Utrecht network, and this university contains nine faculties during which a large number of disciplines are taught, including arts, engineering, humanities, languages, social sciences and others. for this university.

Brno University of Technology

Brno University of Technology is one of the most important and best universities in the Czech Republic. It is located in the city of Brno and dates back to its founding in 1899. Including agricultural, engineering, social sciences, and humanities majors. This university is distinguished by the quality of education and the strength of the curricula that it teaches to its students.

The number of students of this university is twenty-four thousand students studying in the university’s various disciplines, and this university is characterized by having a large number of Research and studies, and it also participates in European Union projects to support internationalization, such as Erasmus, Tempus, Leonardo and others. This university offers a large number of student scholarships and studies a number of international students.

Thus, we see that the Czech Republic is one of the distinguished countries at the level of higher education, which includes a large number of universities and educational institutions, which provide its students with a distinguished education in all disciplines, and the low cost of living and study played a major role in attracting a large number of international students to study there.

Student Visa - Czech Republic

Study in the Czech Republic is a dream for all international students who want to obtain globally recognized higher degrees in addition to studying at the most advanced and prestigious universities in the world. Since the Czech Republic is a member of the European Union, the laws of the Schengen area apply to the issuance of student visas.

Now, after obtaining a chair at a Czech university or within any educational institute, you can start the procedure for obtaining a student visa in doubt. But in the beginning, you must determine the type of visa you need according to your study program or training course.

Types of student visas in the Czech Republic

The Czech Embassy offers several types of entry permits to the Czech Republic depending on the duration of the student’s study programme.

1- A short-term student visa
It is an official entry permit for students who wish to study in the Czech Republic for a period not exceeding 90 days. They can work, live and study during that period.

Attention: This residence permit is not renewable under any circumstances. The student who wishes to renew the residence permit must return to his country of origin and submit to the Czech Embassy an application for a long-term visa.

2- A long-term student visa
This type of visa is usually issued to students whose studies require a stay in the Czech Republic for more than 90 days. The visa is issued for one full year and is renewable.

Side note: There are many procedures and documents that are required from the Czech embassy according to the nationality of the student applying for the visa, so you must contact the Czech embassy or consulate in your country and make sure of all the official documents and documents.

What is the mechanism for obtaining a student visa in the Czech Republic?
Obtaining a letter of acceptance at a Czech university with a financial receipt to pay the registration fee at the host university.

  1. Arrange a visa appointment at your local Czech embassy or consulate
  2. Fill in the visa application form (you must make sure that all sections are filled out with correct information and do not forget to sign the document).
  3. Gather the required documents You will need to submit several documents along with your application form.
  4. Attending the appointment Make sure you bring all the required information to be able to apply.
  5. Pay the visa fee.
  6. Submit biometric data (fingerprints)
  7. Wait for approval from the embassy or consulate The visa processing time may take up to 120 days.
  8. Apply for a residence permit: Once your visa is approved, you can start the residence permit application procedure.

Note:The long-term stay fee is around CZK 2567 / $112 / EUR 100 and the residence permit fee is around CZK 504 / USD 22 / EUR 20.

Requirements for getting a Czech Republic Student Visa

  • Acceptance letter from the host university
  • Your passport is valid.
  • Colored official photos.
  • A copy of the academic high school diploma translated into English and certified by the Ministry of Foreign
  • Affairs and the Czech Embassy in your country.
  • Proof of financial resources for the period of your stay, such as a bank statement.
  • Proof of accommodation through a rental contract or hotel reservation.
  • Valid health insurance for the duration of the stay.
  • The criminal record is clean and translated into Czech.

ATTENTION: Start applying for a Czech student visa as soon as you receive the official acceptance letter from your host university. The application process can take up to 60 days for non-EU students.

Who are the students exempt from Czech student visas?

  • Students coming from the European Union, the Economic Zone or Switzerland do not need to issue a student visa.
  • Foreign students residing in the Czech Republic and holding permanent residence permits
  • Foreign students residing in an EU country for more than five years.
  • Official papers and documents for obtaining a student visa in the Czech Republic
  • Completed visa application form, click here
  • Enrollment letter from the host university in the Czech Republic
  • A letter stating the purpose of your stay in the Czech Republic
  • A valid passport that expires after 12 months
  • Two passport-style photos
  • Proof of sufficient financial resources that cover the costs of living and the costs of studying in the Czech Republic
  • Accommodation and accommodation details
  • Proof of an international health insurance policy (minimum coverage period of stay is €30,000)
  • The criminal record report is clean.

How to apply - Czech Republic

Each university in the Czech Republic has its own system on its own website that allows future students to apply and register for their degree programmes. So, once you select the university of your choice, you can proceed with the application process and submit your materials there but in general, there are a number of conditions that must be met to study in the Czech Republic

  • Pass the entrance exam (you may be asked to do Skype interview).
  • Proof of English language proficiency.
  • A letter of motivation from the previous academic institutions from which you obtained your degrees.
  • An up-to-date CV translated into English.
  • Statement of the purpose of the study.

If you are a non-EU student you will need a Czech study visa and it will require you to:

  • Pay a fee of about 95 euros
  • Visa form.
  • Acceptance letter from the university.
  • Passport photos.
  • Provide proof that you are able to support yourself financially during the period of study in the Czech Republic.
  • Proof of residence in the Czech Republic.
  • Proof of health insurance.

Scholarship in Czech Republic

If you want to study in the Czech Republic at the lowest possible cost, you can check one of the following scholarships in Czech Republic:

Czech Technical University Scholarships

The Czech Technical University in Prague is one of the largest universities in the Czech Republic, and is considered one of the oldest technological institutions in Central Europe, and as they have a large international population, they offer scholarships to international students studying in masters and doctoral programmes.

This scholarship in Czech Republic is funded by the university, and covers the costs of study completely until graduation, and privileges are given to a student who performs excellently during the scholarship period.

Computer Science Scholarships at Charles University

Charles University in Prague is offering scholarships to excellent international applicants to the Computer Science program in the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, and this scholarship is awarded to a limited number of highly qualified applicants entering the programme.

To apply for this scholarship, applicants wishing to study in the Czech Republic must meet the requirements of the computer science program, and since scholarship applications are submitted online, please prepare the required documents, such as CV, letter of motivation, transcript of records, letters of recommendation, etc.

Czech University of Life Sciences Scholarship

The Faculty of Environmental Sciences (FES) at the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague is offering scholarships to new and international students entering FES programs taught in English.

The scholarship supports these new students in the department as they adjust their studies and lives in the Czech Republic.

To qualify for this scholarship, applicants must show ideal grades from their subjects or previous studies and prove that they require financial support for their studies. Applications must be sent via email and the department will screen applications. The basis for awarding the scholarship is the student’s previous academic performance and financial needs.

Government grant for developing countries
The Government Scholarship for Developing Countries is a joint project between the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This scholarship supports studies in the Czech Republic and funds the financial needs of international students studying Czech language or English-taught programs at Czech universities.

The scholarship application is through the embassy, ​​and applicants wishing to study in the Czech Republic must complete the application form, which will be submitted to the embassy, ​​after which upon acceptance of the application they will be asked to attend an interview and successful candidates will be asked to submit and complete the documents required of them.