Popular Study Locations When the Library is Closed

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Popular Study Locations When the Library is Closed

A few weeks before your examination period starts, whether you have chosen to study a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree, when all you ever try to do is gather months of work into hours of reviewing and discovering that you should have in fact started studying much earlier than you did, energy drinks and coffee are all what you have time to digest and an actual sleep schedule becomes something you only dream of during each 40 minute nap you take and the library does not operate 24/7. Sometimes, this can make finding the best study locations difficult.

Following your strict set study schedule suddenly becomes even more challenging as you have to find a place besides the library, read on to find a list of options for study locations below.

Study at a Friend’s House

You should try to find study locations with no distractions and high motivation, revising at a friend’s house is a viable option for many reasons. However, this person mustn’t be a distractive person themselves, find someone who takes studying as seriously as you do! You can begin to keep track of your progress and set realistic study goals for the next time you meet. They will have internet access and the examination material is going to be ready at their house either way.

Additionally, you can explain to them concepts which you are not so sure about to check your understanding and you can both benefit from this also allows. As for your mood, you are likely going to feel less miserable as you will not feel alone in this process and will begin understanding difficult concepts too which is sometimes a struggle. Studying a friend’s house as one of the study locations will also allow you to enhance your social skills while revising; however, if this doesn’t sound appealing to you then you might consider somewhere else, a coffee shop is the go to for many.

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Study at a Coffee Shop

One of the other top study locations is to study at a coffee shop.You might try working at a coffee shop where access to coffee is unlimited and you do not have to make it yourself. The coffee shops are usually packed with students and this will likely motivate you to stay focused on your tasks, not distracted and alert. Being at a coffee shop is also going to increase your chances of creativity and help you solve problems at hand in a more inventive way, as proven through conducted research at the University of Illinois. There are different types of cafes and you can choose when where the background noise is just right for you to concentrate and the light is right for you to be able to work.

Study at the Park

If studying at a coffee shop is not to your liking then you might also consider learning at a park, especially if you study in Germany as there are lovely, calm parks there. By studying at a park, you will be able to take advantage of fresh air and being in a calm and relaxed environment. The outdoor air will also help you become less stressed and might be the reason for your mood to improve. There are academic benefits as well as the health benefits associated with studying at the park, where studying at a park provides people with a creativity boost.

The drawback to using the park as one of the study locations is that studying at the park is that this option is dependent on the season and you finding a power plug to recharge your laptop might require you to relocate your belongings. Now if you know that the library is going to be closed well before you start studying, meeting rooms or workspaces can be an option.

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Rent a Meeting Room

There are many students who resort to the idea of renting a meeting room for group work and study sessions as one of their top study locations. This idea for study locations is quite practical as it is guaranteed that the space is not going to be loud, internet access is stable, and desks are setup in a practical way allowing all group members to work together harmoniously. There might also be a board for you to use for reference or explanations and the lighting at the place will be designed to help you focus.

However, you must be very time conscious as these meeting rooms are going to be booked before and after your designated time, this will be a motive for some to get work done more efficiently and not waste any time but something to consider nonetheless. The booking of the rooms will also mean that you will pay, so if this is not a feasible option for you try to arrange to go to these rooms with other students who are also looking for a convenient study space as a way of spending a little less money and gaining some more.

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Study at Home

Now, if all the other options haven’t been suitable for you, as study locations then you can always resort to the option for studying at home. When it comes to working at home, students either love the idea or absolutely despise it. It is understandable why some students do not consider revising at home a good option for them but there are a number of things you can do to make your space at home more productive. Firstly, organize a clear space for yourself at home and this should be away from all distractions and should not be near your bed as your mind would associate studying with sleeping at this point.

If you live with other people or family members, inform them that you are going to start hitting the books so that they do not disturb you and help you focus. There are many benefits to working at home; for starters, you will be able to dress as comfortable as you’d like and not feel uncomfortable about it. Secondly, there are no time restrictions and you can start whenever you like and for many hours with no one disturbing you to either use the wall plug or ask you to pay because they are closing.

No matter which space you choose for studying, always make sure that it is free of distractions and will allow you to focus clearly and concentrate. Try to revise with someone who motivates you or at one of the study locations which helps you concentrate, using different approaches and methods and make sure you schedule breaks when you can. Do your best, utilize different resources and always find a way to improve and learn more. If you still don’t know where to study from these study locations, Uniapp can help you!


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