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About Medicine in Latvia

Since its affiliation to the European Union in 2004 and the Schengen area in 2007, unlimited scopes have been broadened to the new scholars aiming to study medicine in Latvia. Furthermore, the English language as a medium of studying medicine contributed to the attention paid by both national and international students to prominent universities in Latvia, such as the University of Latvia and Riga Stradins University in the capital Riva. Both Latvian universities accept hundreds of new international medical students every year, and provide them with well-prepared and moderate coursework, to offer a recognized M.D. and D.M.D annually, either in the EU or in the whole world. Interestingly, Latvian medicine is famous for pioneering peripheral nerve injury, blood transfusion, and cancer treatment.


The Republic of Latvia is one of the best places to study medicine in Europe. The two previously mentioned medical schools in Riga promise their graduate young doctors a bright future in the medical industry, thanks to the advanced higher education system and infrastructure. Moreover, Latvia is rapidly developing to be one of the most preferred destinations for aspiring students of medicine abroad. In short, Latvia has a lot to give, if we ask for the quality of education, cultural activities, and natural beauty of the environment.


Study Medicine in Latvia

Reasons to Study Medicine in Latvia


Promoting the Medical field in the country, the Republic of Latvia has a high-end living and educational standards, for being a stable country where your academic years will be unforgettable. Here are the main reasons to study medicine in Latvia:


  1. Latvia is a fast-growing, state-of-the-art country, and a promising member of the European Union.
  2. The Baltic country is ranked 39th in the world’s most growing economies.
  3.  Education is not lectures and classes only, as years of experience from the Latvian universities have developed a high-quality educational system.
  4. The received medical diploma is recognized worldwide.
  5. The followed credit system of ECTS in Latvia makes international credit transfer easier.
  6. You will have access to clinics, hospitals, laboratories, and libraries to guarantee the best chances to learn.
  7. You are allowed to apply for residency and postgraduate training programs at university teaching hospitals worldwide after graduation.



If you are still not sure whether Latvia is a good destination to study medicine and get a life experience, there are additional entertaining and lifestyle merits to think about:



  1. Cultural Diversity of Christian Latvians who still keep some of their old pagan customs and practices in folk songs, legends, and festivals.
  2. Latvia is a nation of singers, as most Latvians were members of the singing choir at some point in their life.
  3. You will enjoy the hybrid heritage of the buildings while keeping the Latvian identity; this appears in the log houses characteristic of Russia just a few miles away from a Gothic castle left from Medieval times.
  4. More than 50% of Latvia is thick forests, and over 12,500 rivers are carving the countryside until reaching the Baltic Sea, making it an amazing hotspot for avid nature lovers. And naturally, a great number of parks and reserves are located throughout the country.
  5.  With these thousands of rivers and the Baltic shore, there is a lot of fishing to do there. You can also enjoy float angling, spin-fishing, fly-fishing, ice fishing, boat fishing, and shore fishing. And of course, you will enjoy eating plenty of caught fish kinds like salmon, sea trout, pike, and vimba.
  6.  As geography translates to forest hikes, river kayaking, and beach walks, adventurous international students can take part in husky dog sledding in the Winter. They are making Latvia a place of endless recreational activities.



Tuition Fees and Living Costs to Study Medicine in Latvia


Although the Baltic country is a member of the EU and the Schengen area, it is placed in the middle regarding living costs and tuition fees and has significantly lower living costs than western European countries. On the contrary, Latvia is signifying a higher living standard.


The tuition fees to study medicine in Latvia vary between €9,000 and €12,000, depending on the university. Dentistry courses are €14,000 and pharmacy courses are only offered at RSU at the price of €8,000 for the first two years and €9,000 for the last three years.


The average living expenses in the capital are estimated at €630 per month without rent. Depending on the location. The single-bedroom apartment rental is between €300 to €450. RSU rooms (university housing) cost between €80 to €400, depending on the number of shared rooms in the same house. Note to mention that hostels are great options for students who want to save money. Finally, a meal at an inexpensive restaurant costs around €9, and a monthly pass for public transportation is €50.

Universities in Latvia

On Considering medicine as a university major in Latvia, you will be exposed to a various range of subjects required to qualify them for the profession;


  1. The science and methods of medicine are based on human morphology (Structure).
  2.  Functions of the body parts and organs (Physiology),
  3.  Psychology
  4. Basic clinical practice (Anamnesis, Overall Objective Examination, and Interpretation of Results, Manipulation competence).
  5.  Health Promotion and Disease Prevention in the context of family and society.


After gaining the needed knowledge for successful completion of the program, you may start your residency and Ph.D. studies as a graduate. The medical program in Latvia corresponds to EU standards and professional requirements set for MDs.


This obtained degree aligns with European labor market requirements and is part of the European comparative degree system that allows free movement within Europe. It is also on a full-time basis and covers 6 academic years.


You as a graduate with a medical degree may work in the field of health care, medical firms, and governmental institutions, like hospitals or health centers under the supervision of certified physicians.



Here are 3 main medical schools at the following Latvian Universities:


  1. University of Latvia
  2. Riga Stradins University
  3. Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies


University of Latvia


University of Latvia is the most popular educational institution for international students in Riga. It was founded in 1862 and has become one of the best and most popular universities in Europe. There are 13 faculties of which there are medicine and dentistry. Other majors are natural sciences, humanities, law, business sciences, and art. This variety of disciplines makes the university environment exciting and rich.

Medical degrees offered by University of Latvia:

  • Medicine: in English
  • Dentistry: in English


Riga Stradins University


Riga Stradins University Medical School was established in 1950. It is considered one of the oldest and most respected faculties in the country that offer programs in Medicine Dentistry and Pharmacy. It also ranks among the top 500 European universities and top 1000 universities in the world. Due to the excellent reputation and different course offerings, Riga Stradins University attracts many prospective students from abroad to study and specialize in the 5 medical sciences offered by this institution in Riga.

Medical degrees offered by Riga Stradins University:

  • Medicine: in English
  • Dentistry: in English
  • Pharmacy: in English


Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies


Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies was originally the Agricultural Department at the Riga Polytechnical Institute in 1863 in Jelgava, Latvia. In 1919, it became the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Latvia. After that, It changed into an independent institution in 1939 when it was established as the Academy of Agriculture in the Jelgava Palace. Then it was renamed the Latvia University of Agriculture in 1990. Finally, it is currently known as Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies since 2018. The university specializes in agricultural science, forestry, food technology, and related areas.


As a student of veterinary medicine at Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies, you will be prepared for your future career as a veterinarian: you will learn the structure and function of healthy and diseased animal bodies, different species for appropriate husbandry, know about the reproduction, the hygiene and feeding, the behavior and protection of animals and course the causes, diagnosis, and impacts of diseases.


Medical degrees offered by Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies:

Veterinary Medicine: in English

How to apply - Latvia

There are some steps needed to follow in order to apply to study medicine in Latvia: Firstly, you want to Find a Latvian university to apply to. After settling on a particular medical school, you learn where to submit your university application. Keep in mind that Latvia doesn’t employ a universal application system. Hence, you need to check out the application procedure at each university. Here on UniApp, we can offer full help in applying to whichever school you aspire to join. Then you want to make sure that you meet the university and the language entry requirements ( in case you came from an English non-speaking country). Most importantly, you have to apply before the application deadlines. That’s why it is crucial to frequently check out the admission section on the university’s website and subscribe to the university’s newsletter when possible.

Admission Prerequisites

  1. General secondary education diploma.
  2. One of the internationally recognized English proficiency language tests or minimum a grade 6 (almost good) in a 10-point grading system in English in the general secondary education diploma.
  3. Grades in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics or Natural Sciences, should be no less than 6(almost good) in a 10-point grading system.

Admission requirements

  1. Certified copy of secondary education diploma and grade transcript in original language (for undergraduate studies) or certified copy of bachelor diploma and diploma supplement in original language (for postgraduate studies).
  2. Documented translation of educational documents in English or Latvian.
  3. Document confirming proficiency in the language of instruction (if necessary).
  4. Copy of passport.
  5. Application form.
  6. One passport-size photo.
  7. Copy of application fee payment receipt (non-refundable and must be transferred to the UL bank account).
  8. Motivation letter.
  9. Curriculum Vitae.
  10. Medical report and copy of entire vaccination document about Hepatitis B and TD Tetanus/ Diphtheria vaccinations (For Higher Professional Study program “Medicine”).



Studying a medical program and obtaining a degree in medicine in Latvia is a worthwhile experience. For possessing many things to offer to visitors despite being a small country in the Baltics. You will enjoy its mixed culture, history, relaxation, and fun for sure. Apart from being picturesque, the country has an excellent education system. Thus, studying in Latvia is an optimum option. With attractive tuition fees and various medical English programs, Latvia has become one of the main destinations for international medical students. Come on! It is an invitation to discover its history and offered education, by which you will have the best medical career worldwide.


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