Study medicine in India in 2023- UniApp tells you where!

study medicine in india

Study medicine in India in 2023- UniApp tells you where!

Did you know that many students choose to study medicine in India? No? Well, UniApp breaks it down for you! In this article, we talk about where you can study a medical degree in India. We also talk about the advantages of choosing to study medicine abroad in India. 

This is in addition to other important facts relating to studying medicine in this major Asian country. So, what are you waiting for? Read on to learn more about this exciting topic. 

Top medical schools to study medicine in India 

When it comes to studying medicine in India, there are several great contenders for your MBBS degree. These schools are located in the various different areas of the country. That means you can find a school in an Indian city you like!

Here are the best medical schools if you choose to study in India

1. CCM Medical College

The Chandulal Chandrakar Memorial Medical College is abbreviated as the CCM Medical College. The school was founded in the year 2013. However, despite the fact that it’s relatively new, it’s highly popular among medical students. 

The MBBS program at the school allows 150 students to join it on a yearly basis. Selection criteria include being over 17 years old and scoring at least 50 per cent on their high school diploma. 

The school is considered a pretty cheap school, relative to others if you choose to study medicine in Europe. For example, the yearly tuition is Rs. 5,18,500, equal to 7279 dollars. It also has an excellent medical curriculum, making it an amazing choice for students who would like to study medicine in India. 

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2. Christian Medical College 

Another good medical college to study at is the Christian Medical College. The school was founded in 1918 to help Indian students become doctors. This, in turn, would help them to serve people in need. The school has an MBBS program and several BSc. medical programs. 

These medical programs include a bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy and a nursing degree. There’s also the option for non-medical students to study diploma programs. Some of these courses may include first aid courses. 

When it comes to the selection criteria, students need to have previously scored a 50 per cent on their high school education. After passing the selection stage, they have to pass an entrance exam. This exam is followed by an interview. Tuition fees to study at the school are around Rs. 1,67,000, or $234. 

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3. Raipur Institute of Medical Sciences

Raipur Institute of Medical Sciences is another new school that was established in the year 2012. It has excellent medical degrees for those who want to become doctors. It actually has a unique mission dedicated to this cause. The mission is called “health for all”.

This mission truly expresses how important medicine is to the institution. They aim that even the most underprivileged can get the chance to join the degree program. This is through scholarships or financial aid. The total fee to graduate from an MBBS program at the school is Rs. 25,52,500, or $35,835 dollars. 

4. Terna Medical College

If you want to study in Mumbai, you might want to consider Terna Medical College. It’s a very affordable school that was established in 1991. It has a good reputation for offering top-notch medical education. The total tuition fee to graduate from an MBBS course at Terna Medical College is around Rs. 30,94,350, amounting to $43,443. 

The MBBS program at the school has a capacity of 100 students per year. However, as with the other schools, they’ll need to have achieved a score of at least 50 per cent in previous studies to be accepted. 

The faculty at the school is made up of excellent members of the medical community. The school also boasts top medical equipment. This stellar combination allows students to graduate with good exposure to medical practices. They also learn medical knowledge from highly reliable sources. 

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5. Kasturba Medical College

Another top contender for medical school in India is Kasturba Medical College, The school is a private university that was founded back in 1953. Alumni of the school have gone on to become highly successful doctors.

The university has brilliant faculty members. Students also get to use modern medical equipment. This ensures they have the same medical knowledge as students who choose to study medicine in Germany or in any other Western nation. 

In order to be accepted into the school, students need to have scored at least a 50 per cent on previous studies. They should have also passed the All India Manipal University Online Entrance Test to be admitted. Total tuition fees for the medical program at the school amount to  Rs. 50,00,000 ($70198). 

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Medical degree in India duration

After learning about the top medical schools to pursue a medical degree in India, you might want to know how long it lasts. Medical programs in India usually last around 6 years. The first 4.5 years are theoretical studies. This is so students can gain the medical background needed to become excellent medical practitioners. 

Students then go on to pursue a practical internship to apply the knowledge gained. This internship typically lasts students for around 1 year. If you want to go on to a postgraduate program, you’ll need to add an average of three years to this timeframe. 

On the other hand, if you will choose to study for a diploma degree or an associate’s degree course, they’ll take you around two years. Other medical programs have a specific timeframe of their own. That means it’s always best to look into the specific program you want to pursue to find out exactly how long it’ll take you. 

Acceptance Criteria for Medical degree in India

Although we previously mentioned some school criteria to be accepted into medical degrees, there are also general acceptance criteria. These general criteria have to be fulfilled in order to be accepted for a medical degree in India. 

Here are some of the acceptance criteria you should keep in mind if you want to study a master’s degree or a bachelor’s degree in medicine: 

  • For an MBBS degree, you must be at least 17 years of age when applying to the program.
  • Also for MBBS degrees, you must also not exceed the age limit of 25 years old. 
  • You must have achieved at least 50 per cent in your high school diploma or previous academic education. 
  • You must have studied primary subjects of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in High School. 
  • You must have passed the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test, or NEET exam. This was formerly known by the name of the All India Pre-Medical Test. 
  • You might also need to have passed other medical entrance exams based on the program you are applying to. For example, some programs require medical exams like the JIPMER or AIIMS, Kerala CEE or Karnataka CET entrance exams. 

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Necessary documents for Medical Degree in India

To apply for a medical degree in India, you’ll also need to prepare certain documents. Here are the most important documents you should submit to be admitted for a medical program: 

  • NEET scorecard that proves you passed the exam. 
  • A legitimate school transfer certificate
  • Code of conduct certificate
  • Medical certificate and health check-up certificate
  • Proof of no criminal record certificate 
  • Proof of identity like a passport and passport size photos, in addition to photocopies of them
  • Proof of parents’ bank statement or their own, proving financial ability to pay fees and support themselves during the course of study.  

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Why study medicine in India?

You may be asking yourself why even study medicine in India?  Why pick it among all the other different medicine study destinations worldwide.

Uniapp rounds up the top reasons why you should choose India as your medical study destination: 

  • Medical institutions there are excellent and with highly qualified faculty members
  • There are more than 300 medical universities to choose from, 180 of them being private institutions
  • MBBS degrees in India are ranked higher than many other programs worldwide 
  • Students get the chance to attend many world-class seminars and conferences in India with international speakers
  •  The Indian medical syllabus is at a global level, meeting and exceeding global standards 
  • After getting your MBBS in India, you can work anywhere in the world you desire! 
  • Students get much practical experience, actually working on real human bodies
study medicine in india
Indian doctors at work.

In conclusion, there are many great schools to study medicine in India. You can choose from options like CCM Medical College and Terna Medical College, among many other universities. They’re also pretty reasonably priced, a major benefit in our books. 

Another benefit is world-class medical syllabuses that meet global standards.  Students also get much practical experience working hands-on at Indian hospitals. And these are only a few of the benefits!

If you still don’t know if you want to study in India or not, reach out to us at UniApp. Our experts can help you find out exactly where to study and what to study so you can be sure you’re on the right track!

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