Study medicine in Latvia in English: Start your educational journey from Latvia

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Study medicine in Latvia in English: Start your educational journey from Latvia

If you want to pursue a medical degree at a low cost, consider to study medicine in Latvia in English, as the country has world-class education and hospitals.

Latvia is quickly becoming one of the most popular study destinations for students looking to study medicine abroad.

This Baltic country has a lot to offer in terms of educational quality, cultural appeal, and natural beauty.

Students should consider Riga Stradins University and the University of Latvia. Both of them teach medicine in English in Riga, Latvia’s capital.

In this article we will discuss general information that will benefit every international student, especially those who want to study medicine in Latvia in English.

Why should you study medicine in Latvia in English?

Studying medicine in Latvia in English has numerous advantages that will pique the interest of any international student, including:

  • Latvia is a rapidly developing and modern European Union member.
  • Latvian universities employ the ECTS credit system, which facilitates international credit transfer.
  • You will graduate with a diploma that is recognized all over the world.
  • Years of experience have resulted in the development of a high-quality educational system.
  • You will have access to clinics, hospitals, laboratories, and libraries, as well as the opportunity to learn from the best.
  • Graduates can apply for residency and postgraduate training programs at university teaching hospitals around the world.
  • The country provides you with high-quality living and educational opportunities.

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Entry Requirements for International Students Studying Medicine in Latvia in English

The qualifications for entry into the English-speaking medical programs in Latvia are extremely simple.

The University of Latvia requires strong marks in biology, chemistry, and physics in high school.

Good scores in biology and chemistry are likewise required at Riga Stradins University, however the third module is in mathematics. And students who are not native English speakers must submit a certificate of English competency to either university.


How much does it cost international students to study medicine in Latvia in English?

In terms of cost of living and tuition, Latvia is somewhat in the middle of the pack!

The nation has a higher quality of life because it is a member of the European Union and the Schengen Zone.

However, compared to Western European nations, Latvia has a far cheaper cost of living, as they are as it follows: 

  • Tuition Fees to Study Medicine in Latvia in English

Tuition fees in Latvia range between € 12000 and € 14,000, with pharmacy and medicine programs being less expensive.

Depending on the university, the medicine course costs between €9,000 and €12,000 per year.

The pharmacy program is only available at RSU and costs €8,000 for the first two years and €9,000 for the final three years.


  • Living Expenses for International Students in Latvia

Without rent, the average monthly cost of living in Riga, Latvia, is projected to be €630. Depending on the area, a one-bedroom apartment can be rented for anywhere from €300 to €450 per month.

A monthly pass for public transportation costs €50, whereas a lunch at a budget restaurant costs about €9. And, in order to save money, students could choose to stay in a hostel.

The number of people occupying each room is the primary cause of the price variation. Naturally, private room is more expensive. RSU lodging ranges from €80 to €400.

study medicine in latvia in english
Campus at Latvia

Additional reasons to why should students study medicine in Latvia in English

The people of Latvia are kind, welcoming, entrepreneurial, and tolerant. Therefore, Latvia would be a welcoming place for overseas students.

The latter point is made clear by the fact that people’s religious affiliations are evenly distributed among Lutheranism, Catholicism, and Russian Orthodoxy.

Nevertheless, there are extra pragmatic and lifestyle factors to take into account if you are still debating whether Latvia is a decent study destination.

In terms of culture, Latvia is fairly diversified! The
people of Latvia were among the last in Europe to embrace Christianity.

As they have preserved many of their “pagan” traditions in their folk songs, stories, and celebrations.

Speaking of songs and celebrations, foreign students should get used to living in a singing-centric society.
At some point in their lives, the majority of Latvians have participated in a singing choir.

The Baltic people have taken a lot of language and customs from their neighbors and prior rulers while still maintaining their uniqueness (namely Russia, Prussia, Sweden, and Poland).

Living in Latvia, one may therefore see the Russian-style log homes just a few miles from a Gothic castle that has survived from the Middle Ages.

International students associate geography with forest hikes, river kayaking, and beach walks. In the winter, adventurers can also participate in husky dog sledding. There would be no shortage of recreational activities for those eager to participate in them.

And, there is one more unmentioned reason why you should study medicine in Latvia in English. It’s a fishing trip! With 12,500 rivers and the Baltic coast, you can bet there’s plenty of fishing to be had.

In Latvia, you can go float fishing, spin fishing, fly fishing, ice fishing, boat fishing, and shore fishing, and catch salmon, sea trout, pike, vimba, and elusive Baltic monsters from your imagination.


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Do You Want to Study Medicine in Latvia in English?

Well, a particular Northern coziness can be connected to Latvia and its healthcare system, which will make the idea to go and study medicine in Latvia in English considerable to be thought of!

Although it may appear far away at first, Latvian medicine is renowned for its groundbreaking work on cancer treatment, blood transfusion, and peripheral nerve injury.

In the same vein that led to Paul Stradins’ revolutionary studies on curing endarteritis more than a century ago, the universities in Riga continue to impart knowledge today.

Additionally, medical councils around the world recognize their diplomas! A good point to consider if you want to get any degree and study in Latvia.

You have many reasons to visit, stay a while, and study when you combine the singing people with the wonderful scenery. Moreover, compared to many Western nations, like the UK and US, Latvia has cheaper tuition.

At the same time, Latvian medical universities offer an excellent education on par with that of their Western counterparts.

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