Study Medicine In Romania


Study Medicine In Romania

Study medicine in Romania in English for entrnational student 2023 – the best study abroad destination


Everyone is wiling to study medicine abroad should know about the considerable advantages that promising of study medicine in Romania. In the following, UniApp reaps you everything concerning study medicine in Romania, go on reading, there are amazing tidings!
An education system that changes and improves continualy to meet high European standards and practices, is what entrnational students aim to, prepares you to your futur career, and it is purpose of study destination. That is why you should keep study medicine in Romania in consider.
Romania contents more than 40 medical colleges and universities teach medicine in English, spreaded plentifully allover the country, in the capital city Bucharest or even the smaller towns like Cluj or Craiova. You will be spoiled by choices!
Moreiver, major of Romaian universities teach medicine in English. Know more about top intended medical universities in Romania in the following.



It was founded in 1990, situated in the capital city of Bucharest and it was awarded the “Trusted” moniker, which is the maximum rating given by the institution, by the Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education in 2015. The Titu Maiorescu University of Bucharest abides by strict curricula following international higher education standards and EU guidelines, and with over twenty hospitals situated around the city, it is not going to be difficult to find a better place to help sharpen your clinical practice skills while studying medicine.


Carol Davila University of Medicine in Bucharest

is one of the top medical schools in Romania and is recognised by the GMC. It was established in 1857, and located in the capital, Bucharest. The university dose not require any entrance exam, but to be elected, you should have high school diploma in Biology and Chemistry. The academic year starts on 1st October and is 28 weeks in total.
Carol Davila University offers 300 seats for medicine each year,and with its bearable tuition fees, that are 7500 euros per year, it becomes the first choice for many prospective enternational students.
Besides being Bucharest very diverse and vibrant city, what attracts lots of international students every year, also its living costs are pretty cheap, as to save about 550 euros per month is totally enough.


University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova

UMFCV is highly regarded for its academic excellence and teaching standards, and also recognised by the GMC.
It is located in a quaint city called Craiova, in the southwest region of the country. It is rapidly rising through the ranks, even to overstep the capital city of Bucharest when it comes to education.
Appling to UMFCV, you don’t need any entry exams, just like most Romanian medical universities. Still, you are requied to have good high school grades in Chemistry and Biology. Keep in maind that seats are limited, 50 seats for medicine student,and 30 for dentistry, that is why competition is high.Tuition fees in University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova are 6000 euros per year, and the study duration is 6 years for both programs, medicine and Pharmacy.


Titu Maiorescu usually appeals to an excellent medicine and Dentistry course in English. Tuition fees are 8500 euros for EU citizens and 10,000 euros for non-EU per year. Seats are very limited also at this university, but it pays off. International students need to pass entry exams in basic science and English. The best about Titu Maiorescu University is that when you graduate, you will get an international degree in medicine recognized by the UK GMC.


Admission criteria to study medicine in Romania 


Acceptance conditions for medical studies in Romanian universities are such pleasant! They are very reasonable, have looked over them in the following:

  • High school diploma in Biology and Chemistry, but some universities demand a diploma in Physics and Maths too.
  • To be a candidate, you must be 17 years old at least, and not exceed 25 years old before 31st December.
  • Prove the language level of English, French, or Romanian. IELTS and TOEFL are not mandatory for English.
  • Recommendation letter.
  • Motivation letter.



Medical programs to study in Romania and determinant duration


Romanian universities offer various options of medical courses to their candidate student, this is a list of the programs offered by Romanian MBBS universities, each with its study duration:

  • 6 years for the MBBS program
  • 6 years for the MD study program
  • 5 years for the Dentistry study program
  • 4 years for the Pharmacy study program 
  • A nursing study program is also offered to interested students for 4 years duration.


MBBS study intake in Romanian universities 


The courses usually start in the mid of August, but it will be a good idea to take admission in June or July because available seats are limited. 

You should hurry up as the seats are allotted based on the first comer.



How much does it cost to study medicine in Romania?


 Romania is counted among the most affordable countries to live in within the European Union, which makes it a hot spot for international students from all over the world.


Tuition Fees to Study Medicine in Romania 


Tuition fees for medical universities in Romania range from 5000 to 8500 euros per year. Since the country is a member of the European Union, prices for European and non-European citizens may differ. Still, tuition fees to study medicine in Romania are considered relatively cheap to midrange for the continent.

While living costs for one person may be 6000 euros per year in Bucharest. Rent prices in the capital city range between 290 and 440 euros for a single-bedroom apartment. Naturally, prices in Bucharest are the highest in Romania, but in smaller cities like Craiova, and Arad, living costs are around 5000 euros per year.

Most universities offer dormitory rooms, which can additionally lower the monthly costs for you.


UniApp gives it to you in a nut shell; if decided to study medicine abroad, Romania welcomes you with open arms!

Isn’t it worth it to give it a shot yourself?

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