Study Medicine in Spain in English: Graduate From One of The Top Medical Universities

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Study Medicine in Spain in English: Graduate From One of The Top Medical Universities

Studying abroad is one of the most beneficial experiences a college student can have. For instance, international students who choose to study medicine in Spain in English and admire to get their medical degree from there, will become familiar with the allure and culture of a new land and with a whole new educational system. 

One of the most desirable degrees among students considering overseas studies is the opportunity to study medicine in Europe. Since Europe is well-known for its excellent medical institutions with a global reputation and high-quality medical education, and Spain, as mentioned previously, is one of the recommended countries for medical studies.

In this article, we will explore why you should study medicine in Spain in English, as well as many other facts.

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Why Should You Study Medicine in Spain in English?

Studying Medicine in Spain in English is an excellent option for international students, as it has several prominent Spanish higher education institutions that offer or teach Medicine in English language.

These Spanish universities that offer the Medicine program in English are geared toward assisting or accommodating international students who want to study Medicine in Spain.

Since roughly half of the courses in the first and second years of the medical degree are delivered in English.

As these English-taught medical universities allow students to develop a global perspective on medicine. Additionally, there are rare opportunities to participate in intensive workshops with professionals from around the world.


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What qualifications are necessary to be admitted to Spanish medical schools?

In order to study medicine in Spain in English, applicants must submit their high school diploma (for Bologna process countries) and transcript or equivalent.

For universities such as Universidad de Navara and CEU Cardenal Herrera, international students must also take the Biomedical Admissions Test (BMAT).

This English-language exam, administered by Cambridge Admissions Testing, assesses one’s knowledge of Science and Math.

The BMAT, however, is not limited to the two Spanish schools; it can also be used to gain admission to medical schools in the United Kingdom, Asia, and most of Europe, as an applicant must go through pre-registration after presenting such requirements.

However, students should be aware that to study medicine in Spain in English will be around six years of studying duration. During this time, students must complete two years of pre-clinical studies in medical science subjects such as Biology, Physics, and Anatomy.

After completing the two year pre-clinical studies, each medical student is sent to a Spanish training health center for clinical studies under the supervision of registered doctors.

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Campus in Madrid

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Top Medical Universities in Spain 

  1. University of Barcelona

If you want to study medicine in Spain in English language, one of the best Spanish universities to consider is the University of Barcelona. 

This Spanish university was founded in 1450 and is regarded as one of the best medical schools in Spain. 

This medical school has an exceptional excellence report because it has consistently provided excellent educational value in the medical field, as it also ranked among the top 200 in the world. 

Because of its rich medical education, the University of Barcelona has consistently produced well-seasoned professionals in the medical industry who have always served the society with their medical knowledge and prowess.

  2.University of Navarra

The University of Navarra is one of the best medical schools in Spain, with top-tier medical programs taught in English. 

If students want to Study Medicine In Spain In English Fees, this Spanish university offers great educational value in a serene environment. The university also has modern facilities to aid learning. 

This Spanish medical school is located in Pamplona, Spain, and was founded as a private institution in 1952 by Josemaria Escriva del Balaguer.

This Spanish university has frequently collaborated with top universities around the world, making it a welcoming environment for international students interested in studying medicine in Spain.

  3. University of Valencia

The University of Valencia is located in Valencia, Spain’s heartland. This Spanish medical school is the oldest in Spain and one of the best universities in the country. 

It was founded in 1499 and currently has three campuses, one of which is the faculty of medicine on Avenida de Blasco Ibanez.

Furthermore, the Spanish Valencia medical school is one of the best and also one of the most affordable medical schools in Spain. 

The medium of instruction for the Medicine program at this university is English, though classes are also delivered in Spanish and Valencian.

Keep in mind that after graduation, physicians must complete post-graduate training, also known as MIR (Medico Interno Residente). After studying medicine in Spain, the graduate will be able to train in any of the 50 specialties available.

Every February, the 225-item, 5-hour-long MIR exam costs 30 Euros. Those who pass begin their 3- to 5-year training in May, about a year after finishing medical school. Each year, approximately 6,800 MIR slots become available. 

This, however, is insufficient to meet the needs of new graduates, who compete for spots alongside repeat students and foreign medical graduates.

Nonetheless, it is one of the best opportunities that a medical student will have, and it is a great opportunity for studying medicine in Europe! 

How much will studying at Spanish medical universities cost?

The majority of the Spanish medical schools have consistently maintained a commendable position among the world’s best medical schools.

These Spanish medical schools have a good curriculum aimed at providing high-quality medical programs to international students to make them exceptionally knowledgeable in the field of medicine.

As an international student, you should be aware that Spanish medical schools are indeed more affordable than top medical schools in the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

Public medical schools in Spain typically charge tuition fees ranging from $590 to $1,770 per year, whereas private medical schools in Spain charge between $3,542 and $23,610 per year for a degree in Medicine.

Tutors in these Spanish medical schools are seasoned medical professionals with sufficient experience to groom students to become exceptional medical practitioners.

Moreover, Spanish medical schools that are taught in English are indeed highly competitive, since students who complete their studies at any Spanish medical university are awarded a Spanish medical degree, which is recognized internationally.

With a high demand for well-trained medical professionals in Spain, international students may be able to secure a high-paying clinical job after graduation, with a salary ranging from $1,156 to $13,575 depending on your skill level.


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Additional benefits of studying medicine in Spain in English

Spain is a fantastic place to study medicine as an international student, and the country welcomes a large number of international students.

The Spanish people are also indeed friendly and accommodating, and they have an incredible culture that has captivated the attention of foreigners all over the world, which students will definitely enjoy. 

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