Study medicine in the Czech Republic


Study medicine in the Czech Republic

Study medicine in the Czech Republic in English for international students in 2023


Studying medicine in the most ingrained European universities, to obtain an internationally significant degree is the dream of every student, who wants to be a future doctor.



Therefore UniApp presents you with an outright look at studying medicine in the Czech Republic in the English language through the following article.


Read on if you are interested in studying medicine abroad in the Czech republic, to know more about the many features of this study destination, as well as what makes it a perfect choice.

Be ready to tour the past’s inherited culture, and the present’s most advanced techniques, by coming upon some of the top medical universities in the Czech Republic


Charles University is the leading medical school in the Czech Republic, the oldest and the largest university in the country, and the first university in Central Europe was founded in the year 1348, and denominated in the upper 2% percent of the best universities in the world.

With more than 3400 medical students taught by more than 650 pedagogical and scientific experts, Charles University is considered to be the most respectable medical school in the Czech Republic, and one of the most prominent ones in Europe. The university does not occupy one joint campus, rather, it occupies several locations in the city of Prague, in addition to three faculties located in other cities, Hardec Králivé contains two, and a medical faculty in Pilsen


1- First Faculty of Medicine in Prague is the oldest medical school in Central Europe, and one of the oldest medical institutions in the world, located close to the center of the capital Prague. It is useful to know that most of the clinical lectures are applied at the General University Hospital in Prague.


2- The Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové has been the first faculty in East Bohemia, starting its educational programs in 1945, and carrying out medical courses in the English language since 1999. Today, more than 1300 international students are enrolling in general medicine and Dentistry programs at the faculty of medicine in Hradec Králové.


3- Masaryk University in Brno is the second largest university in the Czech Republic, which was established to be a counterpart of Charles University in Prague in 1919.


studying medicine in the Czech Republic at Masaryk University, in particular, offers you various study programs in English.



Palacky University is located in the city of Olomouc, in the eastern part of the country, and was founded in 1573. Palacky University is one of the leading medical schools in the Czech Republic and applies for various medical programs in English.


For every branch of Charles University, it is delightful to know that the curriculum of medical courses in English is compatible with the current international standards, and approved by the European Union too. As well, most medical universities in the Czech Republic provide their international students with good residences for 900 – 4000 euros per year rent.


Programs of medical studies in the Czech Republic

Let’s take a look over the available study programs at Czech universities and each one’s study duration, which are, basically, General Medicine and Dental Medicine programs, both taught in the English language.


1- General Medicine program: lasts for 6 years outlined in three phases. The first two years are theoretical, which in you will learn more about Biology, Biophysics, Chemistry, or physiology subjects. While the fourth and fifth years are for practical training and clinical subjects, in these two years you get the preparation internship you need for the next year. There is pre-graduation practical training, which is the time not only to abstract knowledge, but rather to gain your desired clinical experience through working at real hospital departments, and under the surveillance of experts to be ready for your future career.


2- Dental Medicine program: of 5 academic years duration, in which studies contain theoretical, preclinical, and clinical subjects. The first year is usually for preclinical subjects, and then clinical sciences continue for the next three years, whereas the last year is ready for state exams, and some clinical subjects naturally.


In addition, many Czech universities apply for Master’s degree programs in Optometry, and also bachelor’s degree programs in Nursing. You might be glad to know that all these programs are held in the whole of Europe.


Admission criteria to study medicine in the Czech Republic

After learning about this enticing educational system in the Czech country, you may ask now, how to be in! UniApp has the answer 


International students can be admitted into the former medical programs in English at Czech universities once they meet the entrance requirements as the following:

  • holding an A-level diploma in Biology and Chemistry with either Physics or Maths.
  • passing the multiple-choice written test in scientific subjects, which is not that difficult, just to check your science background.
  • short oral interview, focusing on the motivations and personality of the student.
  • prove the language level of English.


How much does it cost to study medicine in the Czech Republic?

Maybe it is not surprising to know that Czech university’s tuition fees are the cheapest if it is compared to the western part of Europe.


Although the tuition fees slightly differ from one university to another, usually ranging between 9000 to 15000 euros per year for the medicine program and about 13500 to 15500 for the Dental program. While living cost takes off 1500 in maximum, because of the low prices and steady life in the country. As we notified before, most Czech universities provide good dormitories, which prices ranging from 9000-12000 euros per year. Even your study needs of books and materials are guaranteed by university libraries.


To sum up, studying medicine in the Czech republic not only gives you the opportunity of living in such an aesthetic country with a renaissance ambiance but also to earn a medical degree from one of the worldwide leading medical faculties.

Now with all options before you, a rocket for your next study abroad destination, UniAppwish you all the best.

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