Where to study the Bible in 2023

Study the Bible in 2023
What to Study

Where to study the Bible in 2023

Aside from spirituality, religion is what makes its believers hold onto some doctrines, behaviors, practices, beliefs, worldviews, texts, sanctified venues, prophecies, and morals. They usually associate humanity with supernatural, transcendental, and spiritual elements. All combined can come under the umbrella of social and cultural systems that people may follow. Delving into the subject, to study the bible is to explore the essence of Christianity in order to have a deeper understanding of this religion. 

Many students aim at understanding the coursework of the bible to select it as their university major. To study the Bible, or namely, to consider a major in biblical studies contributes to grasping Christianity faith implications after tackling texts and excerpts from the Bible for better learning about the Christian instructions. Considering Biblical Studies? Here is what you need to know to study the Bible in 2023:

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 What is a Biblical Studies Degree?

At the university level, having a Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies (BBS) is to study the Bible as an undergraduate program that tackles a comprehensive curriculum in the different aspects, including the Old Testament, New Testament, and Gospels. 

Is a degree in Biblical Studies Worth It?

Biblical Studies is not a welfare degree. As a specialty and program, the study of the bible confers a deeper knowledge of religion to broaden the students’ scope of awareness and enhance both critical thinking and cross-cultural understanding of Christianity. Such skills are in high demand in many professional fields. In addition, It qualifies those scholars for either further learning in postgraduate and research disciplines or leads them to access the labor market.

Many goers for a bachelor’s in Biblical Studies plan to study a master’s degree (MDiv, MAR, ThM) and become qualified in Bible-related professions, because they see it as a promising major. Simultaneously, a program in biblical studies will add a biblical and theological framework that will make them ready to serve as leaders and visionaries in the church, society, and world. Though both disciplines qualify their graduates for the same related Christianity careers, there is a difference between Theology and Biblical Studies.


What is the Difference Between Theology and Biblical Studies?

The difference between theology and Biblical studies relies on the tackled subjects; When the first deals with the study of God, the latter’s curriculum is the study of the Bible itself and includes the Old Testament, New Testament, and Gospels.

Theology divides the Bible into related categories to discuss it in a thematic topic and end up with a comprehensive message. And the coursework depends on your sought goals. However, you study the Bible book by book in order to establish a solid background in the Christian religion.  


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How Long Does it Take to Get a Biblical Studies Degree?

After deciding to study humanities and specialize in Biblical Studies, you should learn about the Bible as a university discipline. Like the majority of university programs’ duration, it takes 2 academic years for associates (60-70 credits) to study the Bible, 4 academic years for bachelor’s (120 credits), 1-3 years for master’s(50-70 credits), and at least 4 years for the doctorate (coursework credits plus thesis or dissertation).

Study the Bible in 2023
Study the Bible in 2023

What Kind of Jobs Can You Get with a Biblical Studies Certificate?

Earning a degree in biblical studies not only educates its learners a profound understanding of Biblical doctrine, but allows you as a graduate to access several industries, either related to the major or associated with the degree, depending on educational and professional requirements. Feel free to learn more about different university degrees on UniApp. In addition to this, you can remain in the academic and research field by proceeding with postgraduate studies. All the positions may be in both the public and private sectors. 

Here are some possible careers in different industries you may consider:

Careers for Biblical Studies Majors:

  • Youth Pastor
  • Theologian
  • Professor/ Lecturer
  • Chaplain
  • Missionary
  • Educational Program Director
  • Ethicist


Professions accept Biblical Studies Background:

  • Social worker
  • Non-profit worker
  • Counselor/ School Counselor
  • Journalist
  • Writers/Editor
  • Historian
  • Archeologist
  • School Teacher


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Interested in studying Biblical Studies? Check top study destinations that you may wish to fulfill your dream. Noteworthy to mention that Bible schools are numerous, especially colleges. Yet the following schools are classified as the best in the US.  


Honorable Mentions for Prominent Schools of Biblical Studies

These honorable mentions for Biblical Studies are sorted as the best school to study in the United States. Besides their top world ranking, they are exemplifying the major in case you are interested to learn more about the synopsis of the coursework offered by these following 5 schools.


Wheaton College

Wheaton College has been one of the best educational institutions in the US since 1860, in the city of Wheaton, Illinois. It offers more than 40 undergraduate programs and 18 graduate ones. The school of Biblical and Theological Studies at Wheaton College offers both levels. You can either study a bachelor’s in biblical and theological studies and biblical archaeology, or a master’s degree in biblical exegesis, Christianity, and theology. 


Emory University

Emory University is a bit older, as it was established in 1836. It now has 2 campuses in Atlanta, Georgia. The Graduate Division of Religion of the university offers 9 programs, including:

– American Religious Cultures

– Ethics and Society

– Hebrew Bible

– Historical Studies (in theology and religion, person, community, and religious life)

– Theological Studies. 


University of Chicago

Ranked among the top urban research universities in the country, UChicago was founded in 1890 in Chicago, Illinois. There are 52 disciplines for undergraduates and 6 professional schools for graduate study. For the Divinity School at the University of Chicago, students join classes across various areas of study in the following paths: constructive studies, Buddhist studies, religion, and the human sciences, Islamic studies, and religions in the Americas then they can pursue special courses later one.


Yale University

Yale University has grown into a large recognized research university, nationally and internationally, since 1701 in New Haven, Connecticut. The Divinity School of Yale University offers several master’s degrees in divinity, religion, and sacred theology. In addition, it has certified programs in several tracks, such as black church studies, educational leadership ministry, Lutheran studies, and united methodist studies. 


Harvard University

One of the most ancient universities in the world that offers quality education, not only for its huge name but for its programs’ excellence. Harvard University was founded in 1636, in Cambridge, Masachasutest. The Harvard Divinity School offers 5 degree programs, including: 

– Master of Theological Studies

– Master of Divinity

– Master of Theology

– Master of Religion and Public Life 

– Doctor of Philosophy in Religion and Public Life 


It is not far from old to you to study the Bible in 2023, you are likely to expose thoughts and ideas that come from texts and passages from the Old Testament, New Testament, and Gospels. The discussions of their meanings and interpretations would contribute to the best conclusions and applications later on and after graduation. Consequently, you will have a great range of career choices you can go for, and hopefully are free to seek jobs in or outside religion, and excel in them, thanks to your background in Biblical Studies.


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