The best scholarships in Hungary for International students in 2023

The best scholarships in Hungary for International students in 2023
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The best scholarships in Hungary for International students in 2023

The best scholarships in Hungary for International students, the non-European students, they always seek to obtain scholarships in Hungary for international students, but they need a study visa in Hungary to apply for study and stay properly in this country. many international students also resort to applying for scholarships in Hungary for international students.

they remain inclusive of all academic disciplines in the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs. so, Are you from people looking for how to study abroad? Or Are you looking for a number of scholarships for international students to study abroad?

In this article we will explain the most scholarships in Hungary, and How you get a study visa.

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The study visa in Hungary

The best scholarships in Hungary for International students
scholarships in Hungary

After you obtain university admission to a university in Hungary, you will have to start the procedures for obtaining a visa from the Hungarian consulate or embassy, ​​because this may take you between one to three months. the tuition fees to a study visa in Hungary are 80 euro for adults and 40 euro for minors, and you may pay 30000 euros, if you want to study a medicine in Hungarian universities.

What  are the documents Required for obtaining a study visa in Hungary?

  • University acceptance that you obtained from a Hungarian university
  • Tuition fee payment receipt
  •  A copy of your passport valid for at least 6 months
  •  Health insurance
  • A receipt that proves that you have sufficient funds to cover the expenses  Your stay in Hungary to study Visa application
  • your residence address in Hungary

You do not forget that once you arrive in Hungary you will have to apply for a residence permit within 15 days. After you are applying with the scholarships, you will be gone for an interview at the Hungarian consulates, after about 4 or 6 weeks, and then you will be granted a visa after a month from the interview.

The best scholarships in Hungary for International students in 2023

The study abroad sometime is very hard, but also is very important to achieve your dream and your goals.

It is possible for you to get a paid scholarship at one of the universities in Hungary, to study free.

You must first write to the granting body, then contact the university Some grants cover part of the study costs, and others cover all those cost.

It is  very useful to know that  the most grants in Hungary universities are directed to doctoral students, with some grants  For bachelors and masters.

Take care of your CV and do not neglect any detail in it. It is your gateway to being accepted into one of the scholarships offered by Hungary.

1.The Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship in Hungary

The stipendium Hungaricum scholarship is one of the most important and best scholarships in Hungary.

It is offered to undergraduate, master’s and doctoral international students from 62 countries around the world, including: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Turkey, Algeria and others.

Currently, approximately 5,000 students benefit from this scholarship, Its main objective is to bring international students to study in Hungary for its universities.

One of the advantages of this scholarship is that the student does not have to be a holder of an (IELTS) certificate to be accepted into undergraduate programs, where other language certificates are accepted.

They are fully funded grants for foreign students, covering study costs and providing a living allowance of 150 euros per month in addition to housing and health insurance

2.Erasmus Mundus Programme

CEEPUS Scholarships are part of the Central European Exchange Program for Undergraduate Studies. It is available to all students and teachers in Hungary.

International students wishing to receive these scholarships must be either teachers or students at a recognized Hungarian university or a partner university

This scholarship is offered to undergraduate, masters and doctoral  for all teacher and students with low costs.


It is one of the most famous scholarships in Hungary offered to international students in Europe, and it is fully funded

Students who receive this scholarship will have the opportunity to get a quality education and participate in volunteer work as well

These scholarships provide an opportunity to study bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees at Erasmus universities in addition to its partner universities

4.Bilateral Government scholarships

These scholarships are provided based on agreements between the countries of the European Union. they are obtained after reviewing the National Scholarships Office in the home European country, which nominates the students who will receive a scholarship.

International students can also obtain it if they are researchers or lecturers in several disciplines, including education, art and science

What are the conditions and method of applying for a scholarship in Hungary?

  • The age of the scholarship applicant must be over 18 years old
  • Fulfilling the language requirement according to the terms of the educational program that the student wants to enroll in Hungary

You have to know that the students who have been awarded for Stipendium Hungaricum scholarships are not eligible to apply for other scholarships again. Previously, they were not eligible to apply

Do not delay in sending an application for a grant that is not in your favor. It is possible to fill out this application online with the required documents

Tuition Fees and Living Costs in Hungary in 2023

In Hungary, the cost of living is low compared to other European countries. All in all, there are many advantages for studying in Hungary. There are many factors that help students move ahead with the plans to study there.

Hungary is not an expensive country despite a high standard of living, advancement, healthcare, welfare, and safety.Yet, most students who come to study in Hungary can afford the living costs and the tuition fees at the universities there.

The tuition fees of the Hungarian universities vary. They depend on the university; program or course the student wants to sign up for. Expensive study programs in Hungary such as medicine and dentistry cost nearly 20,000 EUR per year on average.

As for engineering programs, they can be a bit more expensive. They cost nearly 5,000 EUR per year. Meanwhile, studying medicine or dentistry usually costs tuition fees of around 6,000 to 8,000 EUR per year.

However, there are some cheap universities in the country for international students,However, there are some cheap universities in the country for international students.

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What are the required documents to apply for the scholarships in Hungary?

  1. A copy of your identity card or passport
  2.  Acceptance statement for the online application
  3.  Motivation letter, and you should make sure that it is not less than a page, and that the language in which you will study when writing your motivation should be adopted
  4.  Proof of proficiency in the language in which you will study
  5.  Your academic certificates translated into the language in which you will study or into Hungarian
  6.  medical certificate

these are the most important scholarships that help you to pursue your studies abroad almost free or at the lowest prices.

you should know that you will still have to pay the study visa fees and living costs and accommodation.

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