Breaking Down the Cost of Studying Medicine in Germany: A Comprehensive Guide

the cost of studying medicine in Germany
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Breaking Down the Cost of Studying Medicine in Germany: A Comprehensive Guide

Studying medicine in Germany can be a rewarding experience that will provide access to one of the top-rated medical programs in the world and a vibrant student culture.

As with any educational program, the cost of studying medicine in Germany is a key factor that you need to look into before starting your endeavor. 

In this blog, we’ll discuss all the expenses associated with studying medicine in Germany, such as tuition fees, living costs, and other additional expenses.

Additionally, we’ll guide you through the available choices to fund your costs of studying medicine in Germany, like financial aid and scholarship options. 

Whether you are planning to pursue medical studies in Germany or just want to learn everything about the costs, this article will guide you to make a great decision. 

the cost of studying medicine in Germany

How much does it cost to study medicine in Germany?

international fees for medicine courses in Germany are very low compared to other popular study destinations. Overall, the cost of studying medicine in Germany ranges from €1,500 to €3,500 per academic year. 

This cost varies according to the city you live in, what you spend daily, and health insurance.

Living expenses for medical students in Germany

Even if a student manages to get a full-ride scholarship, there is no way that they could avoid living expenses in Germany. The average living cost in Germany is around €10,200 per year. But this cost differs from one city to other, as Munich is considered the priciest city in Germany. 

Here is a breakdown of the cost of studying medicine in Germany:

Food budgeting

Food can be expensive and buying groceries, meat, and snacks every day can cost a lot, especially for a student. 

The average food cost of one student in Germany is 168 euros a month, even if you tried to budget and cook at home, all ingredients are expensive. 


Picking the best city to live in is crucial, as it will determine the living cost of studying medicine in Germany. Many students choose to share a house with roommates, as it could be the best option that saves money for all parties involved. 


Moving from one place to other costs a lot of money due to the increase in fuel prices, which is why students tend to use public transportation as it saves money. 

If you want to learn more about the requirements to study medicine in Germany, here is the full guide to walk you through the process. 

Additional expenses to the cost of studying medicine in Germany

The above-mentioned expenses are not the only things you should consider, as there are extra expenses that you need to take care of, such as:

Health insurance

This is an important aspect of everyday life, especially when you’re an international student. The costs of studying medicine in Germany involve the costs of health insurance, as you need to have one because of the high prices of medical care.


You cannot study a field without buying textbooks, notebooks, and stationery products. These items are essential to all students and they are not cheap to buy.

Other costs

Other costs of studying medicine in Germany include clothes, internet subscriptions, phone bills, and leisure activities. 

Read more on studying medicine in Europe to learn all you need to make great choices and start your career in the health field. 

Scholarship and financial aid for studying medicine in Germany

 The DAAD offers German and international scholars the opportunity to pursue their studies in Germany with financial aid, which can lead to free or more affordable education.

 Scholarships from the DAAD to study in Germany are available for both German and non-German students at all levels, along with faculty and researchers.

 The sum you pay will vary based on the duration of your program, your academic level, the German state you are residing in, and whether your university is private or public.

In conclusion 

To summarize, the cost of studying medicine in Germany could be quite expensive. Nevertheless, it is a life-changing experience that opens the doors to opportunities for professional development and personal growth.

Students have to learn all about the expenses of studying medicine in Germany, in addition to the financial aid options available for them, in order to make a decision that will benefit them in the future. 

We hope that this blog sheds light on the cost of studying medicine in Germany and provides all the needed information to students. 

The way to start your career in the medical field is long, and applying to study medicine in Germany via UniApp can help you start efficiently. 

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