Top 4 Universities for Electrical Engineering

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Top 4 Universities for Electrical Engineering

Do you like working with your hands? Do you excel in physics and mathematics? Do you have a creative spirit that you want to unleash on your designs? Then studying electrical engineering might be the choice for you. There’s many benefits to taking a degree in electrical engineering-not only will you receive a rigorous curriculum rooted in STEM courses and project-based, collaborative learning, as well as acquiring solid critical thinking and analytical skills, but you will also have a degree which allows you to enter multiple fields-you could go into a field typical of your degree such as machine manufacturing but you could also branch out into architecture, civil engineering and even aerospace engineering.

In this article, we will be taking a look at some of the top universities for a degree in electrical engineering.

Loughborough University


Those who wish to study in the U.K. should take a look at Loughborough University, a big player in the field of English academics. With a beautiful campus and an award-winning student experience in almost every field of university life-teaching, research, internships, campus life, you name it-you’d be hard pressed to find someone who wouldn’t want an opportunity to study at this renowned institution. Keep in mind, though, their tuition fees-those who are native to the country will have the costs of education be almost 50% cheaper than the international students. Great if you’re a UK resident, managebale if you’re an international student with money to your name, not so great if you’re not an international student whose pockets are light-be sure to try and get a scholarship to offset the costs.

Examples of some of the achievements they’ve acquired over the years are:

  • ‘University of the Year for Sports’ for 2022.
  • Over 90% of their research classified as ‘world leading’ or ‘internationally excellent’.
  • Number 1 in the U.K. for employer-student connections.

The university offers many fields of engineering-chemical, civil, mechanical, architecture and so on. And, unsurprisingly, electrical is also readily available. You can choose to study a bachelor’s degree for the subject here. You can also choose to study a master’s degree on the topic.

Altinbas University

Those future electrical engineers looking to study in Turkey, look no further than Atlinbas University. Located in the heart of Istanbul, the country’s capital, you’ll be in no shortage of quality education with these people. While the university has three campuses, you’ll be spending most of your time here at the Gayrettpe Campus in the city center, which hosts the university’s School of Engineering. They have many aces up their sleeves when it comes to beating out the competition, including:

  • A strong academic staff consisting of PhD holders with teaching experience in the best universities in the world and multiple international projects and publications under their belt
  • An effective education including hands-on learning experience and an academic advisor for each student.
  • Strong foreign language education with many of their programs being in English, as well as professional English courses in the curriculum for those who want to learn the language.
  • A university with a close connection to other institutions, ensuring many opportunities for internships, entrepreneurship courses, summer schools and joint programs
  • Support for finding employment, including employment opportunities at partnered companies and a career center support building to help students acquire a job before graduation
  • And many more advantages!

If you’re interested in taking electrical engineering here, check out their Bachelor of Science in the subject.

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Jacobs University

Those looking to study in Germany for the duration of their should take note of Jacobs University as well. It is a private, English-speaking campus university in Germany which has many achievements under its belt such as:

  • Esteemed research recognized globally
  • Constant career service support, with 90% of graduates finding a job within one year
  • Multiple financing options such as scholarships, financial aids and refund of overpayments
  • High quality living spaces in each campus grounds.

You can find out about their Bachelor of Science on the subject here.

Queen’s University Belfast

If you choose to study in the U.K., another great choice for those in the region is Queen’s University Belfast. A high-quality university through-and-through, a few of the university’s achievements include:

  • The city of Belfast itself, which has the lowest student rent in all of U.K. as well as the best public transportation
  • An active campus filled to the brim with many exercise facilities and sports teams
  • Amazing research opportunities and a strong focus on research culture
  • Winner of many awards and accreditations in both academics and sports

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5 Reasons to study Electrical Engineering

Be at the forefront of future technologies

Electrical engineering is at the forefront of developing new technologies for a number of industries including transport, healthcare, construction and robotics. It’s an exciting time to be an engineer.

Support others through your work

Electrical and electronic engineers create and improve systems to benefit society.

Smartphones, for instance, have revolutionised the way we communicate, electrical systems in medical equipment allow us to monitor patients more effectively, and the electronics in security systems allow us to feel more secure.

Electrical engineers are in demand

With the rapid expansion of the technology sector, the demand for those who can create, understand and alter electrical control systems has risen.

Starting salaries are high

Graduate earning data shows that Electrical & Electronic Engineering graduates do very well, with salaries in a professional job rising above £26,000. A career in this subject could see you supporting society with its electrical needs and getting paid a decent wage for doing so.

Many global opportunities

Electrical engineers are required all over the world. Search through courses and you’ll discover several Electrical & Electronic Engineering courses that have opportunities to study abroad. If spending time studying or working overseas appeals to you, then perhaps this subject area is right for you.


And those are just some of the universities which offer a fantastic educatioElectricaln in the field of electrical engineering. I’m not going to lie to you-this field is hard. Engineering fields in general tend to have a much bigger workload attached to them than the other majors. You’ll have more assignments, more exams and more projects on material that seems a lot more complicated than what the rest are taking. Sometimes you will look at the majors and wonder if the added workload and harder tasks all seems fair and if it’s worth it for you to keep going with this major. But if you tough it out and stick with the major, achieve high scores and take part in all the clubs related to it I promise you a rich and fulfilling career ahead of you once you graduate.

If you want to do more research on the major before making sure you want to commit to it (or just want to research university stuff in general), be sure to check out UniApp.

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