Top 4 Universities to pursue a Veterinary master’s degree in Germany in 2023

veterinary master's degree
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Top 4 Universities to pursue a Veterinary master’s degree in Germany in 2023

Veterinary science is a subject that many animal lovers choose to study in university so they can go on to pursue their passion for caring for animals. The study is similar to medical studies that focus on humans except that it focuses on small animals instead. The study deals with animals’ well being and treating them if they have any medical issues. If you choose to study a veterinary master’s degree and want to study it in Germany but are confused about where to go, UniApp can help you out. From the Free University of Berlin to the University of Giessen, here are the top 5 universities in Germany to pursue your master’s degree in veterinary science at in 2023. 

What is veterinary science?

First thing’s first, what exactly is veterinary science? Veterinary science is a scientific degree that branched off from health care sciences that deals with taking care of small animals. These small animals might be pets, food animals, horses or even small wild animals. Those who choose to study medical science degrees in veterinary science focus on the correct methods of diagnosis and treatment of animals, as well as the prevention of diseases and any injuries. It might also focus on specialised topics like giving them blood transfusions or needed vaccines.  

Like any other subject, students can choose to study a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in the field. In this article, we will be focusing on the master’s of veterinary science programs and the best schools to study them at. Veterinary master’s degree programs are useful for those who are already veterinarians and animal health workers, giving them the chance to acquire advanced knowledge, skills and a sense of competitiveness when it comes to topics relating to small animals, such as livestock production and management, animal pathology, or animal clinical sciences.

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What exactly is a veterinary master’s degree?

Those who decide to study a master’s degree in veterinary science learn the needed skills to diagnose health issues in animals and be able to resolve them. They usually study courses in Biology, chemistry, biophysics, pharmacology and other related subjects. The degrees are usually a combination of practical and theoretical, learning in both the classroom and clinics to reap the most benefits possible. They will usually have to write an original in-depth research paper with a specialised focus before they graduate from their veterinary master’s degree program. 


Specialised subjects covered in veterinary master’s degree programs include subjects like Livestock production and management, Animal nutrition, Biochemistry and physiology and Veterinary medicine, among many other topics. These topics will help them go on to excel in their veterinary careers in whatever field they choose. They’ll also learn critical professional skills like project management and planning, time management and critical thinking. 

veterinary master's degree


What is the difference between Veterinary Science and Veterinary Medicine?

You might have seen different master’s degree programs by the names of Veterinary Science and Veterinary Medicine. Although they are both similar, they aren’t the same degrees. Both focus on caring for small animals and helping them live the best lives possible. The slight difference between them is that veterinary medicine has a focus on hands-on animal care while veterinary science degrees focus more on theoretical ground-breaking research and learning about it.

Veterinary medicine also focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of animals while the veterinary science degree has a general focus on all areas of taking care of animals, not just treating their diseases. These areas may be areas such as breeding, pathology, management of livestock, and pharmacology of animals. 


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Top 4 Universities to pursue a Veterinary master’s degree in Germany in 2023

After learning about what a veterinary master’s degree is and what the difference between veterinary science and medicine is, you might be curious about where you can pursue such a degree. If you want to study in Germany, a country that is known for being excellent in medicine and sciences, you have many choices for excellent schools and veterinary master’s degree programs to pursue. Read on to learn more about the top 5 universities where you can study a veterinary master’s degree in Germany so you know exactly where to apply and what the programs entail. 

Free University of Berlin

Location: Berlin

The top university for veterinary master’s degree programs in Germany is the Free University in Berlin. It has an excellent master’s degree program in Small Animal Science. The degree program offers students both theoretical and practical knowledge to help them excel in the field of veterinary medicine. Students who choose this program will learn the methods for making decisions and how to apply these methods and the correct conditions to apply them. By the time they graduate from the program, they will have specialised expert knowledge in the field, both practical and theoretical, that they can then use in their professional practice. 


In order to be admitted to the program, students must be licensed veterinarians in the country of Germany or have an equivalent degree in veterinary medicine from a verified and approved foreign university. They also must show that they have one year of work experience in the field of veterinary medicine before joining the program. Students must also be fluent in German and/or have graduated from a German bachelor’s university program. If German isn’t their first language, they will also have to pass the DSH, which is the German Language University Entrance Exam for Foreign Students. 

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University of Munich

Location: Munich 

Second, on the list of top universities for veterinary master’s degree programs in Germany is the University of Munich. It is also known as The Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, or the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München in German. The school is a public university that has 18 faculties, one of them being the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. They have an excellent master’s degree program there which can help impart students with in-depth scientific knowledge in the field.

The program features theoretical modules, as well as a project course and optional internship, which means students will graduate from the program with well-rounded expertise in the field of veterinary medicine. The only downside is that the program is in German so if you aren’t fluent in German, you won’t be able to apply for the master’s degree. 

University of Giessen

Location: Giessen

The University of Giessen is another great option to study a master’s of science degree in veterinary science, ranking top on the list of the best universities for the subject in Germany. The school has a great program that has an aim to train veterinaries further than the education they already have, learning knowledge in the areas of basic veterinary subjects and scientific and methodical knowledge. They also learn practical skills and deep information about the well being of animals and the environment they live in. The prerequisites for the course are a deep knowledge of natural sciences, such as subjects like biology, chemistry and physics, as well as medical knowledge. 

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University of Hohenheim

Location: Stuttgart 

Another top university in Germany for a veterinary master’s degree is the University of Hohenheim. This school has a veterinary degree as part of the agricultural science master’s program. The program focuses on the protection of the environment and agricultural resources. The subject also has many courses from different departments that show the interdisciplinary nature of the course. It has four options for concentrations for students who choose to pursue the degree: agricultural engineering, soil sciences, animal sciences, and plant production systems. They can also decide not to choose a specialisation. 

During the course of the degree, students will learn advanced knowledge in the specialisation of their choice, how to correctly apply scientific methods and techniques and how to analyse scientific situations to find solutions for the issues. They’ll also learn how to work in a team efficiently and effectively. 


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Careers after graduation

After graduation, there are many options for those who graduate with a veterinary master’s degree. Most of those who graduate with the degree become veterinarians, though in some countries, they may first need to get a license to practice. They also get the choice to specialise in a certain type of animal, such as small animal veterinarians, large animal veterinarians or exotic animal (or zoo) veterinarians, as well as many other veterinarian specialisations to choose from.


There’s also the choice to work in careers like as researchers, who work at universities or private companies to do in-depth research about animals for projects. Others might choose to work in businesses, in the armed forces and as animal trainers and coaches, among other jobs. Some might also choose completely not to work in the workforce and instead go on to pursue doctoral degrees in the field. 

In conclusion, students who choose to study veterinary master’s degree programs have many different career options to choose from after graduation, many of which are super exciting to do. There are also many top schools to study at in Germany, if you decide to study your veterinary master’s degree in the country. From the Free University of Berlin to the University of Giessen, the options are truly endless for to pick a great degree program that you are passionate about.

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