Top 5 Finance Master’s Degree Courses in Europe in 2023

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Top 5 Finance Master’s Degree Courses in Europe in 2023

Finance degrees are some of the best ones to pursue in a world where it’s all about the money, money, money! Studying a master’s degree in finance can give you an added advantage when comparing you with other colleagues when applying for a position. It can also increase your salary so you’re earning more than people who simply have a bachelor’s degree. Europe is also one of the top study destinations to pursue a master’s degree, according to many international students. Here are the top 5 finance master’s degree courses in Europe for the year 2023. 

Top 5 finance master’s degree courses in Europe in 2023 

When choosing to study a master’s degree in Europe, you may be confused about which school to choose. There are many awesome business schools around the continent that offer excellent finance master’s degree programs. From the university of Cambridge to the Paris school of business, these awesome finance master’s degree programs will have you spoiled for choice. 

Here are the top 6 finance master’s degree programs in Europe for 2023: 

University of Cambridge

Location: the UK

For those who want to study a finance master’s degree, the top finance master’s degree program in Europe goes to the University of Cambridge in the UK. The Master of finance program there is unique and offers a great learning experience in many areas of finance, as well as offering one-to-one career guidance. They also offer many networking opportunities with finance professionals who are already working and excelling in the field, to advise students. Students also learn modern modelling techniques and learn about new areas of finance like Sustainable Finance and the application of Blockchain. 

The program requires existing work experience in Finance and is taught in the Cambridge Judge Business School, a school renowned for excellent business courses, especially in the area of banking and finance. It has strong links to companies in the field and offers students a unique opportunity to become exposed to top employers to develop their future career paths.

University of Oxford

Location: the UK

The second top program for finance master’s degree programs is also for those who want to study in the United Kingdom. The University of Oxford offers several master’s in finance programs with one of them called Finance and Law and another called the Master’s in Financial Economics, which is a highly popular program.  The Master’s in Financial Economics degree is a master’s degree that lasts for nine months and offers in-depth training into financial economics tools that are well requested by financial institutions after graduation. The course has a combination of theoretical and practical modules and allows students to consult with top financial recruiters during the course of their study. 

The program is offered by the University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School and the University’s Department of Economics, making it a joint program between both schools. This makes the course very unique, offering interactive casses, case study usage anad practitioner teaching, setting it apart from more traditional finance master’s degree programs.  

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London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

Location:  the UK

London School of Economics and Political Science has another excellent finance master’s degree program for those who are interested in studying the subject. Students don’t need to have a finance background but need to have the intention to pursue a career in finance after graduation. They gain an intensive foundation in finance courses and also in specialised topics and software used in the field today. This program is one of the most popular at the LSE and attracts some of the top talents worldwide. 

Students study core courses in corporate finance and also financial markets then get to deep dive into the specialisation they are passionate about like applied courses that are specifically designed for the master’s degree. They get up-close-and-personal with LSE’s Financial Markets Group and the Systemic Risk Centre, which has financial researchers from the top institutes worldwide come to attend their conferences. They will also get the chance to network with other master’s in finance students from other prestigious institutions. 

ETH Zurich

Location: Switzerland

ETH is the fourth best university with finance master’s degree programs in Europe. ETH Zurich offers several great finance master’s degree programs for those who are interested to study in switzerland. One of the most popular master’s programs in the field is the Master’s in Science in the topic of Quantitative Finance. This joint degree is an international program offered by the University of Zurich’s department of Finance and Banking and the Department of Mathematics at the ETH Zurich. The combination of finance theory and mathematical techniques like probability theory, statistics and econometrics and numerical analysis give the program a distinguished edge. They also teach students about the most recent developments in the area of FinTech to make sure their students are always ahead of the game after graduation. 

The program curriculum is two semesters of theoretical coursework and then the writing of a master’s thesis research. This is an original research in the area of finance that the students carry out under the guidance of a supervisor. Program graduates are ready to work as specialists in quantitatively oriented fields of the financial services industry. They can also go on to pursue doctorate programs in quantitative finance programs if they are interested in pursuing a more academic career.

Paris school of business

Location: France 

Finally, the fifth-best finance master’s degree to pursue in Europe is the one offered by the Paris school of business. Located in Paris, the program is perfect for students who want to live their Emily in Paris moment and study in France.The school offers an excellent international finance master’s degree program for students interested to study international finance. The course offers students the chance to analyse the financial world from many worldwide perspectives. It’s more than just talking about business and finance theories but also helps develop students personally and professionally. They learn soft skills like communication, teamwork and leadership to prepare them for the job market after graduation. 

They also learn strong foundational knowledge in finance and learn to deal with topics like financial models, data analytics, asset management, and risk management. Students of the program learn how to transform financial information to golden business value. They’ll also get to specialise in topics like Financial Markets, Fixed income Securities Management, Market risk Measurement, Operational & Systematic Risk Measurement, Mathematical Analysis Tools and Derivatives & Commodities. 

Why study a master’s in finance? 

After learning about the top finance master’s degrees in Europe, you might be asking why you should even pursue a master’s in finance. There are several reasons why you should go for studying a financial master’s program. From the many specialisations to the high industry demand, read on to find out exactly why you should choose to pursue a master’s in finance. 

Many specialisations

One of the best reasons to pursue a finance master’s degree is the ability to truly specialise in the area of your passion. There are so many specialisations in the area of finance, more than you can imagine. From corporate finance to foundations of banking to asset allocation to international finance, you’ll truly find a specialisation to be passionate about. 

Your skills will be highly demanded 

Another reason to pursue a master’s in finance is that after graduation from the program, your skills will be in high demand as these skills are needed for any team and in any industry. The world needs finance professionals which means your skills will be in high demand. This means finding a job will be easy due to the knowledge and skillset you’ve gained through your master’s degree. The communication skills you learn during your master’s degree will also help you communicate in your workplace after graduation. A master’s degree in finance will help your CV stand out from those of any other candidates. 

finance master's degree

Diverse career opportunities

Finance is a subject that can open many doors for you as you’ll be qualified to work in any field after your graduation with your master’s degree. Although a finance degree can be challenging to acquire, you’ll have many jobs to choose from after graduation, and you’ll get a pretty attractive salary too! Depending on your qualifications and experience, you can earn up to 100,000 US dollars annually as an investment banker. If you work as a financial consultant, you can earn up to 70,000 USD annually. 

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In conclusion, choosing to study a finance master’s degree is a great choice for you, no matter what field you previously studied. There are also many options for excellent degree programs at many universities in Europe, so you can find a good program in whatever country you choose to study in. After graduation, you’ll get many benefits from diverse career choices to a highly rewarding salary to feeling your skills are always in demand. If you still don’t know which master’s degree to pursue or you don’t feel a master’s in finance is the right choice for you, Uni-app can help you make the right decision on what to study and where! 

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