Top 5 schools in Germany for your Archaeology master’s degree

Archaeology master’s degree
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Top 5 schools in Germany for your Archaeology master’s degree

Not many students choose to study an archaeology master’s degree when they decide to study a humanities degree but there’s no denying that it’s a thrilling choice for a degree. From an artefact analyst to a historical preservation specialist, there are many exciting job choices for those with a passion for history and the ancient world in general. Germany is also a great country when it comes to pursuing postgraduate degrees. Confused about where to study for this degree in Germany? Uniapp can give you the help you need when it comes to picking the perfect archaeology master’s degree for you! Read on to learn about the top 5 schools in Germany where you can pursue your degree. 

Archaeology master’s types

When it comes to studying an archaeology master’s degree, you might first want to find out about the different types of master’s degrees you can pursue. Archaeology, as a subject, has many common areas with other humanities subjects like history and philosophy, though it also has roots in scientific techniques, such as techniques for excavating and identifying historical artefacts. 


Due to the fact that it combines both humanities and science subjects, that means it’s possible to study a master’s of science or a master’s of arts in archaeology. However, if you choose a degree that is a MA in archaeology, it will surely be more focused on humanities and arts subjects, while studying a master’s of science in Archaeology will focus more on scientific methods and research methods.

Some MS degrees are highly specialised and combined with other subjects in the science area, like MSc in Bioarchaeology or a master’s of science in archaeology with human osteology study. There are also research master’s degrees like MRes or MPhil in the field of archaeology but this will have a greater emphasis on research and independent project work. This might be an option for students who later want to study a PhD degree.  

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Archaeology master’s degree

Top 5 schools in Germany for your Archaeology master’s degree

 When it comes to studying for your archaeology master’s degree, you are probably curious about the best schools in Germany to study it if you want to study in Germany. Although Germany might not be the typical study destination you think of if you decide to study for an archaeology master’s degree, surprisingly, it has a lot of good schools and excellent programs. 


Here are the top 5 schools in Germany to pursue your archaeology master’s degree at: 

University of Tubingen

Location: Tübingen

The top school in Germany for studying a master’s degree in archaeology is the University of Tübingen. The university is officially named the Eberhard Karl University of Tübingen and is a public university with around 28,000 students attending it. The school, which was founded in the year 1477, is located in the city of Tübingen in the Baden-Württemberg area of Germany. The school is considered one of the eleven German Excellence Universities.


The university has many degree programs in archaeology, the most popular archaeology master’s degree being the M.Sc. Archaeological Science and Human Evolution. This program is one that lasts for two years and is highly research-focused. It has a focus on using natural science to answer archaeological and historical questions.

Students who attend the course are given a deep summary of the subjects in the area of natural history archaeology and are then given the choice to specialise in one of the fields of archaeology such as archaeobotany, archaeometry, geoarchaeology, paleoanthropology, archaeo- and paleogenetics, stone age archaeology, or zooarchaeology. The degree doesn’t really focus on periods of time or areas of the globe but instead teaches students methods and general topics. 

Kiel University

Location: Kiel 

Number two on the list is Kiel University, known in a more official sense as the Christian-Albrecht University of Kiel and known informally as Christiana Albertina. This university was founded in the year 1665 by Christian Albert, Duke of Holstein-Gottorp. It currently has about 27,000 students attending today, though until the year 1864, it was the northernmost university in Germany and simultaneously the 2nd biggest university in Denmark. About 12 alumni from the university have won Nobel Prizes in many areas. 


The university offers several degrees in the field of archaeology, one of them a master’s program called Classic Archaeology, which focuses on the material culture of antiquity. Students who choose this degree program get a contextual approach, through being offered the chance to learn deeply about the subject of Classical Archaeology. They will learn about many monuments and apply advanced methods to analyse and interpret them, in addition to enhancing their research and practical skills. There’s also another two-subject master’s program in the field of archaeology that students can also look into and choose to pursue. 

University of Cologne

Location: Cologne 

The third top-rated archaeology master’s degree program is the one at the University of Cologne. The university was founded in the year 1388 and is a research-focused university that was impressively the sixth to be established in Central Europe. The school has an exciting and modern archaeology master’s degree in the field of Digital and Computational Archaeology. The degree focuses on the development of digital technologies and how they affect archaeology. 


The program offers students a modern look at the subject, giving them skills in the practical and theoretical areas to help support them in their academic careers. It prepares them to work in any field of their choice, from the area of cultural resource management to the area of museums and public or private cultural heritage organisations.

Students will also get the chance to learn skills in the area of Data Science, Web technologies, data modelling and database design, 2D and 3D digital documentation, GIS, spatial analysis, statistics and skills in the subject of programming and computational modelling. They will also get to use the Cologne Digital Archeology Lab, which has the most modern software programs that are used in archaeology today, specialised computational imaging equipment and many study areas and study resources.


University of Munich

Location: Munich 


The fourth university that ranks highly in the field is the University of Munich or the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. The school is a public university that is Germany’s sixth-oldest university that has remained in continuous operation. The university currently has around 52,000 students attending it, though it was founded a long time ago in the year 1472. The school has many interesting programs in the field of archaeology, with a notable archaeology master’s degree being the program with the name of “Near Eastern Archaeology”. 


The degree is a course of 120 ECTS points or approximately 2 years. It has to be completed within this time period in order for students to receive the degree. The language of teaching for the degree is taught in German. This exclusive degree course has a specialised focus and only accepts a small number of students to whom the school offers private mentoring. Students who take this degree will focus on the scientific approach to foreign cultures, social, cultural and 

art-historical topics when it comes to archaeology. It focuses on archaeological research in the  Near and Middle East region, as well as teaching about modern societies in this area. The degree also offers excursions and fieldwork in this region to students pursuing the course.

Free University of Berlin

Location: Berlin 


Finally, the Free University of Berlin, known in German as the Freie Universität Berlin is the fifth top university in Germany that offers archaeology master’s degree programs. The university is one of the eleven German elite research universities and is constantly ranked in Germany’s top ten schools. The school offers a master’s degree in the area of archaeology called the Classic Archaeology course.

The course focuses on the historical sites, artwork and objects from Greek and Roman cultures, ranging from the times of 1500 BC to 500 AD. It teaches specialised knowledge and visual and media skills, as well as methodological and analytical techniques that they can use after graduation. They’re also able to select a focus that they are passionate about and also learn the German language while studying in Germany. 

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Key skills learned an in Archaeology master’s degree

Students who graduate from archaeology master’s degree programs learn unique skills like advanced techniques of fieldwork and excavation and complex research skills. They also teach about the theoretical concepts related to the fieldwork and how to interpret and take advantage of spatial data. Students also learn safety awareness and how to self manage, as well as lab skills. They also learn how to problem-solve and always pay attention to detail, as this is crucial in their field. Like most master’s degrees, students also learn soft skills like teamwork skills, presentation skills and communication skills. 


In conclusion, archaeology master’s degree programs are interesting and unique programs for students interested in both arts and sciences. They can work in many unique professions after graduation like a field archaeologist, collections curator, historic preservation specialist, cultural heritage assessor and technical writers, among many others. They could always also pursue a PhD degree and become a professor and teach more students about the field at the top universities in Germany. From the University of Munich to the Free University of Berlin, there are many excellent schools for archaeology students to pursue postgraduate degrees in Germany.

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