Top Business Schools in Germany for 2023

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Top Business Schools in Germany for 2023

Many students choose to study in Germany because it’s a great study destination, both for master’s degrees and bachelor’s degrees. It offers many internationally recognized degrees, has top business schools and has a welcoming environment for international students to study in. These are only some of the reasons why students choose to pursue a degree there, though you can find many more reasons on the Uni-app website if you’re still hesitant. Business is one of the most popular master’s programs that many students choose to pursue, as it truly gives them a boost in their careers. Read on to learn about the top business schools in Germany to pursue your master’s degree at. 

Top Business Schools in Germany for 2023

When it comes to the top business schools in Germany, there are many options to choose from. They are scattered among the different cities, so if you’re interested in a particular one, you will truly find a good school in the city you want to live in, from Munich to Berlin and more. 


Munich Business School 

Location: Munich

If you want to study a master’s in business in Germany, your best option is the Munich Business School. The school is considered one of the best business schools in Germany, and one of the top schools in Europe too! It offers several programs in the field of business, such as the option to study a Master’s in International Business or business innovation and entrepreneurship. It also has options to pursue more specialised and unique programs like a Master’s degree in International Marketing and Brand Management or a degree in Sports Business and Communication. The school also has a competitive MBA program in the field of General management, which you can study on a part-time or full-time basis.  

ESCP Business School 

Location: Berlin

ESCP Business School is yet another excellent school to pursue a business master’s degree at in Germany. The German campus of this school, which is a European business school, is located in Berlin, though there are campuses of the school in other European cities like Paris if you want to study in France instead. The school has full time and part-time programs, as well as online degrees if you’d prefer to pursue one. Examples of business master’s programs offered there that you can choose to study include Master’s in Management, Specialised Master’s in Business specialisations and an MBA degree in International Management. 


CBS International Business School

Location: Cologne, Mainz 

Third on the list of top business schools to pursue a master’s degree in Germany is CBS International Business School. CBS International Business School offers top master’s programs in several business fields, giving students the option to study a master’s in Marketing Management, Digital marketing, Global Finance, Business Psychology and many more exciting study options. It also has a great focus on the field of research, with a research program developed with the Dr Juergen Meyer Foundation in 2011 to stress on the importance of business ethics. Those who graduate from the university receive great recognition, especially from the master’s degree programs, as the university has received many certificates and qualifications. 

Mannheim Business School

Location: Mannheim 

Rated as the top business school in Germany by the Financial Times is Mannheim Business School. This is another great option for master’s degrees in business subjects for those interested in pursuing a degree in the field. Mannheim Business school was founded in the year 2005, with a focus on excellence in research and innovation. They also have an aim to be highly international with partnerships and links to some of the top business schools around the world, ranging from other schools in the European continent to schools in Asia, Africa and North America. 

Fresenius University of Applied Sciences 

Location: Berlin, Cologne

Finally, the last of the top business schools in Germany to pursue your master’s degree at is the Fresenius University Of Applied Sciences, located in Berlin and Cologne. You have many options for different programs in the school though most business students choose to study international business management master’s program there as it’s an excellent one. The program teaches students international, globalized business skills, including knowledge about global and foreign markets. They also learn to work in international teams full of people of different cultures. Even if English isn’t their first language, they’ll also learn how to negotiate in English as this will be a crucial skill in the highly international business world we live in. They also teach students critical business skills in finance, marketing and project management areas. 

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Why study your masters in business in Germany? 

After learning about the top business schools in Germany, you may still be confused about why you should pursue your master’s in the country. However, there are several reasons why you should consider doing your graduate studies in business there. From the strong German economy to the top internationally recognised degrees, read on to learn exactly why you should pursue your master’s in Germany. 

top business schools

Stable economy

The first reason to pursue your master’s in management in Germany is the stable economy. Germany has the strongest and most stable economy in Europe. In fact, it has around 30 per cent of the economy of the Euro area. German unemployment rates are also the lowest in the entire continent, at a mere four per cent. This means there’s always a demand for goods and services, making it a great place to study business in. This stable economy means there will always be a heavy flow of educated employees, not only Germans but those from countries around the globe who flock to work and study there. This means you’ll be among great company when studying in Germany.  

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Leader in Research and Development 

Germany is also considered a leader in the research and development field, with the public and private entities committed to spending around 3 percent of national GDP on research and development on an annual basis. This accounts to about 70 billion euros a year, which is a whopping number. That results in the fact that you’ll always be learning the newest and most innovative information when it comes to your business studies. 

There are also more than half a million employees specialised in research and development in the country and Germany keeps pulling in more and more people who want to do research there. This means that if you choose to study your master’s in business there at one of the top business schools in Germany that you will always have access to professional training, top universities that always invest in research and development and the investment of the government and private entities in the field. 

Big Opportunity for Entrepreneurs and Innovation 

Because Germany is the founding member of the European Union, it has a single market which means free movement of goods, services, capital and employees in the European Union area. There’s also a divide between the areas that used to be East and West Germany economically, which means entrepreneurs get big chances to develop their businesses in Germany and innovate. 

There’s also big economic freedom in Germany, making it a hotspot for innovation and entrepreneurs to launch their startups there. The country has the biggest number of patents in the EU, over 40 per cent of all those who invest there. This means that there is a lot of entrepreneurial activity in the country, leading to big economic growth and capacity to innovate.

Excellent internationally recognised degrees

Another top reason to pursue your master’s in business in Germany at one of the top business schools are the excellent internationally recognised degrees. A Master’s in business from business schools in Germany will give you a great graduate qualification, not only accepted but admired by employers and institutions worldwide. This means you’ll be set whether you decide to go into the working field right away or pursue a higher education degree after your master’s one. When employers and universities see your degree from a German university, they’ll be sure you have the solid education and skills they need within their organisations. 

Working in Germany after graduation 

A final reason to pursue a master’s in Germany is the ability to work in the country after graduation. You’ll be able to seek “working student” (in German known as werkstudent) internships during the course of your study and this can easily translate to full time opportunities after graduation. Even if you don’t decide to work during your studies, your master’s degree from a top German business school means you’ll be able to stay and look for work in Germany. The German law allows students to stay for an extra 18 months to look for work, after graduation from their master’s programs, and you can even extend that if you choose to do so!  

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In conclusion, Germany is a great option to study for your business master’s degree at. From the great opportunity to work after graduation to the stable economy that allows a constant influx of innovative brains around you to the top business schools, there are so many reasons why you should choose to pursue your degree in the country. Great schools there include the Munich Business School, CBS international business school and Fresenius University of Applied Sciences, among many others, which means you’ll easily find a great school to join and get an excellent master’s education at. 

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