Top Finance Master’s Schools in the US for 2023

finance master's
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Top Finance Master’s Schools in the US for 2023

Finance is a field that opens many doors after graduation for students who have chosen to study a degree. Choosing to study a master’s degree in finance can be even more rewarding and lead to many benefits after graduating from the program. Many international students dream of pursuing the American dream and studying abroad in the United States, but they don’t know which master’s schools to choose because of how many they are. In this article, we discuss the top finance master’s schools in the US for the year 2023 so that you know exactly where to apply to! 

What is a Finance master’s degree? 

Before jumping into the topic, you might not know what a finance master’s degree actually entails. In brief, a master’s in finance, sometimes abbreviated as the MSF or MFin, is a specialised course in business that prepares students for careers focusing on finance. Areas studied by those who choose a finance master’s are those such as financial strategy, financial analysis, investment management, actuarial sciences, trading, mathematics, economics and more. A finance master’s program starts off with foundation courses in financial topics like Accounting, Quantitative Methods, Microeconomics, Forecasting & Risks Analysis and Financial Analysis, among many other different topics that are related.

Students then go on to choose a specialisation and delve into the area they want to study. Examples of these specialisations include areas like Financial Engineering, Real Estate Finance, Hedge Funds, Mergers and Acquisitions, International Finance and Fixed Income Securities, as well as other options. Finance master’s programs typically last from one year to 18 months, depending on the institution and program you have chosen.

finance master's

Top Finance Master’s Schools in the US for 2023 

After learning what the master’s in Financial program is and the topics it includes, you might be interested in the top finance master’s schools in the US for 2023. The United States is one of the top study destinations worldwide, as it has many excellent schools with diverse degree programs in all fields. Finance isn’t an exception to this rule. From the MIT finance school to Schiller International University’s Business School, you’ll be spoiled for choice if you choose to study your finance degree in the United States. 

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MIT Sloan School of Management

Location: Massachusetts 

Ranking as the top school for a finance master’s in the US, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)’s Sloan School of Management has a great finance master’s program. Famous for great academic standing, the school teaches students innovative ideas in management sciences and finance, such as Theory X and Theory Y and the Solow–Swan model. The school focuses on teaching students to find practical solutions to real life problems.

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UC Berkeley Haas School of Business

Location: California 

For those who want to study in the US, the second-best option is the UC Berkeley Haas school of business. University of California Berkeley’s business school has an excellent master’s program in Financial Engineering that includes a 10-week internship for students to gain practice in the workplace. In this internship, students get placed in major financial institutions like Barclays Bank, Morgan Stanley, the Bank of America and Uber. Students of the school are considered highly employable, with amazing starting salaries of around 150,000 dollars yearly.

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UCLA Anderson School of Management

Location: California 

The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)’s Anderson School of Management ranks third in finance master’s programs. The Master of Financial Engineering (MFE) lets students learn from world-class faculty members and guest lecturers from around the globe. They also get to do a summer internship and applied finance project where they are able to expand their professional networks and be exposed to potential future employers. 

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NYU Stern School of Business 

Location: New York

New York University (NYU)’s School of Business called Stern also ranks highly for finance master’s programs. The master’s in Global Finance is known worldwide for producing great alumni with top leadership skills. The program is offered in collaboration with Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) so it’s as if you chose to study in Hong Kong simultaneously. The master’s program lasts for one year and has 12 classes held in the various campuses of Hong Kong, New York and Shanghai, as well as an Integrative Group Project. This makes it a great option for those who love to travel and want to study from several different locations worldwide. 

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USC Marshall School of Business 

Location: California 

The University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business also has a great finance program for those who want to study a master’s degree. It produces a class alumni and has no minimum working experience required to be eligible for the program. You also don’t need to have a background in business during your bachelor’s degree study time. The degree offers students the chance to deep dive into topics such as real estate and mergers and acquisitions, among other financial topics.

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Texas McCombs School of Business

Location: Texas 

The next school on the list is the Texas McCombs School of Business, which offers another top finance master’s degree. The master’s degree is prized for its rapid and effective introduction to finance topics like finance theory, with a highly practical approach through excel modelling and building other numerical skills. The degree is highly exclusive with only 50 places for students, meaning there is a great student-professor ratio, ensuring high quality education and mentorship. 

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Schiller International University

Location: Florida

Finally, Schiller International University offers a great finance master’s degree program in the subject of Global Trade and Finance. This is perfect for students who want to study a finance master’s in Global Trade and Finance, an interdisciplinary program combining information about trade, business and the digital world together. It prepares graduates of the program to apply finance topics like export sales, trade controls, foreign operations, inter-country monetary issues and international policy to actual day-to-day business in markets and the digital market. 

Topics learned in the master’s program include topics like Sustainability, Managerial Accounting, Managerial Finance, International Marketing, Supply Chain Management and Sourcing and Multinational Business Management, among others that students can choose to pick as their specialisation. Students also gain skills like multicultural communication skills, creativity and critical thinking skills to help them become leaders in Global Trade and Finance after graduation. 

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Admission Requirements for Finance Master’s

For students who want to study a master’s in finance in the US, there will be certain requirements when it comes to admission to a program. Pursuing a master’s in Finance is suitable for candidates with certain backgrounds and future career goals. Most master’s programs require students to have acquired a bachelor’s degree in Finance or any other numerical subject as this will help them be more successful in the master’s programs. Examples of these bachelor’s subjects include students who chose to study a bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, engineering, mathematics, science, business economics and related subjects. 

A typical finance master’s program doesn’t require work experience but candidates with industry experience of at least one year might be preferred over other applicants. Applicants may also need to submit GMAT or GRE scores, depending on the program and university of choice. The cutoff score for a GMAT is 700, while that for the GRE test is 320. Applicants for the master’s programs should also typically have a GPA above 3.4.  

International students should also take TOEFL or IELTS to meet the English language requirements or have any other proof of English language proficiency if their bachelor’s degree or school wasn’t in English. Some programs also need prerequisite courses to be completed in subjects like calculus, business finance, micro and macroeconomics, among other topics, before joining the program. If you haven’t taken any prerequisites, check the website of your degree program as there may be pre-requisite programs provided, which you can access and perhaps complete online before applying. 

However, all those requirements being said are typically general requirements. Therefore, it’s important to keep in mind that programs have specific requirements so you should be sure to check the website of your own degree program and university to check if there are more admission requirements so that you aren’t blindsided and don’t waste your time. 

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In conclusion, there are many different finance master’s degree schools in the US with excellent programs that you should consider if you are planning to study a master’s in the subject. From MIT’s Business School to the one at Schiller International Universities, there are so many possibilities for programs to choose from. However, there are certain requirements that you should typically fulfil before applying to the programs so be sure to check them out on the website of your intended program, so you have all the required details. If you don’t know how to do that or need some extra help when applying for a master’s program, no fear! Uniapp can help you make the process easier and lead you to the right decision when it comes to your study abroad journey. 


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