Top Nursing Degrees in Germany in 2023

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Top Nursing Degrees in Germany in 2023

Choosing to study a bachelor’s degree in nursing is a personal and career goal for many people. A degree in nursing entails that one provides care and constant support for treating patient’s health. You attend to a patient’s mental health, physical health and any illness they face. This choice of career work ensures the wellbeing of members of society. It is an especially demanded profession in Germany. Despite Germany’s strong economy, the majority of its population are of old age therefore, the demand for nurses is experience and will continue to undergo a high demand. Hence, deciding to study in Germany is a smart option because of the career path opportunities and overall excellent universities of Germany.

Nursing Duties

Nurses have the option of working at hospitals, care centers or at households for particular cases and people. As a nurse, your duties will entail assisting doctors as they perform surgery, tracking dosages and time for providing patients with their medications. Nurses are also the ones to work on bring patient records up to date and assisting hospital administration overall work. The best universities offering nurse certificates in Germany are the following:

  • Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences
  • Esslingen University of Applied Sciences
  • Hochschule Osnabrück
  • IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems
  • Lutheran University of Applied Sciences Nuremberg

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Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences

The University of Applied Sciences was established in 1971 and it is one of the largest universities in Bielefeld. The university is made up of six different faculties and the latest one is the faculty of Health. The university’s health faculty is the newest addition nevertheless it is one of the best throughout Germany. The degree is a dual degree and provides you with a bachelor in nursing and Science degree.

The degree is completed over eight semesters and during the first level you will cover the basics of professional work, followed by science based work in level two and nursing as a profession in level three. Levels four and five cover people in special circumstances and framework conditions of nursing condition, respectively. The degree will ensure your understanding and application of learnt theory and application of vocational training work.

Esslingen University of Applied Sciences

Esslingen University of Applied Sciences was founded in 1868, it is formed of 11 different faculties and 25 bachelor programs. The university’s social program offers bachelor’s in nursing management, nursing teacher education and nursing. The nursing degree, focuses on practical clinical care and is structured in phases; the phases are theoretical and practical.  The majority of the practical phase takes place at University Hospital Tübingen, there are also other centers and clinics for practice.

Nursing Degree

Hochschule Osnabrück

Hochschule Osnabrück is an applied science university which was founded in 1971, the university offers various degree studies and a wide range of offered courses. The nursing degree offered focuses on providing students with solution based knowledge, you will be required to complete vocational work throughout the years and the methodology must be followed accordingly. The aim of this program is to enable you plan and execute medical evaluations, assist with health care routines, provide advice regarding medical issues and people’s health and explore research results. The degree requires a lot of teamwork and is physically demanding as well as mentally.

IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems

This is private establishment which was developed and established in 1994. The university offers various study courses for diverse fields and its nursing degree is the most popular and most recognized degree offered by the university. The degree can be completed over a course of six semesters and is inclusive of theoretical and practical work. The courses at focus include acute care, long-term care, mobile care and rehabilitation care. All courses are designed to equip with the required knowledge to accompany patients on their health journey and for work in healthcare fields. You are required to complete internships during each semester of study, these are arranged by the university and cover the practical part of your coursework.

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Lutheran University of Applied Sciences Nuremberg

The university was established in 1995, the university campus is not very big and it is located in Northern Bavaria. However, the university offers various study courses for prospective students and degrees. The studies at focus are in the field of social sciences, social and health economics, health and care, as well as child development, education.

Their nursing degree will prepare you for all necessary knowledge within the field of nursing as to help you react to patient’s needs and attend to their wellbeing. This is done through teaching the required knowledge and theoretical work along the vocational necessary protocol which is followed in nursing schools The degree can be completed in seven semesters and will help you transition easily to the work field.

Earning a bachelor degree in nursing is not a job easily done; it requires a lot of effort and motivation to stay on track. Excelling within this field will help you excel at your personal goals as well, seeing as you will be helping people recover from illnesses and attending to their mental and physical wellbeing. The demand for nurses is on the constant rise in Germany and the quality of education provided at German universities is unmatchable in its excellence.

The work opportunities vary and are many, working with people through their recovery journey provides you with a sense of accomplishment, pride and happiness that is not evident in any other field of work. Upon selecting the most suitable program for you, you can apply to it using UniApp which works on simplifying all application procedures and assisting you throughout.

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