Top 5 Tourism and Hospitality Schools in Germany in 2023

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Top 5 Tourism and Hospitality Schools in Germany in 2023

If you are seeking a degree which will set you for several opportunities at different fields, in different countries and is one of the most dynamic industries, then choosing to study a degree in tourism and hospitality is what your answer. You can pursue this degree at many top tourism and hospitality schools. This degree will allow you to explore new places and adventures, work with people of diverse cultures and take part in a fast paced work field. The degree will enhance many of your already existing such as social skills, leadership quality and organizational strategies. The degree is well recognized globally and can is offered at many tourism and hospitality schools and universities around the world so choosing where to study can be a difficult decision but you can never go wrong choosing to study in Germany.

Top 5 Tourism and Hospitality Schools in Germany

The country is known for its excellent academics and top tourism and hospitality schools and is ideally located within Europe, tuition fees are low, it will open many opportunities post-graduation and if you decide to continue living and working Germany you will be working at a country with the highest minimum wage in the world. Here are the best tourism and hospitality schools offering a degree in tourism and hospitality in Germany:

  • City University of Applied Sciences
  • University of Applied Sciences, Worms
  • West Coast University of Applied Sciences
  • Nürtingen-Geislingen University of Applied Science
  • Macromedia University of Applied Sciences

City University of Applied Sciences

The public university is located in Bremen, Germany and was established in 1982. The university, which is considered the best of the tourism and hospitality schools in Germany, offers undergraduate and graduate degrees across a wide range of courses. Their bachelor degree in tourism is offered at the start of each Winter semester and can be completed over seven semesters of study. You will gain knowledge in different fields that will boost your career prospects; during your first four semesters you will cover the foundations of economics, social sciences and tourism. The remaining three semesters will focus on vocational work, and the university has many partnerships which you will benefit from. In order to earn your degree, an examination and a thesis are required.

University of Applied Sciences, Worms

The university, one of the best tourism and hospitality schools in Germany, was founded in 1978 and offers career-oriented study programs. The university academics are composed of three divisions Business Administration, Tourism and Travel Management, and Computer Sciences. Their offered bachelor degree in tourism covers courses from other fields which allow you to excel at your studies and allow you the basic knowledge of different fields and a range of opportunities. During the foundation years of your study; you will complete courses in tourism management, tourism studies, geography, economics, accounting and business. The degree is earned over seven semesters and your studies will incorporate theoretical and practical studies.

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West Coast University of Applied Sciences

The West Coast University of Applied Sciences was founded in 1993 and is a practical oriented university. It is another one of the top tourism and hospitality schools in Germany. They offer a wide range of courses and degree programs. Their bachelors in tourism has been offered since 2004 and has become one of the lead institutions to offer the degree. You can start your tourism studies during any Winter semester and it will last for six semesters of study, the program will require that you complete either your fourth semester at an abroad university, one of the university’s partner universities.

Upon completion of the degree you will be have studied several language courses, economics and tourism courses. There are many specialization courses which you can select from at the university; including Digitalization in Tourism, Tourism and Sustainability, City and Regional Development, Destination Management, Hospitality Management and Tour Operator Management. The degree will enhance your job prospects and enable you to work at several fields.

Tourism and Hospitality Schools

Nürtingen-Geislingen University of Applied Science

Another one of the tourism and hospitality schools is the Nuertigen Geislingen University of Applied Science.The applied sciences university located in Nuertingen was established in 1949. The university’s bachelor degree in tourism falls under the Bachelor of Arts and is a degree which will provide you with knowledge in several fields. NGU’s program is based on knowledge in business, management, law, economics, health and medicine alongside studies in tourism. The university will help you become well-informed these varied fields through courses in each of the disciplines.

The studies are not only theoretical but practical too; you will be required to complete a bachelor thesis during your last semester of studies and continuous examinations are held throughout all your other semesters. The examinations take different forms; oral examinations, written examinations, papers, presentations and course work projects are conducted at NGU.

Fresenius University of Applied Sciences

Fresenius University was established in 1848, the university offers studies across a wide range of courses and is private applied sciences university. You will complete several practical courses and methodology studies. Their tourism degree will provide you will in depth understanding in several fields and the studies are divided into three segments; core subjects, cultural studies and module studies. You will cover courses in different areas of studies; finance and accounting, economics, management, geography and language courses. The job prospects among completing the degree will vary and you will be able to join several fields; the majority of the university graduates work in spatial and regional planning, political and economics consultancy and tourism in international environment or academic pursuit.

A degree in tourism and hospitability at the top tourism and hospitality schools is a wide ranging degree which will help you join and excel at several work fields, the industry enjoys a fast pace and you will create several connections while working. The work field is broad in options and locations; working in the country of your choice is a feasible option with this degree.

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When studying at Germany, you will be able to kick start your tourism journey and enjoy well rounded curriculums with understanding of knowledge in interdisciplinary areas. You may apply to the tourism and hospitality schools of your choice through UniApp which will help you select the most suitable and convenient university and guide you through the application process making it a smooth and satisfactory process.


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