Top Universities for Architecture master’s degree in Germany for 2023

architecture master's degree
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Top Universities for Architecture master’s degree in Germany for 2023

Architecture is a branch of engineering that is sometimes also associated with art and design degrees, due to its focus on generating designs for buildings and rooms. Many students choose to pursue their engineering master’s degree in Germany because of the advanced technology there and the experts in the field to really get the latest skills and knowledge. But which universities are the top universities in Germany to pursue your degree at? Uni-app can make the choice very easy for you! Read on to learn about what an architecture master’s degree is and which institution you should choose to study your degree at. 

What is an architecture master’s degree? 

An architecture master’s degree is usually a master’s in science degree, focusing on the design of any physical structure that is built. This involves the design of towns, building structures and lately, smart cities. Choosing to study a master’s in architecture means you will learn about the physical aspects of buildings and other structures. There are many specialities you can go into if you choose to study your degree in Germany, from landscape architecture, smart cities, urban planning, research architecture and restoration architecture. Recently, there has been more of a focus on sustainability and the idea of green buildings. These buildings involve eco-friendly and sustainable techniques to design buildings, where both materials and design tools are environmentally friendly. 

architecture master's degree

Eligibility Criteria for Architecture master’s degree in Germany

Before learning about the top universities to study in Germany for your master’s degree, you might want to know if you are eligible to study it. Even though each university has its own requirements, the top universities in Germany usually have similar general requirements to fulfil if you want to study for this master’s degree.


Here are some of the requirements that you’ll need to fulfil to be eligible for the degree: 

  • Valid bachelor’s degree diploma
  • Portfolio: Most colleges in Germany will need students to hand in samples of their work, either in a digital or physical form sent through the mail. The portfolio should show the design skills that the student has, as well as why they want to study for the architecture degree. 
  • Language proficiency proof: Students should show proof that they speak the language that the course is taught in, whether it’s German or English. If the course is in German, students will need to prove they have German language skills at the level of B2, though some universities may need the C1 level of German. If the course is in English, students will need to demonstrate IELTS scores of 6.5 or higher and TOEFL scores of 80 and more. 
  • Previous transcripts
  • Letter of motivation to join the program
  • Updated CV or resume
  • Letters of recommendation from trusted Academics
  • Proof of German blocked account
  • Valid passport copy and passport-style photos
  • Evaluation of bachelor’s diploma by Uni-Assist, if the degree was achieved outside of the EU/EEA
  • Proof of obtained student visa, with paid application fee of 75 euros

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Top universities for Architecture master’s degree in Germany 

When it comes to the top universities for architecture master’s degrees in Germany, there are several that you should consider for your study journey. From the Technical University in Munich to SRH University of Applied Sciences, students will find excellent master’s degree programs in the field of Architecture in Germany. Read on to find out exactly what these are and details about the programs. 

Technical University in Munich 

Location: Munich

Technical University in Munich, known as TUM, is the top university in Germany to pursue a master’s degree in architecture at. Students who choose to study a master’s in the field will get to know basic information about planning and design, as well as dive into advanced topics like technical studies. Students will get to choose between four architecture tracks: the main practice of “Architectural Design” and three more practical architecture courses: “Integrated Building Technologies”, “Urban and Landscape Transformation” or “Cultural Heritage, History and Criticism”.

RWTH Aachen 

Location: Aachen 

RWTH Aachen is the second top ranked university when it comes to architecture master’s degrees in Germany. It is the oldest university for architecture in Germany, founded in the year 1878. It has a high number of students, proving how successful the university is. The faculty has more than 100 institutes, making it one of the largest student communities in Germany to study at. The master’s degree in architecture focuses on topics like design and artistic and technical skills, as well as highlighting the importance of environmentally friendly designs and a focus on socio-cultural topics. 

Bauhaus-Weimar University

Location: Weimar 

Bauhaus-Weimar University is the third on the list of the best universities to pursue your architecture master’s degree at. It is considered one of the best universities for art and architecture in Europe. The Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism, which is one of the biggest schools in the country and in Europe, offers the master’s degree course in architecture. The master’s in architecture course offered at the university is a more practical one, with the main focus on research. It has a main emphasis on architectural studies, as well as soft skills like communication and presentation skills that can help them become well-rounded professionals after graduation. 

University of Stuttgart 

Location: Stuttgart

Number four when it comes to an architecture master’s degree in Germany is the University of Stuttgart. It is considered one of the best universities for engineering in the country, with conventional architecture courses, as well as the advanced ITECH master’s in Architecture. This renowned degree is the MSc Program in Integrative Technologies and Architectural Design Research (ITECH). This master’s program involves courses from several subject areas and is more experiment and research-oriented. The degree helps students who graduate from it learn about high technology architecture while also learning topics in the subject areas of design, engineering, construction sciences, and natural sciences.

TU Dresden 

Location: Dresden 


TU Dresden is another great university when it comes to architecture, with 17 schools there. The modern university has an architecture department with faculty there consisting of architects, as well as respected scientists and researchers. The master’s in architecture program focuses on topics like building and sustainable urban architecture, as well as environmentally friendly buildings and renovations. The school also has a master’s program in Art History, which is also research-oriented and focuses on the history of architecture. It focuses on topics from the history of art to classical art to photography and architecture designs, as well as other modern media topics. 

SRH University of Applied Science

Location: Berlin

Finally, SRH University of Applied Science has a great architecture master’s program in Engineering and Sustainable Technology Management, with a focus on Smart Building Technologies. The program focuses on teaching students about smart buildings, offering them skills and knowledge about digital building infrastructure and technology management. Students will work on many projects, giving them practical, as well as theoretical skills, when they graduate from this master’s degree. Skills learned during the program include building information modeling skills and automation techniques, as well as being taught about decentralising energy supply. 


Why study an architecture master’s degree in Germany?

After learning about the top architecture universities in Germany, you might be asking why you should study your architecture master’s degree in Germany, rather than to study in France. Besides the fact that among the top 200 universities when it comes to architecture degrees in the world, seven of them are in Germany, there are several other reasons why you should pursue a master’s in architecture in Germany.  


Studying an architecture master’s degree in Germany will also give you an upgrade in salary, with an average of a 90 per cent increase from Bachelor’s to Master’s degree. Berlin is also one of the top paying cities in the world for architects, with an average monthly salary of 10,000 euros,  so if you work there after graduation, you’ll receive a rewarding salary that will be worth the cost you invested in your master’s degree. Costs of living are also reasonable in Germany, when compared to other neighbouring countries. You are also allowed to work for 90 full days (or 180 half days) during the course of your studies so you can make extra cash and also build valuable connections that will be of use after graduation. 

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In conclusion, there are many reasons why you should study for an architecture master’s degree in Germany, from the boost in salary to the low cost of living, among many more. The top schools there include TUM, RWTH Aachen and SRH University of Applied Science, among many others, so you’ll truly find a good school with an excellent master’s program to benefit you after graduation.

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