The Ultimate Veterinary Schools in Germany in 2023

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The Ultimate Veterinary Schools in Germany in 2023

To work with animals is the ultimate dream of almost everyone’s inner child, to combine being a doctor and working with animals, is the adult version of turning this dream into a reality through choosing to study a bachelor’s degree in Veterinary. Veterinary doctors apply their doctoral education on animals; the field of study is broad and requires very intense knowledge. The demand for highly qualified veterinary doctors is consistently high, and it remains of the most challenging professions in the field of medicine as your patients are incapable of communicating effectively with you.

Where to attend Veterinary School

There are many universities offering Veterinary studies, out of many universities and many countries, you want to pursue your studies at the best. This is why to study in Germany is your best option. Germany is known for being an advanced county in the fields of medicine and veterinary studies are no different. Here is where you can find the best Veterinary schools in Germany for bachelor studies:

  • Ludwig Maximillian University of Munichz
  • University of Giessen
  • University of Leipzig
  • University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover
  • Freie Universität Berlin

Ludwig Maximillian University of Munich

The university of Ludwig is one of the most prestigious in all of Germany, it is a research university with many areas of study and several focuses. One of their faculties is the faculty of veterinary medicine, it is known for its outstanding academic excellence, conducted research through the university’s laboratories and the department is affiliated with the Bavarian State Ministry for the Environment and Consumer Protection to resolve current issues with livestock and farming.

The courses you will cover during your studies will vary but you can expect to complete the following courses: Animal welfare, behavioral science, animal hygiene and animal husbandry, physics, chemistry, small animal and internal medicine and pharmacology and toxicology among many other courses related to animal diseases. Upon graduation, you may complete your post graduate degree at the university or work in the field knowing that you are ready and have the required extensive knowledge.

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University of Giessen

The university was established in 1607, it is one of the oldest universities in German and it upholds a strong reputation in the study for its faculty of its faculty of veterinary medicine. The faculty is comprised of nine institutes and a clinical center. This allows students to gain knowledge from practical work and theory throughout their studies.

The courses are going to help you identify animal diseases and the required treatment for them, you will also be studying a lot of biology as the requirement for identifying animal body nature and identifying abnormalities. The university also offers post graduate degrees in the field for students who wish to pursue a post graduate degree in the field.

Veterinary Medicine

University of Leipzig

The university was founded in 1409 and offers various degree studies and is known for its excellent academic curriculums. The university is a lead university for medical expertise and research, especially its faculty of veterinary medicine. During your first years of study, you will cover the basic structure of healthy animals and the way to examine them. The courses will then progress to help you identify animal diseases and animal behavior.

Cell biology is also a field of focus while pursuing your degree in veterinary medicine and you will keep studying different more developed courses throughout your years to allow you to graduate with in depth knowledge related to the topic. The course’s content is very interesting; however, highly challenging and requires a person with a high level of passion towards animal wellbeing in order to stay motivated.

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University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover

The university of Veterinary Medicine in Hannover is a specialized university which was established in 1778, its decision to remain an independent and specialized university has helped enforce its reputation as one of the best Veterinary schools in Germany. Over the years, the university has established six specialist centres and because of their aim to help their students apply their learnt knowledge and pursue their passion through vocational work, the university is also home to six different on campus clinics.

The main two fields of interest at the university are infection medicine and animal health and food quality. The university offers undergraduate studies, graduate studies “Animal Biology and Biomedical Science” and the PhD studies for people with an interest in the veterinary field.

Freie Universität Berlin

Freie Universität Berlin was established in 1948, the university is one of eleven universities to be recognized as a University of Excellence in Germany and holds the reputation for being a lead university in the field of veterinary medicine. The school of veterinary medicine has two main fields of focus, regardless of your specialization, food safety and product quality on foods from animal sources is the first focus and the second is animal welfare and the yield, health, and reproduction of livestock.

There are fifteen different fields of specialization and each one has a different area of focus; amongst many, you can specialize in anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, animal nutrition, Animal Hygiene and Environmental Health. The courses within specializations are interdisciplinary and they each advocate both services and research across all departments.

The field of veterinary studies is inclusive of many disciplines and includes many areas of focus, the studies are dependent of both research and services. There are many opportunities for progress as the shortage in qualified veterinary doctors are apparent today. Applying to either one of the universities is an easy process when you apply through UniApp. The universities also offer many postgraduate certificates and you can work with private or governmental corporations to benefit the economy.

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