What are the Top 10 Universities to Transfer to Medicine?

transfer to medicine

What are the Top 10 Universities to Transfer to Medicine?

Transferring from another degree to medicine is incredibly challenging, but it is possible! If you are pursuing a degree in biomedical science or a related field, you may be able to transfer to medicine degree at several colleges.

In case you study medicine with a different degree, many universities provide you the chance to be fast-tracked to an interview to transfer to medicine degree.

Transfer to medicine degree

The following universities are known to offer medical transfer programs and make it possible to transfer to medicine degree.

Before making your decision, you have to make sure to examine these options and keep in mind that they are somehow competitive.

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1. Brighton University

Biomedical, Biological, and Pharmacy students from Brighton University can easily transfer to medicine through the Brighton and Sussex Medical School’s (BSMS) interview program.

There are two available types of this program, with different qualifying requirements, one for transfer after the first year and one after the third year. Both types allow applicants to interview for a spot at BSMS and begin their studies in medicine in the first year.


2. Charles University Faculty of Medicine

Charles University Faculty of Medicine was founded in Pilsen, by Czechoslovak presidential decree in October 1945. Pilsen is a town about 85 km southwest of Prague and close to the border with the Federal Republic of Germany.

This university has developed into one of the top universities, with the most affordable prices for international students who study medicine in Europe in English.

The faculty has a brand-new teaching facility with a great learning atmosphere, highly experienced instructors that take an individual approach to each student, and ongoing academic innovation in line with the newest medical trends.

There are two medical programs at the Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen :

  • General Medicine
  • Dentistry


3. Anglia Ruskin University

For students who successfully complete the first year of BSc Medical Science, BSc Biomedical Science, or BOptom Optometry, Anglia Ruskin offers a transfer to medicine program.

There are a certain number of spots available on this competitive route.

Students must apply through UCAS and must have the following:

  • A minimum average grade of 75% during the first year of your degree program
  • No less than 65% for any individual module
  • Evidence of a current UCAT score
  • GCSEs that meet the requirements for Medicine


4. Bradford University

After finishing a one-year Foundation in Clinical Sciences/Medicine study at Bradford or Year 1 of a BSc Clinical Sciences degree at Bradford, students can transfer to Medicine degree at Sheffield University with the aid of Bradford University’s participation program.

Once they get their end-of-year results, students can apply to Sheffield through UCAS. Applicants must have a yearly average of at least 70% (including 70% in Chemistry) and no failed assessments in order to be taken into consideration.

Additionally, you must meet two of their widening participation requirements and the Sheffield UCAT requirement.

Applying to study medicine in the UK is a straightforward process and Uni-app will guide you through it step by step.


5. University of Exeter

Students with a BSc in Medical Sciences or BSc in Neuroscience, who are in their final year of study, at the University of Exeter are eligible to transfer to medicine program.

If you are expected to earn a 2:1 or 1st, you will be shortlisted for an interview as long as there have been no material problems with your degree.

transfer to medicine


6. Newcastle University

Newcastle University offers Biomedical Sciences to transfer to the medicine program. Students who have successfully completed Year 1 of Biomedical Sciences may apply to transfer to Year 1 of Medicine.

Each year, there are up to 7 open spots. Students must also be enrolled in one of the biomedical and biomolecular sciences degree programs at the Faculty of Medical Sciences. And later you will have the chance to study a Master’s degree in medicine as well.

7. University of Leicester

Students who have finished the first year of any of the following may apply to transfer to the medicine program at the University of Leicester:

  • BSc Biological Sciences
  • BSc Medical Biochemistry
  • BSc Medical Genetics
  • BSc Medical Physiology
  • BSc Medical Microbiology

According to the University, students who want to transfer to medicine in the first year must have received great A-Level and outstanding grades in their first year to study a bachelor’s degree.

Additionally, they must have a strong commitment to medicine and pass the UCAT.

8. Semmelweis University

With approximately 4,000 students, the Faculty of Medicine is the oldest and largest faculty at Semmelweis University. It was founded in 1769.

Three languages are offered in its Medicine Program, which leads to an M.D. degree: German, English, and Hungarian. As the Faculty follows very high standards of education among European medical schools.


9. St. George’s

You can apply for St George’s Clinical Transfer program if you are a BSc Biomedical Sciences student there.

25 students will have the chance to go through Year 2 of the university’s 4-year Graduate Entry Medicine program. After earning your degree in biomedical sciences, you will transfer.

Places are extremely competitive, and the eligibility is based on how well you did in school while earning your degree.

If you passed an MMI interview, you will have the chance to receive a conditional offer for a reserved spot in the Graduate Entry program.


10. Queen Mary, University of London

For the five-year A100 Medicine MBBS at Barts, interviews are assured for the 19 top-scoring candidates from Queen Mary’s Biomedical Sciences, Neuroscience, and Pharmacology & Innovative Therapeutics programs.

At the end of the second year, students are chosen based on a combination of their academic standing (which accounts for 50%) and UCAT score (50%). In addition, the top 5 of these students will be considered for the four-year A101 MBBS Graduate Entry program.

We will support you on your learning journey to study medicine in the UK, all you need to do is to explore the available medical programs on uni-app, in order to transfer to medicine and pursue your dream.

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When you think about how doctors are paid and how much money they make, then it’s easy to understand why so many students want to become a doctor.

But in reality, the requirements are not that hard to meet. You don’t need a degree from Harvard University or Oxford University to become a doctor.

There are plenty of candidates with different backgrounds and education levels who have successfully completed their medical studies and received their licenses as medical practitioners.

So, if you can’t find your passion in what you are studying, you still have the chance to transfer to medicine at any of these mentioned universities.

Worth to mention that Uni-app will help you to choose an academic pathway that best suits your personality and future career goals.

And always remember what the most quotable doctor, William Osler, once said:

“The very first step towards success in any occupation is to become interested in it.”


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