what to study abroad in 2023?

what to study abroad in 2023?
What to Study

what to study abroad in 2023?

what to study abroad in 2023? You have finally succeeded in your high school exam, and you have obtained a certificate that opens up the prospects for you to complete your university studies.

Perhaps you have made the decision to study abroad, which will entertain you with a number of Features that allow you to explore the world while studying and perhaps even choose the country in which you will study.

It may be the United States, Canada, Britain or other countries of the world that have prestigious universities and institutes that are recognized everywhere.

However, you may still be confused about which major to study, and you may be starting to feel dizzy with the many advertisements and the huge number of courses available to study abroad. Uni-app can help you find the top majors for study abroad in 2023.

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Top 10 majors to study abroad

what to study abroad in 2023?
What are the best countries to study abroad

No matter what you will do while studying abroad, you will love your experience. Although your memories and everything you learn will always take center stage in what you get from your experience abroad, the cherry on top will definitely be the ability to earn academic credit, Here are the top 10 majors to study abroad.


Psychology is one of the best majors you can study abroad, due to the diversity and breadth of this field. You will find many different study subjects and programs that narrate your passion for psychology.

It will also allow you to learn about different cultures’ perspectives and methods for studying the mind. You can study psychoanalysis, for example, study in Austria, the home of the founder of this science.

Or choose Copenhagen with its modern laboratories to study this specialty and apply everything you learn in it. Whichever country you choose, studying psychology will give you many different options abroad that local universities may not offer you.

 Business Administration

The field of business administration is one of the most popular fields at the present time. This timing is no longer the timing of jobs, but rather the timing of establishing projects, but you must study the field before turning to it Here are some of the most popular fields of study in business such as:

  • manager director
  • Auditor
  • tax attorney
  • Financial Inspector and projects

Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations

Marketing and Advertising majors rank among the best courses and programs abroad because of their popularity and utility.

If you are interested in learning how to use social media to reach an international audience, or if you want to learn about sales strategies in other languages, studying marketing abroad may be your opportunity.

Where you will have the opportunity to learn about many innovative and creative advertising and marketing methods that you may not find when studying in your home country.


Engineering is one of the most famous and most important disciplines in the world, and universities provide the study of many disciplines in this field in an extensive manner and with strong scientific curricula due to its extreme importance, and study engineering abroad always provides multiple jobs, so the demand for professional engineers increases every year all over the world, engineers are Who make our world more efficient, intelligent and fast, as it is a science that includes under its umbrella many fields such as: mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering, biomedical engineering, chemical engineering, computer engineering, and many other fields.

Computer Science

There is no doubt that we live in the age of digital technology, so there is a huge demand from global companies anywhere in this world for computer geniuses, and that is why most universities offer master’s degrees in computer science in a wide range of fields and disciplines, and here are some of the most popular majors and professions:

  • Video games
  • Multimedia
  • gaming test
  • web design
  • Design and programming of mobile applications
  • business information systems
  • Network Engineering
  • IT Security
  • Software Development
  • data science

Global health

Global Health and Medicine is one of the best study abroad majors, which allows you to study various health situations and issues in a global context.

By attending an educational institution abroad, you will gain a new perspective on the studies and research taking place around the world to improve health and stop epidemics.

And you will get valuable experience that guarantees you access to distinguished job opportunities in global health organizations or major institutions that are leading in this field.

Foreign languages

When considering study abroad, foreign language majors are usually at the top of the list. Whatever language you want to study, be sure that traveling to the country where that language is spoken and learning it there will be much better than learning it in your own country.

Do you know why? This is because you will not only learn the language of books and literature, but you will also practice that language by communicating with native speakers in various everyday situations.

Also, learning a new language is not enough without getting to know its culture and history, and there is no better teacher of culture than traveling to the country itself, living in it, and exploring all aspects of its heritage, including arts, history, and others.

Graphic Design

If you always see yourself as a creative person with a keen attention to detail, then the various degrees in design may be the right fit for you, as designers focus on the appearance and physical aspects of the product without overlooking the functionality of the products, ease of use and constant attempts at customer satisfaction, so we can say That designers are always the brains behind all business logos, websites, and a lot of other elements as well.


If you’re the kind of person who buys tons of fashion magazines and has a keen interest in fashion, clothing and accessories trends, why not make this hobby a career for you? And start with different degrees in luxury goods and fashion or in fashion design? As this specialization, besides its study pleasure, may lead you to rewarding jobs such as:

  • Fashion designer
  • fashion journalist
  • fashion critic
  • Brand owner

Fine arts

One of the most important ways to learn about people and cultures is through the arts. Each nation has its own arts that it expresses and represents and presents it to the world from different angles.

You can choose from the arts what you like, there is painting, architecture, theater, folk dance, henna and others. Whatever art major you choose to study abroad, trust that it will enrich your experience and expertise in this field more than any time you spend in your country while studying the same major.

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In the end, we find what to study abroad in 2023 many and varied, but the important thing is to choose the profession or specialization that suits your abilities and that guarantees that you will excel in it and will be able to succeed in it, and that it matches the nature of your thinking.

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