what to study for pilot in 2023?

what to study for pilot in 2023?
What to Study

what to study for pilot in 2023?

what to study for pilot in 2023? Aviation is a dream. Maybe because it’s not on earth! Those who seek to create a better life or fulfill their longstanding dreams of taking off could find those courses useful.

Courses in aviation are too many to count. Schools and academies in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America present such lessons for beginners and passionate aviation students who want to catch their dreams.

The courses are wide-ranging, covering many areas in the aviation field, enabling students to gain expertise in the industry, knowing it inside-out.

If you are ever looking for what to study for pilot, here in uni-app you will help you find the best content that can help you become a great commercial pilot in the world.


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what to study for pilot in 2023?

what to study for pilot in 2023?
study for pilot

SO, we bring you the best aviation courses you may study for pilot:

1. Fast Track Pilot Program

It is provided by Andorra Aviation Academy. This program is intended to prepare students for flight crew positions with major European airlines as well as work as a pilot on a corporate/private jet.

2. Airline First Officer Program – Integrated ATPL

This program is provided by EUROPEAN AVIATION SCHOOL OF BARCELONA. The course is held in accordance with AIRCREW European regulations, allowing participants to obtain a commercial pilot license with Sep, Mep, and the MCC course.

After completing the course, you will be eligible for a position as a First Officer in any European airline or in countries that follow EASA rules.

3. Integrated Zero To ATPL

It’s a course provided by Olympus Aviation Academy in Greece. Olympus Aviation has developed a comprehensive pilot training program to bring students up to proficiency in order for them to operate as co-pilots on single and/or multi-engine airliners in commercial air transport and continue their aviation career.

4. Private Pilot Certificate

It’s a course from San Diego Flight Training International. The Private Pilot Certification Course is the student’s first exposure to modern aviation. A minimum of 35 hours of flight training and 70 hours of ground and/or classroom instruction will be provided to the applicant.

5. Commercial Licence Pilot Course

This course is provided by St.Thomas Flight Centre in Canada. Whether you want to fly for fun or become a commercial pilot, the St. Thomas Flight Centre is providing this course, opening up new opportunities for entering the aviation arena.

6. Vocational Professional Pilot Program

It’s a course presented by the US Aviation Academy. The Vocational Professional Pilot Program at US Aviation Academy is the quickest way to begin your career as an airline pilot.

Starting with no prior aviation experience, you can become a Commercial Multi-Engine pilot with an Instrument Rating in less than a year.

7. Private Pilot Certification

It’s provided by the Institute of Aviation at Parkland College in the USA. During the program, associate degree students will earn the private pilot certificate, instrument rating, commercial pilot certificate, and multiengine rating in order.

There is also the possibility of obtaining flight instructor certificates for airplanes, instruments, and multiengines.

8. Course: Flying Lessons

It’s a course provided by Canada’s Laurentide Aviation. Having the opportunity to learn how to fly is one of life’s most fulfilling experiences. Whether you want to learn to fly for fun or for a career, you are about to embark on one of the most exciting and enjoyable experiences of your life.

Whether you want to fly for fun or to pursue a career in the exciting world of aviation, our excellent team of experienced flight instructors is fully qualified to provide you with quality training toward a variety of licenses.

9. Aircraft Maintenance Technology

This course is delivered by École nationale d’aérotechnique in Canada. During this course, applicants will learn how to maintain aircraft airworthiness by checking, repairing, replacing, or modifying aircraft components, as well as researching and troubleshooting aircraft problems and writing technical reports.

10. Course in Avionics Technician

Avionica in the US is providing this course. The Avionics Technicians Association (ATA) has partnered with the Division of Continuing Education at the University of Central Florida to offer a three-month, 72-hour training program to prepare individuals for certification to work in the aviation industry.

11. Course in Flight Training

As to this course, it’s delivered by Deland Aviation in the USA. Our seasoned instructors, advanced flight training devices, scenario-based instruction, and emphasis on GPS technology will make you a safer, more confident instrument pilot, regardless of your level of experience.

12. AMM Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic

43 Air School in South Africa is providing this course. Maybe this course is your passport to a successful career in the global aircraft maintenance industry.

Customized curriculum developed with the assistance of Aircraft Maintenance Organizations ensures that students gain the necessary industry-specific Aviation Maintenance knowledge and skills. Our Training Academy can help students choose a trade that matches their aptitude and area of interest.

13. Airline Cadet Program

It’s a course from Brics Aviation in Poland. You will be trained from the ground up to become a professional airline pilot during this program. After successfully completing the course, you will be awarded the EASA frozen ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot License). You’re all set for your first airline mission.

14. Aviation Service Provider

It’s a course provided by Deltion College in the Netherlands. If you choose the Aviation Service Provider / Steward (ess) course, you will know how to put every guest at ease, whether at a height of 10 kilometers or on the ground. You provide the best service and ensure safety on board an aircraft and at the airport.

15. Stewardess / Ground Stewardess

This course is delivered by Laurentius College in the Netherlands. This course  is quickest way to start pursuing your dream. You will quickly feel comfortable with your fellow students if you only take practical courses.

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Huh! This collection of courses has some to an end. But the aviation courses you may study for pilot are unlimited. Everyday there’s a new course, a new experience and a new attempt at success in the aviation industry.

Diverse courses, programs and certificates are in the making, and they will be posted once they are accomplished!

Passion may be insufficient for you to reach your dream, but once you have the vehicle that moves you towards it, you are down the right path! Enjoy.

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