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Study Medicine Online- Find out Your Study Options!

Many students may not have heard that they can choose to study medicine online. Have you? Online study programs are increasing in popularity. This is especially the case in a world that is highly digitised. It only makes sense that the demand to study medicine online is also skyrocketing. 

There are many benefits to studying medicine. These altruistic folk can help people feel better, and even save lives. Graduates of medicine have a certain prestige when they boast about their medical degrees. To top that off, they also earn pretty good salaries.

In this article, we discuss why you should study medicine online and online options for schools that offer these program. Read on to learn these facts, in addition to others! 

Where can you study medicine online?

If you’re convinced about choosing to study an online degree in medicine, you might want to know where! There are many online options to study medicine if you’re interested to do so. These schools might offer programs that are purely online. These programs may also be called distance learning programs. 

They may also offer hybrid programs. Hybrid programs offer a mix of the traditional and online approaches. This means that online lectures may be supplemented with in-person projects and exams at the end of the semester. 

Alternatively, students may not attend all semester long and work online. Then they may attend one week of lectures on campus. How the hybrid program works depends on the program you are choosing. This is why it’s important to read about the program you are choosing to ensure it’s what you have in mind. 

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Whether you choose to study a purely online degree or a hybrid one, here are some of the schools that offer online medicine degrees: 

1. Keiser University

Keiser University is a private university located in Florida in the United States. It offers many different online medical degrees. These degrees are available for those who want to study a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree. You can also choose to study an associate’s degree at the school if you please. 

The school offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in subjects like Health Information Management and Health Science. They also offer degrees in Health Services Administration and Medical Laboratory Sciences.

Bachelor’s degrees 

For example, the Health Science bachelor’s of science allows students to take a deep dive into the area of health sciences. It’s an intense program where students improve on their leadership and management skills. They also explore medical issues that relate to today’s political, legal and ethical challenges. 

Master’s degrees 

A master’s of science degree offered by the school is the clinical mental health counseling degree. This degree is a master’s of science degree that allows graduates to become mental health professionals. They learn clinical skills that can assist them to help improve their patient’s lives after graduation. 

The school also offers students a master’s in family nurse practising. This medical degree is a master’s of science in learning that has a holistic approach. Students learn to become experts in primary care for patients. They gain a deep knowledge in subjects like health promotion and disease and injury prevention. 

Another online master’s degree offered by the school is the Nutrition master’s degree. In this master’s of science degree, students can become registered dietitians. They gain a good understanding of nutrition assessment and hospital dietetics. They also study subjects like nutrition counseling and research.

Students who study this program also work a placement internship. In this internship, students experience supervised rotations working as a dietitian. These internships take place at any approved site that you might choose. 

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2. Purdue University Global

Another school that offers online degrees in medicine is the Purdue Global University. The school offers associate programs in Medical Assistance, Medical Administration and Medical Billing and Coding. It also offers online medical bachelor’s degrees in several subjects.

Bachelor’s degrees

These bachelor’s subjects include areas of knowledge like Health and Wellness Administration, Health Information Management and Health Science. The bachelor’s degree in health care administration allows students to become professionals who manage operations of health care facilities. They interact hands-on with doctors, nurses, surgeons and technicians. 

There’s also a bachelor’s degree in Health Education. Students who study this degree learn how to encourage good health and prevent disease in their patients. Graduates of this program work in settings like health care institutions and schools, among others. 

Another interesting bachelor’s medicine degree offered by Purdue University is the online nutrition one. Students learn how to provide nutrition counseling to their clients. They are taught how to encourage good food and good health. Graduates of this degree work in settings like hospitals, nursing homes and clinics. 

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3.University of Massachusetts

The University of Massachusetts also offers online medicine degrees for interested students. The University offers master’s degrees in several medical areas. For example, programs there include the Public Health Master’s degree, Nutrition Master’s Degree and the master’s in Health Informatics and Management. 

study medicine online
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Where can you study medicine for free? 

Because medical school is expensive, you might be curious if you can study medicine for free. If not for free, then at least at a minimized cost. We’re pleased to tell you that there are certain ways that you can minimize how much a medical degree can cost you. Here are some of the most popular ones: 

Student loans 

The most common way is to take out a student loan. There are several kinds of loans available but it depends on whether you choose to study medicine in Europe or in US. If you want to study medicine in the US, you can take out a federal, state or private loan. 

Always keep the private loan as your last resort as they can leave you in debt. Federal and state loans offer lower interest rates and better loan terms. That’s why choosing one of those is best!

Scholarships and grants 

You can also take out a scholarship or grant to help fund your medical studies. There are many scholarships based on merit. This merit may be academic, arts or sports related. There are also scholarships for underprivileged students and minorities. 

Tuition-free medical schools 

There are also university options for tuition free medicine degrees. Some schools offer degrees at a free or minimized cost, offering students full scholarships to study there. Here are some of the ones we think you should look into: 

1.University of the People

One of the schools that offers online medicine degrees for free is the University of the People. It has free associates and bachelor’s degrees in medicine. For example, it has a bachelor’s degree in health science and an associate’s degree in the same area. 

The bachelor’s in health science  online degree helps students learn the skills and knowledge in many medical subject areas. For example, they learn subjects in biology, psychology, anatomy and physiology. It offers students a solid foundation for their career or future studies. 

The associate degree offered at the school is a 19 course degree program. It offers students a deep understanding of health topics and principles. Students get a holistic view of health and mental health topics. They also learn how society and wellness is connected.  

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2.New York University School of Medicine 

Another school that covers tuition for students for medical degrees is New York University’s medicine school. It covers costs for students so that aspiring doctors can pursue their dream careers and help the world. This is regardless of merit, background and financials. 

However, keep in mind that even though the tuition costs of about 55,000 USD are covered, you’ll need to pay for additional costs. Because this isn’t an online degree, you’ll need to factor in living costs and insurance. This is in addition to other costs. These living costs could cost you around 30,000 dollars annually. 

3. Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis 

Another school that offers full scholarships for medical students is the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. It pays tuition fees for half of the students at school. The remaining get partial tuition support. The programs are funded by the school’s departments and affiliated training hospitals.

Costs are also frozen for the new class every year. This means that tuition stays stable for the student during their time in medical school. This is to minimize student debt. The program benefits academically talented students who come from disadvantaged financial backgrounds. 

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4. Cornell Medical School

If you want to study in the US, a good option for you is the Weill Cornell Medical school. It offers a tuition free medical program, though unfortunately, it isn’t online. This program covers tuition and other expenses like study materials, accommodation and food. This is because New York is a very expensive city to live in. 

The program is a game changer for those who can’t afford to attend the program and who want to become doctors. However, keep in mind that this scholarship is only for those who can prove disadvantaged financial backgrounds. They do however offer partial scholarships for other students. 

  Because tuition costs are 90,000 dollars yearly, this tuition-free opportunity is an amazing one to consider. The program is funded by  several benefactors who donated about US$160 million. They had the aim to help students who wish to become doctors pursue their dream careers. Thanks to the program, they can pursue a career in medicine without worrying about the costs.

Why you should study an online medical degree?

Before learning anything else, you might want to know why you should study medicine online. Online degrees are typically more accessible than others. This means that more students can join the programs worldwide.

However, there are other reasons why you should choose to study an online degree in medicine. Here are the top three reasons: 

1. Lower Tuition Fees

Because you’ll be studying online, this means you’ll pay lower tuition fees than going the traditional route. This is because online students are exempt from paying overhead costs that relate to actually attendiong at a school. 

Medicine is a program that is typically very expensive. Tuition fees for medical programs are usually higher than those of other degree programs. That’s why having lower tuition fees is a major benefit to studying an online medicine degree. 

These fees might actually even be free of charge, if you choose a school that offers free degree programs. We will talk about these free online medical degrees later on in this article. Be sure to read on to the end if you are interested in this topic! 

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2. Higher levels of flexibility

Online programs also typically have higher levels of flexibility. This level of flexibility applies also when it comes to medicine degrees online. Online programs can be accessed by students around the clock. Therefore, students can decide whenever they want to learn. 

They can choose to study in the morning or at night. They can truly choose whatever tickles their fancy! This is as opposed to a traditional program where students are offered courses at only certain times.

This means it’s easy for students to work while studying, if they should choose to do so. They can log on whenever is suitable for them. Talk about high levels of flexibility! 

3. Developing skills crucial to the workplace 

Another benefit to studying an online degree is developing skills that are critical to the workplace. These skills include skills like time management and carrying responsibility. Students must also have high levels of motivation and self discipline. 

Online learning can be challenging because students have to motivate themselves. If they fall behind and slack off, it can be hard to pass the degree program. They might also find it hard to be motivated without colleagues and professors around them in person.

This means students develop these crucial skills. They’ll need these skills in their careers after graduation. This is because in the working world, they won’t always have a supervisor breathing down their neck. 

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In conclusion, there are several different schools where you can pursue online medical degrees. From Keiser University to Purdue Global University, you have a good variety of choices. There are also some schools that offer tuition-free online medical degrees like University of the People. 

Studying an online medical degree has numerous benefits. It’s very flexible and can allow you to develop many needed skills for your career. They’re also cheaper than studying for a traditional medical degree in person. 

If you want to know more about studying an online degree in medicine, reach out to the experts at UniApp. They can help you learn everything you need to know! 

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