Where to pursue a Film master’s degree in Germany in 2023

film master's degree
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Where to pursue a Film master’s degree in Germany in 2023

Longing to be the next Quentin Tarantino but don’t have a bachelor’s degree in the Film field? No worries! That’s one of the reasons why students choose to study a film master’s degree. Germany is one of the best countries to pursue your master’s degree at because it has top-class universities, excellent programs and the best professors in the world, no matter what the field you are studying in. This article discusses the best universities for film master’s degree programs for international students who hope to study in Germany. 

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What’s a film master’s degree? 

Before we jump into where you should pursue your film master’s degree in Germany, we first want to explain what a film master’s degree really is. The Master of Arts or Master of Fine Arts in Film and Television is a degree that lets you study and develop skills that will help you after graduation to excel in the film industry. You will also create connections to networks that will last your whole career. Choosing to study a master’s degree in film can be a great move that gives you a competitive advantage when compared with other students who haven’t studied a postgraduate degree in the area.  

film master's degree

Why study a film master’s degree?

When choosing to study a postgraduate degree, you must decide if it will serve you well or not. Pursuing a film master’s degree has many benefits that will help if you choose to work in the field after graduation. 

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose to study a master’s degree in the area of film: 

  • Build your portfolio: Pursuing a master’s degree in the field can help you get elements from projects and assignments that you can use to build your portfolio in an industry where it is sometimes difficult to do so. You’ll be able to use them for job applications or interviews after graduation, giving you a good boost. 
  • Gain experience: Studying a degree in the field also helps you get hands-on experience with writing screenplays, being on set, working with a TV crew or just directing from behind the camera. You’ll be able to experience all this more and try all areas of filmmaking to see what you are truly passionate about. Practising these skills will give you confidence after graduation and also help you see what it feels like to work in a film team. 
  • Build career connections: A very important benefit to studying this degree is to build connections and networks that will help last your career. Having good connections can really impact your career positively and help you succeed. During your degree, you will develop connections and networks with professionals in the field that will help you after graduation. 

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Where to pursue Film master’s degree in Germany in 2023

After finding out why you should pursue a film master’s degree, you are probably interested to know what the best schools are in Germany to pursue your degree at. If you decide to study in Germany, there are many options for great institutions to get film degrees at. Read on to find out which schools are worth applying to and what programs they offer students. 

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MetFilm School Berlin

Location: Berlin 

Number one on the list, the MetFilm School Berlin is based in Berlin and has mostly international students attending the school. The school is located at the BUFA Studio campus, which is one of the most ancient film studios in the European continent. The school has a sister school in London for those who want to instead study in the UK. In either case, the MetFilm School Berlin is one of the top schools to pursue a film master’s degree at in Germany. 


Programs offered for master’s students, that last for one year in length, include a MA in Screenwriting, MA in Documentary & Factual, an MA in Directing and an MA in Cinematography. The school also offers short courses that you can take when pursuing your master’s degree like those in the subjects of Directing, Creative Editing, and Experimental Filmmaking. These short courses may be as little as a few days long till 3 months long.

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Catalyst School 

Location: Berlin 

Another top school for film degrees in Germany is the Catalyst school in Berlin. It is based in the infamous Funkhaus and has long-standing partnerships with the University of St Marks and St Johns in the UK. The school offers specialised courses in film and sound and is considered a great school for film programs in Germany. 


The school offers many programs, including those at the master’s level, such as Film Production

Filmmaking, Visual Effects, Acting and way more. The master’s programs can last from 1 year to 3 years, based on the subject and program. No matter what the program, the school focuses on a project-based approach, meaning that courses are more about practical work and doing rather than just studying theoretical facts. They also stress teaching soft skills like creativity, networking and social skills. 

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German Film and Television Academy Berlin

Location: Berlin 

Another top school in the area of film in Berlin is the German German Film and Television Academy Berlin, known as the DFFB. It’s one of the oldest schools for film in Germany but it doesn’t offer full degrees but rather a certificate after their programs which last for four years. These degree programs are subjects like Directing, Cinematography, Producing, Editing & Sound and Screenwriting. 

The school’s courses are structured so that for the first five semesters, students learn the basic principles of filmmaking and choose a specialisation, which they then focus on. In the second half of the degree, students will take a deeper dive into their specialisation through masterclasses, projects and finally, a focused individual graduation project.

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University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE)

Location: Berlin, Hamburg

Located in both Berlin and Hamburg, University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) is another good film school in Germany. English degree programs are offered in the Berlin campus while the German programs are located in Hamburg. The school has many excellent master’s programs in the field of Film Design with a unique course in Visual and Experience Design for those who want to study the visual mediums related to film. 


The school also has a great master’s in arts program in Film Motion and Design for students who are interested to study classic art and today’s contemporary artists, through learning about analog and digital technology. They’ll also learn about modern forms of visual media like infographics, applications, magazines and posters. 

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International Film School of Cologne 

Location: Cologne

Leaving Berlin behind, the International Film School of Cologne (IFS) is another great film school for film master’s degree programs. Three of the four master’s programs at the school are offered in the English language so that’s great for students who aren’t fluent in German. Other impressive points about the school is that it is part of the CILECT, which is the International Association of Film and Television Schools and that it has small classes so that means students will each get their own mentor and a deeper and more focused learning experience. 


The degrees offered in English are the MA degrees in 3D Animation for Film & Games (MA), Digital Narratives (MA) and Serial Storytelling (MA). The only one in German is the Entertainment Producing master’s of the arts program. These programs all last for four semesters. 

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University of Television and Film Munich

Location: Munich 

Located in Munich, the University of Television and Film was founded in 1966 and is considered one of the best film schools in Germany. The student has a very low student to professor ratio, of about 9 students to each professor which gives students who study there a unique learning experience. The school boasts four film studios and four cinemas, meaning students get a practical experience in many parts of the film and television industry. 


Master’s degree programs include those in the areas of Film and Television Drama Directing, Documentary Film and Television Reportage Directing, Film Production and Media Economics, Screenplay, Creative Writing, TV Journalism and Serial Storytelling. 

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Film Academy Baden-Württemberg

Location: Baden-Württemberg


Finally, Film Academy Baden-Württemberg

was established in the year 1991 and is considered an excellent school for film master’s degrees. This school offers programs with a partnership with La Fémis in Paris and the National Film and Television School in London in the United Kingdom.


The school also partners with UCLA’s Film School for a project workshop that involves professors and film professionals from Europe and the US. They even offer workshops for aspiring actresses and actors to help improve their skills.  


Master’s programs offered there include MA degrees in  advertising film, animation, cinematography, documentary film, film and series production, film music, film sound, interactive media, motion design, production design and TV journalism, among many others.


Choosing to pursue a film master’s degree is a good choice for many reasons from learning valuable skills to building your portfolio to help you after graduation. There are also many great film schools where you can pursue your film master’s degree in Germany. So many in fact that you may find it hard to choose from how good they are! No worries, Uniapp can help make the choice easy peasy lemon squeezy and stress-free!

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