Where to study Economics in Germany in 2023

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Where to study Economics in Germany in 2023

Choosing to study a bachelor’s degree in economics is one of the most popular degrees worldwide. Economics is considered a social science seeing as economists analyze data using facts and statistics but their decisions, though calculated, do not provide exact outcomes. Economics is the study of resources, all resources are scarce and through economics you would be able to allocate resources in the most effective way possible. The study is evident in all of our decisions and our everyday lives, this is way studying this social science is decision which will allow you to enhance your standard of living.

Where to study Economics

The study of economics is very popular, and can be found at many universities around the world; however, to earn the degree from one of the best countries offering it, you would want to study in Germany. German universities offer well rounded studies in the field and allow studies an in depth understanding of how the economy functions. Listed below are the best Economics schools to choose to study at in Germany.

University of Munich

The university was founded in 1472, the main campus is strategically located at the heart of Munich while the other campuses are spread across the city. There are more than 50,000 students enrolled at the university with more than 700 highly qualified professors teaching at the campus. The university allocated about 308 million euros for its research budget and budget is apportioned across the university’s hospital and research laboratories. The university offers an economics bachelor degree in accordance with the Bologna-regulations.

The degree focuses on providing you with a thorough understanding about how banks operate and determine rates, the opportunity costs of decisions and how to utilize your resources in the most effective way possible to increase output. You would be able to join different sectors at banks, become an analyst at national and multinational corporations or continue with your academics by applying for a postgraduate degree at the university.

University of Mannheim

The University of Mannheim was founded in 1907 and is currently a triple crowned university known for its excellent studies. The university’s economics degree has achieved a high ranking throughout the years, they focus on educating their students about real life situations; unemployment, inflation rates and economic growth since their beginning years of study and learn how to analyze topics. The degree can be earned over a course of six semesters, and you may chose up to one minor to pursue varying between the following study fields: mathematics, law, business administration, business informatics, philosophy, political science, sociology and psychology.

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University of Bonn

The university is one of eleven universities to be recognized as a university of excellence, it holds a 200 year old history of combining excellent research and academics. The university’s economics department ranks as one of the best in Europe and offers various degrees for study; you can pursue a bachelor’s degree in economics, economics dual subject, a minor in economics, bachelor in law and economics or post graduate studies in economics.

During your studies, you will have to analyze and research about the wage gaps evident between genders, output to the economy provided by individuals, existing inequality across the world, and the effects of globalization, incentives, social systems and other problems existing and arising in our society. The degree will enable you to analyze such issues and provide solutions.

Technical University of Munich

Tum is one of the most acknowledged universities across Germany and the world. The university’s outstanding research and well-rounded departments which focus on pairing vocational work and methodology have allowed the university to gain its outstanding reputation across the years. The degree offered is organized to start by offerings courses which allow you an understanding of basic economic theories through the courses of microeconomics and macroeconomics, empirical research methods, money and banking and finance.

These courses are designed as lectures, upon completion of the introductory courses, you begin enrolling in seminar courses such as advanced microeconomics and macroeconomics, public policy analysis and market economics.

Bachelor in Economics

University of Göttingen

The university was founded during the Enlightenment Age in 1737, the university offers a wide variety of ranging subjects and offers more than 120 courses for study. The university’s economics department is one of the lead department at the university and graduate of the university are highly regarded by employers. This is because the department has a specific focus on the analysis and decision and decision making process and incentives.

While enrolled for an undergraduate degree in economics you may complete up to two minor studies, enroll at a study abroad program with one of the university’s partner universities and you will be required to complete vocational work related to your field of study. Additionally, the university is going to provide you with workshop opportunities on campus to increase your awareness about how current economies function.

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University of Cologne

The university of Cologne is one of the universities offering an excellent degree for those who want to study a bachelor’s degree in economics, the program focuses on analysis of European markets, researching inequality and wage gaps, origins of International trade and its effects, globalization and political decision making, extents of taxation, money and banking and questions of divisions of labor.

The university holds many seminars and workshops to enable students to see how the theory they learnt is applied in markets, implications and real outcomes of decisions. The main goal is to enlighten their students and broaden their societal decision alternatives.

A bachelor degree in economics will help you understand how markets function and underlying motives of public policies. Earning your degree from a German university recognized for its excellence will help you analyze decisions and provide solutions for societal problems in the world today. The degree will allow you several market opportunities and allow you the chance to make an impact in economies. You can apply through UniApp at the university of your choice and start excelling without any application hassles.


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