Why should you study MBA in Austria?

Why should you study MBA in Austria
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Why should you study MBA in Austria?

Why should you study MBA in Austria? Despite its small population, study in Austria has long been a popular choice for international students.

It is a historic country, and its capital Vienna was an international hub of culture, literature, and politics throughout the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, once being Europe’s third most populous city.

Uniapp can help you to know Why should you study MBA in Austria? and best universities to study in.

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Why should you study MBA in Austria?

Why should you study MBA in Austria
Why should you study MBA in Austria

Austria has since developed into a prosperous country with some of the highest living standards in the world. Vienna is the largest  and most well-known city, but Salzburg, Graz, and Linz also draw significant numbers of visitors each year.

Throughout Austria, there are more than 70 universities and business schools in Austria, with a significant number of master’s programs taught entirely in English.

Tuition fees at the country’s public universities are free for EU/EEA citizens, while non-EU/EEA citizens will find some of the lowest fees on the continent despite the country’s excellent reputation for higher education.

Austria is also centrally located, making it an ideal starting point for exploring the continent.

However, with a high quality of life, world-renowned culture, and breathtaking natural scenery, you may decide to stay in Austria. We can’t say we blame you.


Is Austria a cheap destination?

One of the reason students look at when choosing a certain destination for their studying abroad is the cost. The cheaper the destination is, the easier the journey becomes.

In Europe, Austria provides an affordable education. If you are an EU or non-EU student, you are not required to pay the tuition fee at public universities.

Otherwise, the tuition fee is around 7,250 EUR per year, which is low in comparison to other countries. The cost of study MBA in Austria can vary because most Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs are offered by private institutions.

Tuition fees, on the other hand, are likely to range between €15,000 and €40,000 per year.

Top universities to study MBA in Austria

Austria is considered home to many reputable MBA schools, which meet the students’ needs, hone their experience and knowledge and open up work opportunities for students after they finish the academic journey. These institutions include:

MCI – The Entrepreneurial School

MCI, which was established in 1995/96, has risen to the top of the international higher education landscape. The synergetic synthesis of theory and practice is delivered by a balanced mix of MCI professors, executives and experts from business, science, and consulting, as well as experienced guest lecturers from around the world.

SMBS – University of Salzburg Business School

Over 1700 MBA and Master Graduates have graduated from the SMBS over the years. All successful graduates have earned a postgraduate degree from the Paris school of Business.

As an internationally renowned institution for extra-occupational education, SMBS – University of Salzburg Business School specializes in postgraduate courses.

It offers top international MBAs- and Master courses, as well as University certificate courses. Numerous collaborations with prestigious and first-rate universities around the world make modules abroad or international classes a one-of-a-kind experience.

WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business)

WU was established in 1898. The diversity and quality of the program portfolio, internationality, and close ties to the business community distinguish WU’s academic programs.

The diversity of the faculty of nearly 720 researchers and teachers with expertise in fields ranging from business administration and economics to law, social sciences, and languages benefits nearly 23,000 students greatly.

LEARN, WU’s online teaching and learning platform, provides students with interactive lessons, learning materials, personal progress statis­tics, important course information, and a variety of com­mu­ni­ca­tion tools.

FH Kufstein Tirol – University of Applied Sciences

The need for a university in Kufstein was inspired by the needs of the regional economy. In October 1997, 97 students enrolled in the first two available courses, Facility Management and International Business & Management.

By November 2007, the university had 1,136 students enrolled, and by 2021, the number of students had increased to 2,200.

The University of Applied Sciences FH Kufstein Tirol’s 24 economic and technical degree programs are international, practical, and always up to date.

All students gain valuable experience abroad, whether for a full semester as a full-time bachelor student at one of the 210 partner universities worldwide, or for an intensive week as a part-time or full-time master student.

Reasons to study MBA in Austria

Austria is a country in Central Europe known for its picturesque scenery and role in modern history, having produced some of the greatest composers of all time (Mozart, Strauss, and Schubert), as well as the von Trapp family.

Its capital, Vienna, is home to some of the best universities and is a popular international student destination. They are drawn to the country’s 34 universities and colleges, 11 of which are private.

The university degrees range from simple to complex, with each having a rich historical background. It’s no surprise, then, that the number of international students has increased by 40% in the last five years.

Yet, there are a lot of benefits students could get when you study MBA in Austria:

• Students can enjoy English-taught programs in a Germanic setting, immersing themselves in a new and exciting environment.
• Students will learn about Germanic business etiquette, which is known for its precision, planning, and regulation.
• It’s an international-friendly environment where students can quickly make new contacts and apply their knowledge.
• There are numerous fields of study for students to choose from, such as Business Informatics, Electronics and Business, and so on.
• Also, students can expect a lot of flexibility in organizing your study experience.
• As an added bonus, students are close to both nature and the modern urban environment.
Additionally, study MBA in Austria are diverse. They include Business Administration, Management, Organisation and Leadership, Finance, Marketing, Transport Management and International Business.

As to the MBA and Executive MBA programs, they are better suited to those who already have work experience and want to advance their careers. Unlike undergraduate degrees, master’s degrees concentrate on a specific aspect of business and require a minimal knowledge base.

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conclusion, All these opportunities and benefits encourage as many students as possible to pick Austria as their destination for studying MBA.

Affordable education, prestigious universities and great post-university work opportunities surely incentive students to head to study MBA in Austria without thinking twice!

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