Why Study a Master’s in Data Science in Germany in 2023

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Why Study a Master’s in Data Science in Germany in 2023

A master’s in data science is an increasingly popular option for students around the globe as the field is becoming more and more important. But why should you choose to study a master’s in data science in Germany, among all the different countries in the world? From the top notch education system to the reasonably priced master’s degrees, here are some of the reasons why you should study a master’s in data science in Germany in the year 2023.  

What is Data Science? 

Before learning why you should study a master’s in data science in Germany, you might want to know what data science actually is. Data science is a field with subjects from many disciplines, such as statistics, mathematics and computer science. The subject mainly focuses on collecting, analysing and interpreting raw data to find solutions to problems. Many big companies use data science such as Facebook. Facebook uses algorithms to learn more about its users and give clients the content they desire to see. It’s truly a modern subject that needs modern and innovative facilities to be studied at, from professors who are experts in the field to high technology laboratories. 

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Reasons why you should study data science in Germany 

Because of the fact it’s a modern subject that needs very advanced facilities and professors to teach it, Germany is the perfect study destination for you if you want to study a degree in this field. However there are many other reasons why you should choose to study in Germany. Read on to learn more about these reasons. 

Top-notch education

The first reason why students should study a data science master’s in Germany is because of the high-level quality of education there. Germany has one of the top education systems in the world, with many universities in the top university rankings. That means you’ll truly receive a top-notch education, no matter what school you choose. 


Data science is a brand new field, which means that not all universities have the degree program available. Uniapp can help you find the perfect school and study program for you if you are interested in studying for a data science master’s in Germany. Germany is the best destination because they have experienced teachers and the latest technology, due to the fact that they have invested deeply in this field. Germany has a big commitment toward digitisation in general, so you can be sure that if you study there, you’ll receive a great education in data science. 

Reasonably priced degrees

Another reason to pursue a degree in data science in Germany is the cheap master’s programs. Most public universities offer master’s for free, even for international students from outside of the European Union. You’ll only have to pay an annual tax, living costs and for your study materials. only have to worry about a modest annual tax, your living costs, food and, study materials. However, private universities in Germany charge tuition fees to all students, so be sure that you compare between public and private ones and see which is the most suitable for you to pursue your degree at. 

Developed job market 

Germany has a developed and good job market for fields related to data science like business digitisation and digital public services. The German job market has a high demand for data scientists, even though data science and big data are new jobs. The demand is actually increasing so you can be pretty sure you’ll be able to get a lucrative position in the field. That makes Germany the perfect place to study your degree as you’ll be able to work during your master’s degree at a related internship and then secure a job after graduation in the field if you choose to work in Germany. 

Welcoming country 

Germany is a country that is tolerant and welcoming toward international citizens. It is known for supporting equal rights and freedoms for all those living in the country. Germany has a big international population, with many immigrants from Syria, Turkey and Poland living there and feeling right at home. This means that by studying your data science master’s there, you’ll always feel welcome and like you have a family around you. There are also many cultural groups in the German cities for all cultures that have gatherings so you can find people to easily connect with from your own culture. 

Modern curriculum

Another reason to pursue a Data science master’s degree in Germany is the modern curriculum that is offered there. Data science is a subject made up of many fields, from statistics to computer science, with the main focus to teach students how to collect data and then analyse and interpret it. In Germany, you’ll be taught how to use maths, statistics and computer science to create algorithm solutions that are user friendly and can solve real-world problems. Future employers will be impressed with the knowledge you have earned and will want to hire you to take advantage of it. 


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Best schools in Germany for data science masters

After learning why you should study for your data science master’s in Germany, you might want to know which are the best schools in Germany to pursue your data science master’s degree. 


Here are the best schools in Germany to pursue your master’s in data science at: 

Technical University Munich

Location: Munich

The Technical University of Munich, or TUM as locals call it, is the top university in Germany to study for a master’s degree in data science at. It is constantly ranked among the top universities in the world and one of the best in Europe, with a specialisation in research areas. It has a top research centre and offers a great data science master’s program for those interested in the degree. 

Ludwig Maximilians University 

Location: Munich 

The second top university in Germany to study a master’s in data science is Ludwig Maximilians University. Located in Munich in Bavaria, the university has an advanced data science master’s program that can give you a great foundation in the field. During the course of your degree, you’ll learn how to collect data and analyse large amounts of data. You’ll attend many theoretical classes and then also be exposed to many real-life problems in data science to solve. 

University of Magdeburg

Location: Magdeburg 

The next top university in data science is the University of Magdeburg, which was founded in the year 1993. The university offers an innovative and practical degree program for a master’s in data science, with a flexible teaching approach and study courses. The school also has modern facilities that allow students to develop themselves and gain practical skills, as well as useful knowledge, that they will need as working data scientists. 

Arden University 

Location: Berlin 

Finally, a good university to study master’s in data science and analytics at is Arden University, located in the city of Berlin. The degree program allows students to learn skills in data analysis and security strategy, such as skills needed to solve real-world problems. This means that after graduating from the program, you’ll be ready to become an IT manager, by gaining advanced combined skills in the field of IT and data analytics. You’ll study topics in many areas, like general business, data handling, information security strategy and Information Systems governance. Students will also research and complete their own research projects so they’ll gain even more in-depth knowledge in the field. 


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All things being said, Germany is the perfect destination to pursue a master’s in data science. From the fact that Germany offers top-notch educational degrees to the fact that the programs are priced reasonably, there are several reasons to study a data science degree there. There are also great schools in Germany to study at, from Ludwigs Maximilians University to Arden University, which means you’ll be spoiled for choice to find a school to study your degree at. 


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