Why Study an Art Master’s Degree in Berlin in 2023?

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Why Study an Art Master’s Degree in Berlin in 2023?

Many students decide to study in Germany, no matter what the major they choose is because of the excellent schools there. A big majority of these students choose bigger German cities like Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt and Cologne to study in, based on the subject they choose and the best city for it. Uni-App can help you choose the best German city for you and the perfect university that will be a great fit. Art students tend to turn to Berlin because of its reputation for being quirky, trendy and cosmopolitan as this gives students the chance to be creative and go all out with their art. Read on to learn why you should study an art master’s degree in Berlin. 

Why Study an Art Master’s Degree in Berlin?

There are many reasons why art students turn to study their art master’s degree in Berlin. From the many options for art schools there to the unique culture and vibe in Berlin, international students find Berlin one of the top destinations to study art at. Here are some of the reason why art’s students choose to study in Berlin: 

Great options for universities

Berlin has several different art universities that are all excellent and offer great master’s degrees programs. They also offer advanced art courses in many subjects, so you can take on extra degrees while you study your art master’s degree. Because of the many galleries and museums in Berlin, all university programs have regular field trips there to integrate practical and theoretical study and give students enough experience in the field. Universities in Berlin are perfectly equipped for art programs with modern facilities like motion design labs, TV studios and photoshoot studios available at arms length for students to enjoy and learn from. 

International opportunities 

Art schools in Berlin also offer an international experience with many degree programs giving you the option to study abroad. If you dream of studying art in Berlin but also want to study in the UK, this will be a viable option if you decide to study a master’s degree in Berlin. There are also summer schools, student competitions and exchange programs so you get to experience a truly international vibe. This vibe goes along with Berlin which is a worldly city that has many art styles and techniques. You’ll also be able to exchange creative ideas with many artistic people around you in the city from around the world, an invaluable opportunity in itself. 

Berlin’s unique vibe 

Another reason to study art in Berlin is the unique vibe the city has. The city hosts several events around the year that are well known. Local organisations also strive to support artists and showcase their work, helping them promote it and show it to as many people as possible. There are also endless art exhibitions, film screenings, performances and creative arts workshops and lectures for students to experience. This artistic city vibe draws students to pursue their art master’s degree there. 


Unique learning style

Another reason to learn your master’s degree in Berlin is the unique learning style that you will experience. Theoretical courses with concepts are always mixed with practical projects and excursions. Students are also encouraged to be as creative as possible and pick their own topics for their research or practical projects. Moreover, they are urged to have free and lengthy discussions with professors and ask them as many questions as they want to broaden their horizons and creative thinking.


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Best art schools in Berlin

After learning why you should study for your art master’s degree in Berlin, you might be curious about what the best schools there are to study at. From Berlin University of the arts to SRH University of Applied Science, there are many options of excellent schools with great art programs to study at. Read on to learn more about these schools that you should consider applying to. 

Berlin University of the Arts

Berlin Unviersity of the Arts, known in German as Universität der Künste Berlin is considered not only the best arts schools in Germany, but one of the top art schools in Europe. In fact, it’s recognised worldwide as one of the largest and most diverse art institutions in the world in the subject of arts and design. If you choose to study your art master’s degree at this school, that means you’ll be lectured by some of the best professors in the field in the entire world. 


SRH University of Applied Science

SRH University of Applied Science is a private university in Berlin that offers many types of art courses like film studies and other forms of art. It offers a special master’s in Film, Television and Digital Narratives as a master’s of art program that teaches students how to write series, produce feature films, design TV formats and many more hot topics in the field. Graduating from such a program means you’ll get a foot in the door in the film industry, even before you graduate. It also offers programs like Film and Motion Design and Film and Television for students who want to study an art bachelor’s degree in the university. 

Bard College Berlin 

Third on the list is Bard College Berlin, which was previously known as ECLA or European College of Liberal Arts. The school is a private university that was founded in 1999, with many students and faculty coming from all over the world. The language of instruction in the university is English and students who graduate from the university earn a German Bachelor of Arts and an American Bachelor of Arts. The school currently offers programs in the fields of Arts in Humanities, the Arts and Social Thought, Arts in Economics, Politics, and Social Thought. In summer, the school offers summer programs such as the Summer Theater Intensive program, Summer Language Intensive program, and Berlin Summer Studio.


Berlin Art Institute

The Berlin Art Institute is another great school to study art in Berlin. It is considered an independent art school with an arts incubator and a site for production where students can practice, train and research. The school combines practical and theoretical learning to allow students both a theoretical and hands-on learning experience, giving them a chance to learn great art skills for graduation. 


Esmod Berlin International University of Art for Fashion  

Finally, for students more interested in the study of Fashion as a form of art, there is the ESMOD Berlin International University of Art for Fashion. ESMOD International schools series are made up of 21 international fashion schools that are found in 14 countries around the globe. This allows students of the school to easily take part in cultural exchange. ESMOD Berlin has a reputation for cutting edge, unique and innovative global fashions so if cutting edge fashion is your passion, this is the right school for you. 


Learning the fashion program at ESMOD Berlin takes the form of lectures and seminars by professors who are top professionals in the fashion field. They also have many practical workshops where they can present their fashion work to a fashion jury. Students will also be taught to become leaders so that they can also become leading professionals in the field of fashion after graduation from the school’s master’s program. 


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Academic requirements

Another point to know when studying art in Berlin are the academic criteria to be able to do so. In order to study art in Germany, you’ll need to fulfill certain academic requirements to be eligible. Academic requirements that will need to be completed to be accepted to study art in Berlin are the following: 

  • Art portfolio of your previous work 
  • High school academic diploma (at Abitur level or equivalent)
  • Proof of language proficiency, depending on the language of your intended degree program (German or English) 
  • Preliminary Documentation (VPD) by Uni-Assis, if you are international student 

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Art Career Prospects

After studying art master’s in Germany, you’ll gain both theoretical and practical knowledge. You’ll be able to develop your own artistic style and skills and maybe even create your very own unique artistic projects. Through this experience, you’ll be able to grow both as an artist and as a person. This will hopefully let you turn your passion into a thriving career.  

If you choose to work in Germany after graduation, career prospects are diverse in nature. Some art graduates become freelance artists and self employed and then earn income based on their flexible clients. Others may choose to work in art education or in art galleries or associations. Graduates may alternatively choose to work in digital media, if that is their passion. Because the economy in Germany is a strong one, artists can truly expect to get a decent salary, even if they are working on a freelance basis. The German government also supports creative industry employees and gives them financial support if they need it. 


In conclusion, choosing to study your art master’s degree in Berlin is a great choice for you. One reason is the many great schools like Berlin University of the Arts and SRH University of Applied Science which means there are many amazing art programs for you to study. There are also great career prospects for arts master’s students after graduation, with the German government offering support to people in the creative industries if they need it. What better reasons to study art in Berlin? 

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