Why Study an Engineering Master’s degree in Germany in 2023?

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Why Study an Engineering Master’s degree in Germany in 2023?

Many students choose to study an engineering master’s degree in Germany because of several different reasons. Germany has a community that welcomes international students, as students from all over the globe head to study there. Furthermore, German universities, such as Technical University in Munich and RWTH Aachen University, are low cost and are among the highest ranking engineering schools in the world, among numerous other reasons. Read on to learn more about why you should study an engineering master’s degree in Germany in 2023. 

German universities are top-ranked and moderately priced 

The first reasons why students choose to study in Germany for their engineering master’s degree are the excellent German universities that are ranked in the top universities worldwide. Times Higher Education’s World University rankings placed 6 German universities in the top 200 Engineering and Technology universities worldwide. 


Here are some of the top universities for students who choose to study engineering master’s degrees in Germany to research about and apply to: 

Technical University of Munich

Location: Munich 

The Technical University in Munich, known by locals as the TUM, ranks at the number one spot for engineering master’s degree programs in Germany. It ranks top for the subjects of engineering and computer science and in the top three when it comes to degrees in natural sciences. The TUM is also ranked within the top 20 in the world when it comes to engineering and technology degrees and in the top 30 when it comes to computer science degrees. Overall as a university, it ranks at the 50th spot worldwide. 

RWTH Aachen University

Location: Aachen

RWTH Aachen University, with its full name being Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen, is a public university found in Aachen. Aachen is located in the North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany. The school is the biggest technical university with almost 50,000 students enrolled in almost 150 study programs, among them excellent engineering programs. 

Technical University of Berlin

Location: Berlin

Ranked at number three for engineering master’s degree programs in Germany is the Technical University of Berlin, or TU Berlin. The University has almost 100 master’s programs, with 19 of them offered in English. Notable master’s programs offered in English in the school include the Master’s of Science in Architecture, MS in Civil Engineering, MS in Computer Science and MS in Energy Engineering. Other English programs are combined Master’s programs with the Business School, named the “MBA in Building Sustainability” and “MBA in Energy Management”. 

UE University of Europe

Location: Berlin 

Another great university for engineering master’s degree in Germany is the University of Europe for Applied Sciences, known as the UE University of Europe. The university is a private university that has main campuses in Berlin and Hamburg and an administrative headquarters in Iserlohn. The school offers several excellent programs that combine engineering master’s degree programs with MBAs such as a great Software engineering masters program. The school is considered a leader in international technology studies so it’s worth looking in to when applying for your engineering master’s degree programs. 


If the top university rankings aren’t enough to impress you, the low tuition fees just might! Most public universities in Germany offer free tuition for master’s degrees, even for students that are from countries other than EU countries. They usually only charge administrative fees ranging from 100 to 300 euro a semester, to give students access to university facilities like the library and public transportations. However, you should take care that in some exceptional circumstances, like not finishing your study on time, that you may incur additional fees. 

Many options for engineering master’s degree programs 

If you decide to study in Germany for your engineering master’s degree program, you will find many options for master’s degree programs, more than just your normal engineering master’s program. You can choose from specialisations in advanced areas of engineering like aerospace engineering or unique courses in Sustainability and Renewable energy engineering. You’ll get to learn both practical and theoretical skills, as well as become excellent in conducting research. There’s also the choice to merge two different subjects, such as combining an MBA and engineering master’s degree like the one offered by UE University of Europe to give you more flexibility when it comes to career opportunities after graduation. 


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Studying English Degree Programs 

Another reason to study your engineering master’s degree in Germany is that you’ll be able to study in English. Many students think that they need to be fluent in German to study in Germany but that’s not the case at all. There are many English degree programs, especially at the Master’s and PhD levels. That means you’ll easily be able to find an engineering master’s degree program in Germany to study. There are even courses made especially for international students that have no prior German knowledge. Uni-app can help you find a great engineering master’s program at many top study destinations worldwide. 


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Many employment opportunities after graduation 

Germany is one of the top places in the world for employment in the fields of Engineering and Technology due to the fact that it’s one of the world’s leading places for automotive, manufacturing and pharmacy. Germany encourages young professionals in the engineering fields to come work in Germany to fill the employment roles. High priority fields that need a lot of graduates to work are the fields of engineering like Automotive, Building, Mechanical and Electrical, as well as IT and Telecommunications recently. After scoring an engineering master’s degree from a German university, you can earn somewhere between 35,000 and 50,000 euros per year if you work as an engineer there.  

Strong connections between universities and industry leads

German universities usually have a list of partnerships with engineering companies in the field, allowing students to work on many projects and perhaps join internship programs and competitions. Some of these major companies they have connections with are companies such as Audi, BMW, Siemens and the German Telecommunications Company. Most engineering programs also have a program called industry year, which is a double study (Duales Studium) that many students love doing. This combines both theoretical knowledge and practical experience. 

engineering master's degree

Many scholarship opportunities 

Many organisations offer scholarship opportunities, both private and public organisations. Organisations that offer them include universities, governments and businesses, among others. These scholarships either pay for tuition fees or pay part of the living costs like accommodation, utilities, insurance and study materials. Some of the organisations that provide most of the scholarships include the DAAD and Deutschlandstipendium, though others that aren’t as popular do also offer scholarships. 


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International study environment

Universities in Germany are a multicultural environment which means that students will feel at home when studying there. There are always international students there and this means you’ll be able to adapt easily when you go to study in Germany. A whopping number of 300,000 students are international and choose to study in Germany. This is due to the innovative study facilities and well-experienced professors. 

Good standard of living 

Finally, a good reason to study your engineering master’s degree is the great standard of living. Berlin, Munich and Hamburg are always ranked as some of the cities with a high standard of living. They are also safer than those in USA. Because they are located in the middle of Europe, that also makes it easier to travel to other European countries like Austria, France and Belgium. Germany also ranks highly when it comes to education level, work-life balance, earning potential and environment sustainability and quality. 


In conclusion, Germany is a great place to choose to pursue your engineering master’s degree. From the top schools to the numerous employment opportunities after graduation, there are many reasons for international students to choose to study there. You’ll also always feel at home due to the fact that they are welcoming to the many, many international students that go to study there. What better reason to choose a study destination? 


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