why you should study a psychology degree in Amsterdam?

why you should study a psychology degree in Amsterdam?
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why you should study a psychology degree in Amsterdam?

why you should study a psychology degree in Amsterdam? we will discover more details about it through this report.

The Netherlands is one of the most important countries in the world that cares about education and its quality. It also has a number of universities that offer degrees in many different fields, and on top of those universities in the Netherlands is the University of Amsterdam.

If you want to get education and luxury at the same time, we recommend you study a psychology degree in Amsterdam, where you can obtain a prestigious certificate and at the same time you can take a walk and learn about all the country’s distinguished tourist places.

why you should study a psychology degree in Amsterdam?

When you wonder why I should study psychology in Amsterdam, dozens of answers and reasons pop up on your mind.

Studying Psychology abroad has numerous advantages because you will gain an understanding of how Psychology is practiced globally. Second, universities in Amsterdam offer a wide range of specializations in the field, including industrial and organizational psychology, cognitive psychology, clinical neuropsychology, developmental psychology, social psychology, and many others.

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Universities offering Psychology degrees in Amsterdam

why you should study a psychology degree in Amsterdam?
Why choose to become a psychologist?

The major public universities in Amsterdam that offer Psychology studies are home to leading research groups, scientific publications, and are involved in a variety of projects related to mental health and psychotherapy.

why you should study a psychology degree in Amsterdam? The institutions also have extensive collaborations with international research universities and are always looking for new research opportunities.

International study programs for foreign students offered by universities in Amsterdam are English-taught and, in some cases, provide part-time study options as well.

Psychology professors teach students how to apply psychological theories to understand and solve people’s personal or family problems.

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

VU is an abbreviation for Vrije Universiteit, which means “Free University.” Abraham Kuyper founded the first university in the Netherlands, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, in 1880, with no interference from the church or the state. This legacy is still a component part of their identity.

There’s a host of characteristics of the university that paints a picture of how it performs and how it helps students gain knowledge and advance through their careers.

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is placed among the world’s top universities in various rankings. The university is located in one of the Netherlands’ most dynamic and fast-growing business districts.

It is a modern campus university with student housing just a five-minute bike ride away. In addition, it assists you with housing, visas, and the administrative side of studying in the Netherlands; and it provides an international environment.

Nearly quarter of our English-taught students are international. And the university provides high-quality education in small, highly interactive classes.

University of Amsterdam

why you should study a psychology degree in Amsterdam
Is Amsterdam a safe place to study abroad?

Gerardus Vossius delivered the inaugural lecture ‘De historiae utilitate’ on January 8, 1632, at the Athenaeum Illustre, the predecessor of the University of Amsterdam (On the usefulness of history).

Caspar Barlaeus delivered his famous lecture on the wise merchant, Mercator Sapiens, the following day. The university’s activities revolve around research.

As many as 3,000 researchers conduct experimental and theoretical research, and every UVA student has the opportunity to conduct their own research.

The university houses four campuses spread throughout Amsterdam. Some classes are held in charming old buildings overlooking the canals, while others are held in cutting-edge laboratories.

The university’s student sports center is open seven days a week and has six locations throughout the city, all of which are close to other buildings and facilities of the university.

There are four gyms, as well as outdoor tennis courts, a yoga studio, climbing walls, and other amenities. There are over 60 sports to choose from, as well as various types of membership.

Tuition fees for Psychology students in Amsterdam

why you should study a psychology degree in Amsterdam
Why study in Amsterdam?

Figures suggest tuition fees for psychology at the Dutch universities are affordable.Tuition fees for a Psychology program at an Amsterdam university average around 2,000 euros per year for EU full-time Bachelor’s and Master’s students.

Tuition for a Psychology degree is typically higher for non-EU students, ranging between 6,000 and 14,000 euros per year based on the degree level.

The cost of living in the Netherlands

The majority of international students spend between 1,000 and 1,500 EUR per month. On and off campus student housing options are available in Amsterdam.

Students’ dormitories in campus flats typically cost around 650 EUR per month. Hostels and shared rooms cost between 275 and 500 EUR per month. Depending on location, a one-bedroom private rental apartment costs between 1120 and 1,400 EUR per month.

As previously stated, Amsterdam is an ideal city for cycling, so riding a bike is always an option. A monthly transport pass costs 90 EUR, but with the “Iamsterdam City Card,” you can get discounts, free canal cruises, and free public transportation.

Promising career in Amsterdam

There are several private psychological counselling offices in Amsterdam, and because every business field requires the expertise of a psychologist, graduated psychology students can find work opportunities in one of the many local companies.

Famous multinationals include, ING, Philips, IBM, Accenture, Heineken, Microsoft, and KPMG. Furthermore, it is common for psychology and counseling specialists in Amsterdam to promote their services online.

English everywhere

One of the most important aspects for an international student is to easily integrate and immerse in the local culture.

This process will not take long in Amsterdam because you can easily communicate with anyone in English, both academically and socially. There, English is everywhere!

Useful events on psychology

In the Dutch capital, there are several conferences and presentations in the fields of psychology and behavioral sciences.

Additionally, the European Congress of Psychology will be held here in 2018. Any student interested in this challenging and versatile field, therefore, has every reason to consider a Psychology specialization in Amsterdam.


Students planning to study in Amsterdam have several funding options available to them, including scholarships, fellowships, and grants. The Dutch government wants to attract international students, so it offers several scholarships.

  • Nuffic scholarships (The Netherlands Organisation for international cooperation in higher education)
  • Funding Programs in the Netherlands
  • Scholarship Program for Three Orange Tulips
  • Scholarships and fellowships offered by Dutch universities and organizations

More than this, students can apply for the Studyportals Scholarship to help fund their studies in the Netherlands.

Why should you study in the Netherlands?

Plus the top-quality education and the unmatched lifestyle in the rich European country, several reasons encourage international students to go ahead with their plans to complete studies in the country.

why you should study a psychology degree in Amsterdam? Because Amsterdam is one of the safest cities in Europe, your main concern will be to focus on your studies while also enjoying your time in this wonderful city.

Amsterdam is also rated as having a high quality of life, which has a positive impact on every aspect of your study experience while living here, including education, housing, work, and internship opportunities.

As to the landmarks that students can enjoy, there are many of them, including the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, and Stedelijk Museum, as well as Anne Frank’s house and Vondelpark.

A cruise on one of the numerous canals is a must, as is a visit to the Nine Streets, which are hotspots for vintage shops and stores.

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In conclusion, we have provided you with all the information you need about the answer on the query why you should study a psychology degree in Amsterdam? You can now choose from the best universities in the Netherlands, submit papers, obtain a visa, and start studying from the new academic year.

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